Making a Collective Difference and Leaving a Legacy


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  • This 3 minute 30 second PechaKucha presentation is based on a few ways that students and I have used Comic Life, Auto Collage and Photo Story within our e-learning classroom and beyond.The first three ideas that I am about to share have conceptualised from our integrated inquiry planning – small steps that make a collective difference…and the second three have come about from a ‘fun’ space and my personal efforts as a proud Nan to leave a legacy.
  • Let’s get started with Idea One:e-Learners have again this year participated in the global One Day on Earth project completing 11 challenges based on the concepts of weather and the story ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meat Balls’. Ahead of time I set up a teaching and learning web-space. e-Learners have since used Comic Life to illustrate each challenge and I have uploaded a few into our web-space to replace the copious amount of text. I’ve also printed off a couple then included them along with materials and the book into a resource ‘Story Sack’.
  • Idea Two: The One Day on Earth project also required that we collect evidential data of our 11 science and technology challenges and upload it to the global website for the 11.11.11. e-Learners are familiar with ‘real-time learning’ and so four digital cameras, two mino camcorders and Photo Story were used to capture this information. Over timewe have pieced together the video, uploaded it using Vimeo and also skype-shared our reflective experiences with Lois and friends from Berwick Primary in Australia.
  • Idea Three:Lance and I have worked alongside Justize, Reed, Roger and Danae who presented PechaKucha style at the Mini GATE Symposium. Again ahead of time, I set up a web-space and included a page called MCG: Mean Maori Mean – the Maori Concepts of Giftedness. Two of the students captured photographic images of MCG in action and then used Auto Collage to compile them. I’ve since uploaded these images to the web-space and printed them off as inspirational posters.
  • Ideas Four and Five - Leaving a Legacy: I’m a bit of a scrapbook fanatic… always seeking ways to make work come alive or spring from the page…so I thought why not use both Comic Life and Auto Collage to personalise the cover page of my CV. To do this I printed off pieces of work as I went …then compiled the pages onto card in a3D fashion. ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ and so I believe the images have to relate well and be just as important as the information I have included in my CV.
  • Idea Six: It’s been a dream of mine to write picture books for children and so with my two mokopuna in mind I am in the process of developing an e-book using Photostory that I hope will eventually include illustrations drawn by my son.The narrative Nan’s Kiwi Christmas is based on one woman’s desire to have her family member’s home for the holidays. It also serves as a gracious tribute to my beloved mum.
  • There are our SIX pearls of wisdom that e-Learners and I know will be use within the classroom and beyond. Our parting korero or wero for you all is… “if life is about making a collective difference and leaving a legacy, then what are you planning to do?Ngamihinuiki a koutou
  • Making a Collective Difference and Leaving a Legacy

    1. 1. Making a Collective Difference and Leaving a Legacy Jeanette Murphy
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    4. 4. Who I am as an e-Learner and How I View My Life in Today’s Global World
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    7. 7. Making a Collective Difference and Leaving a Legacy IMAGE CREDITS: 1. 2. 4. 6. 7. 7. Jeanette Murphy