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    Rs infosheet1 Rs infosheet1 Presentation Transcript

    • A ParadigmYou UniversitySTUDY? RESEARCH•To learn•To impart the skill•To support the University in its mission tobe a knowledge source to supportinnovation
    • Why Research?O Class recitation – June 26, 2013O “To get necessary information needed to createa Thesis…” (Rashdy)O “To understand more about things …”(Johanna)O “To get more information … (Marisa)”O “To learn about past studies made…”(Jeremias)
    • Why? Why? Why?O To answer questions and make decisionsusing a systematic approach, becauseCOMMON SENSE is often wrongO To invent, be on leading edge ofdiscovery, be a scientistO To transfer discoveries to benefit societyO To work in interesting and rewardingcareersOTO SOLVE PROBLEMS
    • What is Research?“If we knew what it was wewere doing, it would not becalled research, would it? “( )
    • What is Research?Research is the systematic process of collecting andanalyzing information to increase our understanding ofthe phenomenon under study.- (Leedy & Ormrond, 2004)
    • What is Research?An inquiry or investigation conducted by anundergraduate student that makes an original,intellectual, or creative contribution to the discipline....-from the Council on Undergraduate Research, OhioState University
    • What is (our) Research?O It is a scientific investigation that results in a novelsolution to a problem.! It does not answer WHAT questions,rather it answers HOW questions.
    • What is ITResearch/Commercialization?O Problem-basedO Requires the use of technology to solve problems of anorganization/industry/ companyO Requires validation of solution in relation to the goals ofthe organization/industry/ companyO Requires creation of new knowledge
    • What is CS Research?O Problem-basedO Investigates creation of/compares raw/frontiertechnologies; orO May involve the use of these raw/frontier technologiesto improve existing solutions to problemsO Requires validation of solution in relation to techniqueapplied and not based on the application domainO Requires creation of new knowledge
    • Bottom-line !O There has to be a problem that needssolving.O There has to be a scientific methodologyto use to solve the problem.O There has to be the use of technology tosolve the problem.O There has to be validation of the solution.O There has to be knowledge creation.
    • Looking For TopicsO Read.O Websites of funding agenciesO Technology magazines/sections ofperiodicalsO World/global issuesO Consult.O Teachers/possible mentorsO Experts (in your university, via DOSTwebsite ( and CHED-ZRC websites (, other universities)
    • Self-check 1.1Self-check 1.11. Define Research.2. Enumerate 4 characteristics of a CS researchO _________________________________O _________________________________O _________________________________O _________________________________3. Enumerate 4 characteristics of an IT researchO _________________________________O _________________________________O _________________________________O _________________________________