Dubinett Workshop
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Dubinett Workshop




Welcome Remarks and Overview of CTSI Resources
Steven Dubinett, MD
Director, UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Senior Associate Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research



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Dubinett Workshop Presentation Transcript

  • 1. UCLA CTSI Clinical and Translational Science Institute NIH K Award Workshop July 26, 2012 Steven Dubinett, MD Director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute Senior Associate Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research www.ctsi.ucla.edu
  • 2. Outpatient & community based research Inpatient GCRC Training in clinical and translational team science Regional and national consortia linked for collaboration Traditional training Individual academic medical centers OLD NEW Purpose of the National CTSA Program Providing an infrastructure for clinical and translational research Transdisciplinary team science Individual investigators
  • 3. NIH CTSA Consortium
  • 4. 4   What is translational research? UCLA translational investigation extends from molecules to society Translating knowledge gained from laboratory science into clinical practice to improve health. The aim of translational research is to produce new: • therapeutics • medical devices • tools for diagnosing disease • avenues for community engagement research
  • 5. Catalyst  Grants   Rapid  Response  Team   Prototype  Grants   CTSI  Scholars   Awards   Team  Science  Awards   Novel  Methods     &  Technologies  Award   Pilots   Team  Building   Proposal  Development   Proof-­‐of-­‐Concept  Pilots   Team  Building   Proposal  Development   Proof-­‐of-­‐Concept   Overview of Pilot Programs
  • 6. 6   Early Career Awards Opportunity Funds Grant Amount Duration of Award (Years) Award Cycle Application Due Date KL2  Awards:  to  pursue   interdisciplinary,  mentored  research   with  training   Up  to  $125,000   in  salary  and   research  support 1 year at 75% effort (renewable for up to 3 years) July  1   Early  March  2013   TL1  Transla/onal  Science  Fellowship: PhD  candidates  in  the  Department  of   Health  Services  in  the  UCLA  School  of   Public  Health  receive  mentored   training  to  ensure  the  translaNonal   nature  of  their  dissertaNon  projects Annual  sNpend   plus  funding  for   health   insurance,   tuiNon/fees,  and   training-­‐related   travel Renewable for up to 4 years Annual UCLA  School  of   Public  Health   applicaNon   deadline  is   December  1,  2012   TL1  Summer  Program  for   Professional  Students:  provides   professional  students  (medical,   nursing  and  dental)  early  exposure  to   interdisciplinary,  community-­‐ partnered  translaNonal  or  health   services  research Summer  sNpend   plus  funding  for   training-­‐related   expenses The summer between student’s first and second year (8 weeks) June 1 Late  March  2013  
  • 7. 7   Prioritized for Early Career Opportunity Funds Grant Amount Duration of Award (Years) Award Cycle Application Due Date Vouchers:     for  core  services  at  CTSI   insNtuNons Up  to   $10,000   1   Biannual   Sept.  28,   2012   Seed  Grants:  to  support   research  projects  encouraging   translaNonal  science $1,000  to   $30,000   Up  to  1  year   Biannual   RFA  to  be   released     Fall  2012   Scholar  Awards:  seed  funds  for   junior  faculty       Criteria:     • Quality  of  the  scienNfic  proposal   • Candidate’s  potenNal  for  an  independent     translaNonal    research    career     • PotenNal  translaNonal  impact  of  the  research   and  relevance  to  the  overall  translaNonal   research  mission  of  the  UCLA  CTSI   Up  to   $30,000   Up  to  1  year   Annual   Sept.  27,   2012  
  • 8. 8   Other Collaborative Funding Opportunities Opportunity Funds Grant Amount Duration of Award (Years) Award Cycle Application Due Date Team  Science  Awards:   mulNdisciplinary,  cross-­‐ insNtuNonal,  translaNonal   science  leading  to  a  proposal   under  such  team-­‐science   mechanisms  as  P01,  U54,  and   center  grants Up  to   $200,000   1-­‐2  years   Annual   Rolling   Catalyst  Awards:  to  support   seminar  series,  team-­‐building   acNviNes  and  pilot  studies  and   other  acNviNes  to  encourage   translaNonal  team  science $1,000  to   $25,000     Up  to  1  year   Quarterly   RFA  to  be   released     August  15,   2012  
  • 9. 9   KL2 Year 1 Awardees Assistant Professor, CDU “ Effects of Varenicline on Alcohol and Nicotine Consumption and changes in Dopamine D2-like Receptor Availability in High-Alcohol Preferring Mice” Amira Brown, MS, PhD Assistant Professor, Pediatric Nephrology, UCLA “ Hepcidin and the Anemia of Chronic Kidney Disease” Joshua Zaritsky, MD, PhD Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCLA/VA “ Patterns and Predictors of Poor Outcomes Following Emergency Department Discharge in Older Adults” Gelareh Gabayan, MD, MSHS
  • 10. 10   KL2 Year 2 Awardees Assistant Professor, UCLA-Harbor / LA-BioMed “Using Research in Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus to Validate an Efficient System of Quantifying Antibiotic Utilization” James McKinnell, MD Assistant Professor, UCLA “Modeling of EMT/MET transitions in breast cancer stem cells” Mary Sehl, MD, PhD Assistant Professor, UCLA “Development of novel therapeutic strategies to target LKB1/STK11 deficient non-small cell lung cancer” David Shackelford, PhD
  • 11. 11   Examples of Year 1 Team Science Awards Stroke/cardiovascular disease in underserved minority populations: •  working with community partners, design and test interventions to reduce risk of disease Barbara Vickrey, MD, MPH DMH-UCLA-USC Public Mental Health Translational Research Consortium: •  in partnership with LA County and USC, implement best practices within the public mental health system Joel Braslow, MD, PhD Overcoming acquired resistance to B-Raf targeting in melanoma using phospho-proteomics and microfluidics: •  Building a comprehensive program for signaling discovery and diagnostics to guide kinase inhibitor clinical trials in melanoma Antoni Ribas, MD
  • 12. 12   Current Team Science Award Partners •  AIDS Institute •  Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center •  Broad Stem Cell Research Center •  Cardiovascular •  Neuroscience •  Patient Safety Institute (PSI) •  Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)
  • 13. 13   Current Seed Grant Partners •  Center for Autism Research & Treatment (CART) •  Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology •  Women’s Health Center •  Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research / Center for Health Improvement for Minority Elders (RCMAR/CHIME) •  Pepper Center
  • 14. Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) Ambulatory Clinical Research Facilities •  7 private rooms, infusion rooms, 2 procedure rooms •  >20,000 sq ft outpatient area •  Clinical and Research Sleep Center •  Interview and conference rooms •  A service center including pharmacy and sample processing •  23 hour capacity First Year accomplishments   400 ongoing research projects   80 new protocols   4800 out-patient & 210 in-patient stays
  • 15. CTSA Regional Consortia University of California, Los Angeles
  • 16. 16   UC Biomedical Research Acceleration Integration and Development (UC-BRAID) •  A committee of the CTSA PIs at UC Davis, San Diego, San Francisco, Irvine and Los Angeles •  Initial focus on contracting, informatics and IRBs •  Drug discovery and development •  Biobanking and global consent •  Future inclusion of UCLA CTSI partner institutions
  • 17. 17   UC Biomedical Research Acceleration Integration and Development (UC-BRAID)