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Pay Easy Solutions International

  1. 1. We are committed to <br />Your success. <br />
  2. 2. About us<br />Simple, Secure, Low Cost Payment Solutions…<br />PayEasy is a global provider of electronic payments solutions for financial institutions, retailers and payment processors. Customers rely on PayEasy solutions to deliver reliable, scalable and secure payment services and to have money on the move. <br />PayEasy’s objective is to become the leading electronic payment services company in the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, Central and South East Asia and North America.<br />We work with web developers, shopping cart providers and all the major banks to offer the best in internet payment processing services - PayEasy means industry leading reliability, security and value<br />
  3. 3. About us<br /><ul><li>Global Operations Centre Headquartered in Metro Manila, Philippines,
  4. 4. Branches : Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, United Kingdom
  5. 5. Partner Offices: Middle East (Manama, Bahrain), Australia, Hong Kong
  6. 6. Founded in 2009
  7. 7. Privately held and funded by regional investors
  8. 8. Operations in US, UK, Monaco, Hong Kong, Manila, Bahrain, Lebanon and Germany</li></li></ul><li>cardholder<br />merchant<br />payment service provider<br />- card processing<br />- risk management + fraud protection<br />- acquiring referral<br />- IPSP / MSP for selected acquiring banks<br />acquiring<br />bank<br />acquiring<br />bank<br />acquiring<br />bank<br />acquiring<br />bank<br />acquiring<br />bank<br />What we do<br />
  9. 9. What makes a payment solution successful<br />Easy to use, <br />Convenient<br />& Portable<br />Electronic<br />Transaction<br />Solutions<br />Low Cost to <br />Deploy<br />& Maintain<br />Robust &<br /> Dynamic<br /> Security<br />Leverages Existing Systems & Behaviors<br />
  10. 10. Our Solutions<br />Credit Card Acquiring<br />We provide multicurrency credit card acquiring services in collaboration with regional and international banks.<br />Direct Acquiring Relationships<br /><ul><li>Merchant enters into direct contractual relationship with acquiring bank
  11. 11. Multiple referral partnerships in the region and internationally</li></ul>Merchant Service Provider (IPSP/MSP)<br /><ul><li>Merchant enters into contractual relationship with PayEasybut gets dedicated merchant account from sponsoring bank</li></li></ul><li>Link-up various payment methods through a Payment Service Provider <br />(only one Interface)<br />Payment Service Provider<br />E-Shop<br />Debit<br />Debit Card<br />Additional<br />Payment methods<br />
  12. 12. Our Solutions<br />Payment Processing<br /><ul><li>Easy integration for merchants using secure web-services
  13. 13. Payment page enables merchants to avoid pci/dss certification
  14. 14. Extensive risk management and fraud protection functionality
  15. 15. Full support for verified by visa and MasterCard secure code
  16. 16. Dynamic routing of transactions to local acquiring bank to optimize acceptance ratios
  17. 17. Online refund and credit functionality</li></li></ul><li>Our Solutions<br />Risk management and Fraud Prevention<br />Less Fraud. Decreased Costs. Optimized Revenue <br />
  18. 18. Fraud Prevention<br />MaxMind LLC ….<br />Fraudster techniques becoming more advanced<br />Techniques used in online card-not-present fraud are becoming more and more sophisticated. Traditional fraud screening tools can only determine if a credit card is legitimate or if the user-entered account information matches those on record. Today, fraudsters can obtain personal credit card information, pose as the legitimate card holder, and bypass standard fraud checks.<br />Looking at fraud from a different angle<br />At MaxMind, we approach fraud screening in a different way. We examine an online transaction from various angles. Our tools are not geared towards verifying the authenticity of the credit card details used for the purchase, but rather, identifying if the purchaser is the legitimate card holder. Through our analysis, we have been able to identify traits and patterns that are associated with fraudulent orders. By asking the right questions, we can provide e-commerce businesses with the necessary information to detect fraudulent orders before the payment is processed. <br />
  19. 19. Fraud Prevention<br />MaxMind LLC ….<br />We provide multicurrency credit card acquiring services in collaboration with regional and international banks.<br />Key features include: <br /><ul><li>Geographical IP address location checking
  20. 20. High risk IP address and e-mail checking
  21. 21. Issuing bank BIN Number country matching*
  22. 22. minFraud Network
  23. 23. Proxy server detection (both open and closed)
  24. 24. Post query analysis </li></li></ul><li>Fraud Prevention<br />Elastic Payment Gateway Features<br />Within our own Gateway we have established several basic parameters that help both the Gateway Operator and the merchant reduce the risk of fraud before the transaction is passed to our third party Fraud Prevention Service Provider (MaxMind) and then the acquirer. <br />These features include : <br /><ul><li>Specifying the maximum number of times a credit card can be used within a specified period. If this is exceeded the Payment Gateway automatically locks that credit card number out for the specified period. If the customer attempts to use the card number with that merchant during this lock out period the lock out period is then extended from the time that the last attempt was made using that card number.
  25. 25. Specifying the maximum number of times transactions can be sent from an IP Address within a specified period of time. If this is exceeded the Payment Gateway automatically locks all transactions out coming from that IP Address for the specified period. If transactions are attempted from that IP Address within the lock out period the lock out period is automatically extended from the time of the last attempt.
  26. 26. Specifying the maximum number of different credit card transactions (numbers) that can be sent from the same email address within a specified period of time.
  27. 27. Specifying the maximum number of email addresses that can be associated with a specific credit card number within a specified period of time. </li></li></ul><li>Fraud Prevention<br />Elastic Payment Gateway Features<br />These features include : <br /><ul><li>Specifying the maximum number of valid transactions that can be processed for a day and/or month. The merchant is automatically notified when the limit is about to be exceeded.
  28. 28. Specifying the maxium value of valid transactions that can be processed for a day and/or month. The merchant is automatically advised when the limit is about to be exceeded.
  29. 29. Reporting all transactions over a specified amount.
  30. 30. Reporting all transactions under a specified amount.
  31. 31. Merchant has the option of using the Email Notification Service. Here the PayEasy Payment Gateway sends an email confirmation that a credit card transaction has been processed for the cardholder by the merchant. If the email bounces the Email Verification Service automatically reverses out the transaction and the merchant is automatically advised.
  32. 32. Setting the minimum and maximum fraud score returned from MaxMind. With this all scores over the maximum are automatically rejected. All scores under the minimum are automatically sent to the acquirer for validation. Scores between the minimum and maximum are flagged and returned to the merchant for further evaluation before being sent to the acquirer for validation. </li></li></ul><li>Products Overview<br />Risk management and Fraud Prevention<br />
  33. 33. Benefits<br />Risk management and Fraud Prevention<br />Reduce your Fraud by...<br /><ul><li> Detecting fraudulent behavior (patterns) automatically,
  34. 34. Incorporating market specific data into the fraud decision process, including itinerary information such as departures, stopovers, arrivals and airport information.</li></ul>Decrease your Costs by....<br /><ul><li> Reducing chargebacks, safeguarding against surcharges and fines
  35. 35. Reducing the number of transactions being queued for manual review,
  36. 36. Decreasing time spent on processing exceptions (chargeback notifications, etc.).</li></ul>Optimize your Revenue by...<br /><ul><li> Accepting more genuine business,
  37. 37. Identifying and protecting your good customers.</li></ul>Thus optimizing sales conversion, while minimizing fraud risk and manual review and associated costs.<br />
  38. 38. Security and Infrastructure<br /><ul><li>Compliant with payment card industry data security standard
  39. 39. Support for verified by Visa and MasterCard secure code
  40. 40. Secure data center facilities in Germany</li></ul>(PCI/DSS)<br />
  41. 41. Reporting and Management<br /><ul><li>Web-based administrative interface
  42. 42. Extensive transaction search and management functionality
  43. 43. Business intelligence and reporting dashboard
  44. 44. Personalized user accounts
  45. 45. Online refund and credit capability</li></li></ul><li>Merchant Support<br />Keeping you connected online….<br />We offer a range of support facilities to online merchants – via email and/<br />or telephone. <br />Technical expertise is also available ‘in the flesh’ where required. <br />The level of support does, of course, depend on which PayEasy<br />Online payment solution you have chosen. <br />Support facilities available:<br /><ul><li> Online Support
  46. 46. Merchant support (via phone and email)
  47. 47. Technical support (via phone and email)</li></li></ul><li>Contact <br />Christopher R. Bauer <br />CEO / Chief Executive Officer <br />PayEasy Solutions Inc. International<br />DDI: +63 (0) 2 577 4680 <br />Cell: +63 (0) 917 892 0016 <br />E-mail:<br />James E Bergman<br />Global COO / Chief Operational Officer<br />PayEasy Solutions Inc. International<br />Tel UK (M): +44(0)7791171680<br />Tel UK (W): +44(0)2078732022<br />Email: <br /><br />
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