Customer-centric Listening


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Do you know how to really listen to customers? There are many avenues to do so. During the month of October, the Customer Experience Investigators at 360Connext explored the best ways to not just listen, but really hear, your customers.

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Customer-centric Listening

  1. 1. Customer Centric Listening October 2013
  2. 2. Listening, really listening, is hard. What’s more, the ones who need to be heard often don’t speak directly to you or about you. Let’s learn how to listen with the right tools and customer centric ears. Sometimes what you really need to hear is but a whisper from some far-off place. It’s all about knowing why it’s so important to listen.
  3. 3. Click to Read Listening is a key part of not just setting up a customer centric strategy but also keeping ahead of your competition. But listening, in all its deceptive simplicity, is hard. Here are just a few of the many challenges to listening with customer centric ears.
  4. 4. Click to Read Is your business a gas-guzzling machine? Special guest blogger and serial entrepreneur Merlin U Ward explains how to keep your marketing engine running efficiently by using smart context. Find out why you are missing out if you are aiming for the majority in your copy.
  5. 5. Click to Read I once heard a business owner say that once she stopped worrying about her competition, she was able to better focus on her business. While I appreciate the thought, I worry about the future. Here are five reasons never to turn your back on your competitors.
  6. 6. Click to Read When your business scales your connection to your staff can dwindle. You’re a star! But as you become a workplace enigma their feedback can get clouded and candy-coated. Here are 3 things that discourage honest feedback along with 6 ways a rock star boss can stay connected.
  7. 7. Click to Read Early warning signals have helped us avoid damaging natural disasters or workplace catastrophes, so why not use the ones available to us for avoiding customer experience disasters? Here are some ways you can prepare for and prevent disaster before it comes dangerously close to shore.
  8. 8. Click to Read A lot of social “listening” is related to brand mentions. But think of all the other ways you could listen to understand your customers, not just respond to them. There are huge opportunities in social media to really listen to understand your customers and their expectations.
  9. 9. Click to Read A bad interaction could haunt your brand. You might want to consider mystery trick & treating (going undercover) to discover how your employees actually interact with your customers. Here are 4 customer service creepy-crawlies to look out for!
  10. 10. Click to Read When a customer mentions something, it’s easy to nod and smile and then move on. But listening – and then responding – to customer feedback is a vital part of improving the customer experience. Here are 5 great ways to do so.
  11. 11. Click to Read If you sell anything to anyone, you would do yourself a world of good by enlisting mystery shoppers into your customer insights mix. But I have a specific beef with the standard way mystery shopping works. Let’s talk about what it is vs. what it should be.
  12. 12. Click to Read The average retail customer journey involves little face-to-face contact and often only occurs at the checkout. But when that part of the experience is on a suggestive selling conveyor belt, the chance to connect is trumped by a quick sales opp.
  13. 13. Click to Read What customers, or people in general expect from you sets the stage for how they will react emotionally to the experience you actually deliver. It’s time to go above and beyond to exceed the expectations set, but we need to understand these basic rules before we can do that.
  14. 14. Click to Read What happens when there is too much emphasis on the stockholder and not enough emphasis on customers? Let’s take a look at what happened after this successful retailer adopted the losing strategy of prioritizing stockholders over customers.
  15. 15. Click to Read Do you know what a FUSER is? I didn’t, either. When tech people design the error messages we receive at crucial moments, it can be terrifying! I give you our Microinteraction of the Month along with a link to some other machines that had some hair-raising things to say.
  16. 16. Don’t let the “micro” part fool you- microinteractions often have a huge impact on the customer experience. That is why we just can’t get enough of ‘em! So get social with us. Send us yours and maybe it will be featured next month! (You gotta click for a closer look!)
  17. 17. Thanks for joining us as we explored ways to listen with customer centric ears all month. Have something to say? You’ve already found us, and we’re all about listening here at 360Connext. Give us a holler! @jeanniecw Google+ Pinterest 360Connext CXI® Club Instagram Jeannie Walters @360Connext RSS CXI®Club Newsletter