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it is about a town who outlawed the use of plastics due to their inspiration of another town.

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no to plastics

  1. 1. P–NoyPlastic ng Pinoy
  2. 2. Plastics
  3. 3. The word plastic derived from the Greek word “plasticos” meaning capable of being shaped or molded. Plastic is a wide range of synthetic organic amorphous solids.
  4. 4. Advantages... It is cheap Light weight Easy to make Very useful!
  5. 5. DisADVANTAGES... it lasts for thousands of years!!!
  6. 6. OutlawinganPlasticbillion The world consumes estimated 500 to 1 trillion plastic bags each year More than 13 billion plastic bags (around 220 per person) are dispense to annually shoppers around the world but only tiny 1 percent of these recycle it Plastic bags are used for an average of 12 minutes before being discarded
  7. 7. Paper is in.Plastics is do something about it . out. It is one thing to be aware of the problem and another to actually Sadly, many of us don’t exert effort to do share in protecting the environment.Exceptionally, there are communities that risen to the call of environment support, like the town of Los Baños (LB).
  8. 8. Municipal Ordinance 2008- 752 For two years now, Los Baños haslast June 2, 2008 prohibited the use of plastic bags for dry goods, regulated the law the use of plastic bags for wet goods ,and prohibited the use of Styrofoam in the municipality. Strict compliance is enforced and violators face corresponding penalties.
  9. 9. Los Baños HasWorked For It up of 14 LB, which is made baranggays and has 2 public markets and 2186 commercial establishments, works hand in hand in going plastis-less.
  10. 10. Revenue FromMayor Caesar B. Perez established the Los BañosRecycledput up a recycling area for PlasticsEcological Processing Waste Product Center (EWPC)wherein the need tobiodegradable and non-biodegradable wasteproducts.Biodegradable are converted into useful compost for thesoil and non-biodegradable was introduced the use offabricating machine turns plastics wastes such as hollowblocks, panels, tables, chairs, slabs and thick pathways.
  11. 11. Its Time For usNagcarleños! , Nagcarlan Municipal Ordinance 2010-109outlawed the use of plastics bags and any ofits kind for dry goods and wet goods.Selling and buying of plastics are asprohibited, including the usage of Styrofoamas containers.
  12. 12. How We can  We can use paper bags instead of plasticsDealusewithplastics bags”, baskets  We can it? “bayong”, “sako and others to lessen We can use Tupperware in buying wet goods We can recycle plastics like what Los Baños did We need your cooperation!!!
  13. 13. Every EffortLos Baños and Nagcarlan is just a small part of Counts the global crisis. the Philippines but it has played a big role in dealing with These kinds of people championing theplastic-less campaign may inspire you and the rest of the country to join this exemplary campaign that you have begun despoiling of the environment.
  14. 14. Let’s Save Mother Earth!
  15. 15. Thank You ForWatching!!!
  16. 16. Prepared By:Jean Mariane B. RegaloMarinela S. PiñanaZhergio Alfoso D. CoronadoPrincess Marjorie EstacioVincent Ronald Joyosa