Games With Sensors: CommonSenses - A proposed health game platform


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Lowering healthcare costs via telehealth requires: 1) remotely gathering data from customer, 2) getting data to healthcare professional securely 3) engaging users in their own health. This slide deck proposes a platform, CommonSenses, that provides network data connectivity to these three components.

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Games With Sensors: CommonSenses - A proposed health game platform

  1. 1. A Proposal (requesting game community feedback) Jim Burns Elbrys, @jebpublic
  2. 2. Agenda• Problem• Solution• Miller Time!• Game Ideas Throughout
  3. 3. Played Lately…
  4. 4. Who Am I?• Strategic gamer – board/electronic• Wireless Network security software architect• Recovering Board game developer• Vice-Chair, Wi-Fi Alliance, Healthcare Marketing Task Group
  5. 5. The Problem• Health care professionals need more physical data about us.• We don’t have time (= boooooring) to enter the data. Furthermore, who trusts us to enter data correctly?
  6. 6. The Solution Do it for me.
  7. 7. Solution Requirements• Step 1: Engage Users….with Games• Step 2*: Connect with sensors, collect sensor data and transform and route to health care systems• Step 3: Health care systems improves my life
  8. 8. Connecting Data To Health Workers-External Sensors -Internal Sensors -Device Services -Electronic -Health Workers (optional) -Aggregation Medical -Game Platform Records Game CommonSenses Service CommonSenses -Disease Client SDK Management -Personal CommonSenses Health Embedded SDK Records -Social Network
  9. 9. Sensors Native on PhonesType Uses Platform Notes <all> -Lots of data -OrientationAccelerometer 3 axis acceleration iPhone -No background usage Android -Tricky background usageSpeed and distance Provides speed and distance <Smart phones> Utilizes locationmonitorMagnetometer Detects direction and strength of magnetic <Many smart phones> fields. Compass heading. Detect gestures of hand wearing a magnet.Camera Paper sensor reader, <Many mobile phones> Heart rateNear Field Radio RFID reader Android Nexxus S More in Q3 2011Microphone Detect noise/voice commands <Smart phones>Light detection Detect ambient light level <Smart phones>, ipod Not highly accurate. touch, ipadProximity sensor Detect something is near iPhone, Android Not too useful. Detects when something is very close to ear speaker. On/offLocation Detect the location of device <Smart phones>, ipod touch, ipad
  10. 10. Stand-alone SensorsType Uses Platform NotesBlood Oximeter Blood oxygen, Heart rate Finger tip, ear clip Weight Weight scaleWeight scale Body fat %Galvanic Skin Response Anxiety Bicep, finger tipBlood pressure monitor Systolic, diastolic and pulse Arm cuffPeak expiratory flow Detects flow of air from exhalation Handheld device (kazoo)(Spirometry)Electrocardiograph Wave form of heart activity Clip-on module and electrodesThermometer Body temperature Worn on bicepBlood glucose meter Monitors blood glucose level using drop of Small portable device and test strips bloodAdherence monitor Detect opening of pill container Pill containerBike speed and cadence Detects bike speed, crank cadence Spoke and frame mountedHeart Rate Monitor Heart rate Chest strap, watch touch padsStride-based speed and Detects steps and calculated speed, Shoe mounteddistance monitor cadence and distance from stride lengthBrainwave cycles Detect electricity generated by brain Head mounted Neurosky activity.
  11. 11. Application of Sensors To Games Metadata Other Players Metadata NPC Environment Resources Player’sFriends Metrics Player Metrics Rules Player character / avatar Input
  12. 12. Our Game Focus - Games with Sensors• Mobile platform• Quick – 5-15 minutes at a time – Pause/Resume for long story line – Repeated quick levels• Multiplayer/Social – Asynchronous – Synchronous• Competition == Friction (PvP, PvM, PvS)
  13. 13. Seek ‘n Spell Metric Ideas 1. ((Heart rate/movement)-Avg hr/mov of friends) makes it harder to get letter (handicapping) 2. A number of steps can be used as a long-distance grab of a letter (using up the charge til it is recharged)Link (Retronyms)Game type Real-World Augmented PlayAudience Non-gamersTime per play ShortLifespan ShortMetric usage Location applied to environmentMotivations Fun competitionSocial interaction In-person
  14. 14. Platform Design(drink caffeine here…)
  15. 15. Design GoalsStandards based – IEEE, IHE PCD-01, HL7 CDA (CCD)Encapsulate networking complexitiesEncapsulate regulatory issues (HIPAA, MDDS, PPACA)Server regulated and unregulated marketsPlayer centric: abstract away from sensor hardware/softwareHardware and software ‘sensors’Interface with games using popular techniques – RESTful, JSON, OAUTH 2Multiplayer - Integrated with social networksMobile – Android, iPhoneLargest source of available ‘plastic’ – Android, iPhone, ANT+Work within the gamePlayer (or care-giver) administeredExtensible Security
  16. 16. Carcassone (board/card games) Metric Ideas 1. Health clout provides one- time/limited-time ‘rule breaker’ card – store a tile for later usage.Link (Hans im Gluck. Rendered on iPhone by CodeMonkeys)Game class Board gameAudience Strategy gamersTime per play ShortLifespan ShortMetric usage NoneMotivations Competitive funSocial interaction Asynchronous multiplayer. Chat.
  17. 17. System Functional Architecture User Game Collect Play Admin Admin Aggregation Mobile Game Mobile Game Web Game CommonSenses Appliance (peer-to-peer) (client/server) (client/server) Admin WebCommonSenses CommonSenses CommonSenses CommonSenses PageEmbedded SDK Client SDK Client SDK Client SDK Web Server (client/server) CommonSenses Service PHR EMR DM
  18. 18. Zen Station (Jannis Kreft) Metric Ideas 1. GSR of opponent displayed. 2. Three chances to use the heart rate of my friends instead of my own.Link class Biofeedback ActionAudience Non-gamersTime per play ShortLifespan ShortMetric usage Heart rate and Blood Oxygen used as inputMotivations Fun competitionSocial interaction In-person
  19. 19. Service Functional Architecture External ServicesConfiguration Grooming Inference Algorithms ServicesData Router Alerts Alerts Data Data Transform Store Algorithms Network Transports Notification Services (APNS, WebHooks)(IHE IT SOAP, IHE XDS)
  20. 20. Create A New MetricSERVICE POINT: Rules:POST /users/<uId>/metrics 1.Sample time may not overlap with theSEND BODY: same metric from{“ver”:”1”, the same collector. “metrics”:[ 2.If profile indicates {“metric”:”heartRate”, "profile”:”heartRate", accumulator (sum “data”:[ or avg) then vals {“start”:”20110522112233-0005”, must indicate “end”:”20110522112233-0005”, sample number. “vals”:[{“v”:[83],"at":20110522112233-0005}]}]}]}RETURN:<id> for new Metrics
  21. 21. Ghost Patrol Metric Ideas 1. Heart rate and/or GSR attracts ghosts. 2. ‘Light’ weapon charged by light collected during the day. 3. Running allows escape from an attack ghostLink (GPS Mission Pro by Orbster GmbH)Game class Augmented realityAudience GamersTime per play ShortLifespan ShortMetric usage Location selects game environmentMotivations FunSocial interaction None
  22. 22. Client Functional Architecture Application Configuration Metrics Player Metrics Derivation Functions Data Router Data Transform Cache Algorithms Network Buffer Network Transports (IHE IT SOAP, RESTful)
  23. 23. Aurora Feint II Metric Ideas 1. Extra gold for the number or readings taken during the day. 2. Extra reputation for health clout. 3. Strengthen your ghost during the day by increasing number of steps.Link (Aurora Feint)Game class PuzzleAudience GamersTime per play ShortLifespan Short/LongMetric usage NoneMotivations Time fillerSocial interaction Asynchronous multiplayer (ghost)
  24. 24. Problem Solved! It’s Miller Time. (Not quite…)
  25. 25. Platform Feature PrioritiesInitial Beta Release (8/2011) – Weight, Blood pressure, Movement, SocialThresholds & AlertsSteps BankContinua Sensors Collected Via Android PhonesGroup MetricsiPhonePaper sensors (bar and QR codes), RFID, FitbitMore authentication providers (Google, OpenId, Twitter, LinkedIn)More Personal Health Records (Microsoft Healthvault, Google Health)Skin Conductance Level (SCL) sensor
  26. 26. GoldWalker Metric Ideas 1. Heart rate could increase speed of travel. 2. Meeting daily metrics grants a unique item (rule breaker).Link (Humana)Game class Re-action IterativeAudience Non-gamersTime per play ShortLifespan ShortMetric usage Accelerometer as resourceMotivations FunSocial interaction None
  27. 27. Open Discussion - PrioritiesUser authentication/authorization experienceMeta-data namespacesRegulations (HIPAA, MDDS, PPACA)Client Library vs. ServiceLatencyFree livingFairness ( 847 hits for Pokewalker cheat )• Identify person wearing sensor•Fraud detectionCalibration• Consistency• HandicappingANT+ - 3 phones, 1 dongle
  28. 28.
  29. 29. More Information• Me – – @jebpublic• Product/Community (alpha) –
  30. 30. Questions/Comments/Ideas?
  31. 31. Image Attributions• The following images are used under Creative Commons license that includes attribution:Image Title Licensor Master Chief Portrait Eightfold-Studios Bill Gates Bar Code Scott Blake