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Make 2011 your best year ever get 4 times more referrals than you get now, and ..get your customers to do the selling for you

Make 2011 your best year ever get 4 times more referrals than you get now, and ..get your customers to do the selling for you

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  • 1. How To Get 4 Times The Referrals & Automate The Process
  • 2. The Top 3 Marketing Problems:
    • There’s never enough money for marketing
    • What you spend doesn’t work
    • You don’t have any system to automatically bring you more business
  • 3. The Solution
    • You need marketing that works that doesn’t cost much
    • You need to stop spending your money on marketing that doesn’t work
    • You need a simple, automated system to build your business
  • 4. Priorities for New Clients:
    • Make sure every dollar spent is tracked. You can’t improve what you can’t measure
    • Set up a system to keep the customers you have and make sure you are their ONLY source for what you do
    • Set up a referral system to get a steady stream of referrals
    • Then, and only then , spend money on marketing to find new customers
  • 5. Why Do You Lose Customers?
    • Survey Results Reported By Dan Kennedy:
    • 1% die
    • 3% move away
    • 5% follow a friend or associate’s advice and change
    • 9% change because they perceive a better value is available elsewhere
    • 14% change because of product or service dissatisfaction
    • That totals 32% - what about the rest?
  • 6.
    • 68% leave because
    • they didn’t feel
    • "wanted" or valued
  • 7.
    • Most businesses owners agree they need to stay in touch with their customers
    • But who has the time ?
  • 8. People Make Decisions Three Different Ways… 1. Existing relationships
  • 9. People Make Decisions Three Different Ways… 2. Ask a trusted source for a referral
  • 10. People Make Decisions Three Different Ways… 3. From advertising
  • 11. + Make Purchases Without Looking at Advertising!
  • 12. Where you get new customers. REFERRALS ADVERTISING Where you spend your money. ADVERTISING REFERRALS
  • 13. The Secret To Getting A Lot of Referrals: “Customer Satisfaction” Is NOT Good Enough Go Beyond the Unexpected Amazed! Exceed Expectations Happy and Thrilled Meet Expectations Satisfied REFERRAL ZONE
  • 14. Tips to on how to “amaze” your clients.
    • You must always give them something to talk about!
    • You need to set yourself apart from any and all other “service” experiences that they have encountered.
    • Exceed “far beyond” their expectations starting from the first encounter.
    • It needs to be “systematic.”
  • 15. 7 Ways To Bring Your Business a Flood of Referrals 10 More Come With the “Send Out Cards” System That We Don’t Have Time To Cover Today
  • 16. Number 1:
    • Ask Your Clients
    • For Referrals
  • 17. How to Automate the Process of Asking For Referrals
  • 18. Use Referral Cards To Do the “Asking” for You
  • 19. Use Referral Cards To Do the “Asking” for You
  • 20. Use Referral Cards To Do the “Asking” for You
  • 21. Number 2:
    • Thank People For Giving You a Referral
  • 22. “ Once you build your client base up to a large number, then the referrals start coming in. We get referrals by not asking for them, but by thanking people for them . I’ve tried every referral system in the world, I’m sure there’s some great ones out there, but none of them seem to work real well for me. As soon as I stopped asking for them and started thanking people for the referrals that we’re getting, all of a sudden we started getting a ton more referrals . It just builds on itself.” Craig Randall
  • 23.
    • Always obey any industry specific restrictions.
    • Quickly recognize the referral.
    • The gift should be high quality and should be “relevant.”
    • Include a card that specifically refers to the name of their referral and why referrals are important to your company.
    4 Rules for Thanking People
  • 24.  
  • 25.  
  • 26. Send Photographic Appreciation Cards
  • 27. Number 3:
    • Have Lunch With A Prospective Referral Source Every Week
  • 28. AUTOMATE Your Referral Lunch System! Make a list of top 100 most influential people with whom you want to establish or deepen your relationship and send them a “Let’s Do Lunch” card once a month.
  • 29. The Purpose of the Lunch is To Find Out More About Them, What You Can Do To Help Their Business and To Get To Know Them Better On a Personal Level
  • 30. Number 4:
    • Set Up A Birthday Card Marketing System
  • 31. 1. No Cold Calling 2. No Networking 3. No Advertising 4. No Publicity 5. No Asking for Referrals Mr. X The Millionaire Insurance Agent
  • 32. The Birthday Card Marketing System
  • 33. The Birthday Card Marketing System GOAL: 16 New Clients Every Month from Referrals 20% of the People that Get Cards Will Refer at Least One Person a Month ACTIVITY: Send 1,000 Birthday Cards Every Year 1,000 cards / 365 days = 2.6 “birthdays” per day
  • 34. AUTOMATE Your Birthday Card Marketing System!
  • 35. Number 5:
    • Send Them A Referral
    • (Law of Reciprocity)
  • 36. Send Them a Referral
  • 37. Number 6:
    • The N.E.E.R. System
  • 38. N.E.E.R. Formula N aturally E xisting E conomic R elationships Clients Suppliers YOU
  • 39. Walter Hailey created a simple referral system that was so successful that he eventually purchased the insurance company that he worked for - - Lone Star Life Insurance. Using Walter's formula for generating referrals, his insurance company went on to sell over one billion dollars in life insurance in less that 8 years. Walter eventually sold his insurance company for $78 million dollars!
  • 40. The N.E.E.R. Referral Card
  • 41. Number 7:
    • “ Ping” Your Network
    • (Stay in touch)
  • 42. “ If 80 percent of success is, as Woody Allen once said, just showing up, then 80 percent of building and maintaining relationships is just staying in touch. I call it ‘pinging.’ It’s a quick, casual greeting, and it can be done in any number of creative ways. “ Keith Ferrazzi Author, Never Eat Alone
  • 43. 16,000 Cards a Month! # 1 Salesman in the World Joe Girard became the “World’s Greatest Salesman” 12 years in a row by sending out over 16,000 handwritten greeting cards every month! The King of Ping!
  • 44. Send cards that will stun, surprise and delight your network!
  • 45. Billboard Cards
  • 46. Billboard Cards
  • 47. The “Send Out Cards” Automated Greeting Card System
  • 48. you can choose from over 15,000 different and unique greeting cards and postcards for every occasion…
  • 49. … or you can create a completely customized card
  • 50. … in your own personal handwriting…
  • 51. … with your own signature…
  • 52. … and you can also include gifts and gift cards
  • 53. … is that it is EXTREMELY inexpensive to use. And the very best part about this system…
    • “ Points” cost 31 cents each
    • 1 point sends a postcard
    • 2 points sends a greeting card
    • 3 points send a greeting card with uploaded photos or graphics
    • (plus stamp)
  • 55. What Else Do We Use “Send Out Cards” For?
  • 56.
    • Converting Prospects to customers
    • Up-selling/Cross-selling
    • Customer reactivation
    • Newsletters
    • Holiday cards – traditional and funny (Blame Somebody Else Day, Groundhog Day, etc.)
    • Personal
  • 57. Personal & Family
  • 58. PRICING Wholesale Package - $398 Stock card costs 62 cents (plus stamp) ($31 a month = 50 cards a month) Picture Plus 4 Signatures Handwriting Font 100 Cards Lifetime License 35% Discount
  • 59. Entrepreneur Package - $457 Stock card costs 62 cents (plus stamp) ($31 a month = 50 cards a month) Referral Fee $140 PRICING Picture Plus 4 Signatures Handwriting Font 100 Cards Lifetime License 35% Discount
  • 60. 5 Reasons All Businesses Need The Entrepreneur Package
    • The Referral & Birthday Card Systems only available with entrepreneur package ($2,094 value)
    • Entrepreneur package is the only one that pays commissions, if one person getting your cards signs up too, you make $140, which makes this package $81 cheaper than wholesale
    • If more like it and sign up too, you could get your entire system for free including the cards and gifts you send!
    • Our free consulting help available only with the Entrepreneur package
    • The URL on the back of your cards will be to your SOC site instead of ours
  • 61. Residual Income Opportunity
    • No need to sell anything, just tell people how you are creating and sending cards if they ask – and they will
    • $140 - $290 per sign up
    • 5% - 25% residual income on all cards sent forever
    • Thanks to the network marketing structure, you get paid when your clients refer others too
  • 62. The Ultimate Referral Card Marketing System! BONUS # 1 Download Version PDF Download Version Sells for $1,997
  • 63. Lifetime License to Use My 12 Proprietary Referral Card Designs!
  • 64. Download Version Download Version The Birthday Card Referral Marketing System BONUS # 2 Sells for $97
  • 65.
    • 5 little known sources where you can get people’s birthday information.
    • How to set up and manage your birthday card database
    • The 4 groups of people to target for your birthday card referral program.
    • The one thing you MUST say in the first birthday card that you send.
    • How to create personalize custom birthday cards that will WOW people.
    The Birthday Card Referral Marketing System BONUS # 2
  • 66. Make 2011 your best year ever Get 4 times more referrals than you get now… Get your customers to do your selling for you! Go to and send a FREE card and see what you think