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  • This mini pechakucha presentation is based on who I am as a Kaiako-Teacher/Facilitator. The first three images portray a simple overview of how my thinking and learning practices have, and will no doubt continue, to evolve. The second three images suggest what my teaching pathway may look like as I move forward in this digital age.
  • Thinking and learning are deliberate or accidental processes that we use to come up with new concepts and ideas. Both involve the creation, merging and understanding of thoughts that may never have been interconnected before.As an e-Learner I have become a contemporary CREATOR – He KAIHANGA in all that I do. I have transitioned over the years from being that teacher-practitioner who seeks out, copies or reproduces the achievements of others to a networked Kaiako who now connects together a range of technological devices, online tools and I.T mediums to convey meaningful, often original, yet powerful messages. Digital creation I believe, is based on the premise of ‘intentionally bringing ideas into existence’.
  • The Internet is a complex network of computers linked by a high-speed system that helps us develop the necessary skills and behaviours for learning and connecting with anyone, anytime and anywhere.As an e-Learner I have become a confident COMMUNICATOR - He PU KORERO locally, nationally and globally. With friends all over the world who are similar to whanau, I now make regular contact that has purpose and seek to increase my online network of like-minded others. I am the akonga or student who prefers to be fully participative in a social environment.
  • A virtual online community is a group of people who cross geographical boundaries in order to interact, pursue goals and enhance their cultural awareness of today’sdigital world.  As an e-Learner I have developed my online presence to become a courageous COLLABORATOR – He TAKAHOA. I like to engage in shared thinking and learning and have come to understand that communication networksare powerful mediums to spread about positive change. Through online collaboration and often the use of devices, I am certainly making the most of my local, national and global connections.
  • Technology has so much of a major effect on how we lead our daily lives that mobile devices are central and personalised to who we are, where we are and what we do. As an e-Learner I have become of sorts, a TECHNOLOGICAL DEVICE HOLDER – He IPU HIKO. Over the years I have digitally climatised and found it necessary to ‘trade up’. That simple plastic box with my class planner, calculator, floppy disk and cassette player is today replaced with a 21st Century backpack or trolley that houses my cell phone, laptop, i-pod, flip video cam and data storage. It is standard kaupapa or practice (as I have convinced myself) to carry no less than three technological devices every day.
  • Research shows us that technological devices can have a reciprocal relationship with learning and aredefinitely shaping the way we think, work and live.  As an e-Learner who has ‘normalised’ to now using devices, I have become a DIGITAL MULTI-TASKER – He RINGARINGA MAHI TINI. I will always devote time to tasks like checking my inbox and FB to the more complex that include context switching, surfing between websites or applications and contributing to discussion forums. Although I’ve read that the human brain is really only capable of doing one thing at a time I tend to disagree. The bulk of my digital multi-tasking is often completed in the morning, to eliminate afternoon fatigue and chunked during the day with kai and/or well-deserved kinesthetic breaks.
  • Digital-multi-tasking co-exists incidentally with personal learning and fosters an increase in self knowledge, skills and performance.As an e-Learner I have become a proficient SELF-DIRECTED SCHOLAR – He AKONGA PA TIMATA. Through just-in time or synchronous and co-collaborative or asynchronous online means, I now get to learn at my place, in my space and at my pace. I like it that I have been able to design and personalise my ara or thinking and learning journey and as a contributing member of the VLN or Virtual Learning Network I will often pursue other e-Learning interests that cross my pathway. Conclusively I am the Kaiako-Teacher/Facilitator who believes that formal education no longer comprises our 21st century thinkers and learners living in today’s digital world. . It is HOW and WHEN WE decide to co-collaborate and walk the talk too that matters for… e-Learning is a continual process that affords to be rich, real and relevant and in my view it is destined to last this lifetime, the next lifetime and so many more lifetimes to come. Ngamihinuiki a koutou.
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    1. 1. Who I am as an e-Learner and How I View my Life in Today’s Global World jeanettem1@rocketmail.com Whaea Jeanette
    2. 2. Credits Images: 1. http://tiny.cc/fsgdy 2. http://tiny.cc/478w2 3. - 4. - 5. http://tiny.cc/126dn 6. -I also wish to thank the following people: Mr More Mrs More Matua Lance Savage Roger, Reed, Justize and Danae My wonderful whanau Whaea Jeanette