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Presentation about and community and developer support shared with Open Government Data Camp in Warsaw, Poland, October 2011 #odgcamp

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  • Most popular types of datasets: geography and environment, health and nutrition, and national security and veterans affairs
  • Uses asthma patients aggregated GPS notations to create hot spots in communities where there are asthma issuesChanges individual behaviorFrom 65% daily incidence to 25% daily incidence of inhaler uses over a six month study
  • A parent has a child who is illAsk questions online at HealthTapFind a hospital and compare (Hospital Compare)That doctor recommends GPS-powered inhaler (Asthmapolis)Monitor asthma levels at school through Public School RecordsKnow in advance the best places to play, how to get to school, and how to plan your dayThe data delivered through the 172 agencies participating in eases the burden on families in caring for a sick childMore importantly, the data as it’s aggregated empower communities to make changes that improve the qualiy of life of citizens(ReLeaf plants trees in areas identified by Together We Breathe as danger areas for asthma sufferersCities see hot spots that trigger asthma problems for their citizens
  • Behind the Scenes with

    1. 1. Behind the Scenes with Jeanne Holm Evangelist, 20 October 2011
    2. 2. Open Government Initiative • Transparency promotes accountability • Participation allows people to contribute ideas • Collaboration encourages cooperation within government and with industry20 October 2011 2
    3. 3. Creating a Data Ecosystem1. Gather data – from many places and give it freely to developers, scientists, and citizens2. Connect the community – in finding solutions to allow collaboration through social media, events, platforms3. Provide an infrastructure – built on standards4. Encourage technology developers – to create apps, maps, and visualizations of data that empower people’s choices “A Strategy for American5. Gather more data Innovation” published – and connect more people September 2009 20 October 2011 3
    4. 4. US Open Government Action Plan• On 20 September 2011, President Obama announced at the UN General Assembly…• Contribute as a platform – India and the U.S. creating open source platform – Will allow any country to create open data site• Foster communities on – Health, energy, and law plus new communities in education, research and development, and public safety• Launch International Space Apps Competition – NASA and other space agencies will gather scientists and citizens – Use data for global challenges: weather impacts on global economy and depletion of ocean resources – A collaboration website will be created to facilitate citizen participation 20 October 2011 4
    5. 5. • Provides instant access to over 400,000 datasets in easy to use formats • Contributions from UN, World Bank, and 172 agencies • Encourage development of innovative applications • Drive innovation and knowledge use across the globe20 October 2011 5
    6. 6. Supporting Global Events Japanesetsunami, earthquake, and radiation monitoring Restore the Gulf: Deepwater Horizon Response 20 October 2011 6
    7. 7. Learn at• Resources for students and teachers• Examples of how data is being used to develop apps• Lesson plans and videos• Showcase your science fair project that uses government data! 20 October 2011 7
    8. 8. Open Communities Community Restore the Gulf ✓ Open Data ✓ Semantic Web ✓ Health ✓ Law ✓ Energy ✓ Education Ocean Research and Development Public Safety Human rights + many more…20 October 2011 8
    9. 9. Powered Through Advanced Technologies • Provides developers the tools and raw data formats to develop new capabilities • Partnership with W3C (eGov Interest Group) and with RPI for research in semantic web • Connected to other open data efforts across the world • Data hosted in the cloud • Open source platform • Builds on ontologies developed in specific areas20 October 2011 9
    10. 10. Easy to Find Data20 October 2011 10
    11. 11. The Power of Visualizations20 October 2011 11
    12. 12. Achieving Global Leadership in Open Government DataFunding will drive abilityto reach these goals Communities: Citizens health, law, ethics… Developers K-12 Education • Search • Cloud-hosted data • Dataset access • Semantic • Communities technologies State, local, Academia • Geodata visualization tribal Data.Gov Services International Cloud Internal Industry Stakeholders Agencies Green = government Blue = external stakeholders 20 October 2011 12
    13. 13. Open Data for the Economy• When the Department of Defense released satellite data…private industry created affordable GPS devices• Data from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) helped build weather-related business• Opportunities for private sector are limitless 20 October 2011 13
    14. 14. Publicizing Data to Innovators• Challenges and code‐a- thons (• Many innovator “meetups” and conferences• Annual health data- paloozas• Over 139 applications• 50 new businesses• Thousands of lives improved each day 20 October 2011 14
    15. 15. Creating Apps That Improve Lives: Asthmapolis 20 October 2011 15
    16. 16. Creating Apps That Save Lives:iTriage and Hospital Compare 20 October 2011 16
    17. 17. Creating Apps That Change Lives: Eat Your Vegetables and Food Deserts• Eat Your Vegetables uses Health and Human Services community health data and shows obesity rates by county• Food Deserts shows areas with a lack of access to fresh food• Combined can inform cities and citizens how to change their behavior• Games like Hungry Hiker helps kids make better choices – Apps for Healthy Kids sponsored by First Lady Michelle Obama 20 October 2011 17
    18. 18. Use Case: Economic• Healthtap – Provides free, reliable, and independent health information through the use of open data and by building the world’s largest medical expert network tailored for young mothers and their children – Won 2010 Health 2.0 challenge – Success invigorated expansion and new hiring at HealthTap – Reaches to datasets (along with others) 20 October 2011 18
    19. 19. Real Outcomes = Better Lives• The data delivered through the 172 agencies participating in eases the burden on families in caring for a sick child or seeking medical information• More importantly, the data as it’s aggregated empowers communities to make changes that improve the quality of life of citizens – ReLeaf plants trees in areas identified by Together We Breathe as danger areas for asthma sufferers – Cities see hot spots that trigger asthma problems for their citizens• Each company in Health 2.0 used government data to innovate and create high-value jobs here in America 20 October 2011 19
    20. 20. Think Big, Start Small, Innovate Quick Facts May 2009 October 2011Total datasets available 47 >400,000Hits to 0 >200 millionApps and mash-ups by citizens and government 0 372 + 1113RDF triples for semantic applications 0 6.7 billionDataset downloads 0 >2.0 millionNations establishing open data sites 0 28States offering open data sites 0 31Cities in North America with open data sites 0 13Open data contacts in Federal agencies 24 396Agencies and subagencies participating 7 185Communities 0 7Community challenges 0 23 20 October 2011 20
    21. 21. The Path Ahead• Bring data up and out of government to the public ★• Make data accessible and linked ★★★★★• Provide simple ways to visualize the data• Create communities to understand and apply data• Connect and collaborate with small businesses, industry, and academia to drive innovation• Develop open source open government data platform with India for global use and further community development• Share with others to understand global issues Be the change you want to see in the world – Ghandi 20 October 2011 21
    22. 22. A Global Movement HasBegun to ProvideTransparency and Democratization of Data Don’t see your site? Update via @usdatagov 20 October 2011 22
    23. 23. Let’s work together to set the data free! www.Data.Gov @usdatagov @JeanneHolm 20 October 2011 23