Looking at money 2 locally sold products


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Looking at money 2 locally sold products

  1. 1. e-Learners Team at Putauaki Looking at Money and Locally Sold Products Me, Beyond My Digital World http://elearnersteamatputauaki.wikispaces.com/ Term 4, Weeks 1-2, 2010
  2. 2. e-Learners Team at Putauaki We are learning to understand the look and worth of money around the world with an emphasis on locally sold products Decide on which pieces of money you will photograph. Make a list of 3-5 locally sold products that the notes and/or coins can buy. Collect the products so that you can photograph these alongside your money. Include written information about the currency and the products in your slides. Whaea Jeanette will upload the one class project to Slideshare. Our slideshare project will then be posted or linked to www.onedayonearth.org Over the next few weeks we visit those who have contributed to the project. We will compare and contrast how other currencies relates to New Zealand money. Term 4, Weeks 1-2, 2010
  3. 3. What we need to mention about Kawerau that will help you understand more about our locally grown and sold products.  Kawerau is located in the North Island of New Zealand.  Kawerau is a small country town in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.  The temperature in Kawerau can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius.  The climate in Kawerau is generally warm.  The season at the moment is late Spring.  Fruit and vegetables as locally grown and sold products flourish in Kawerau because we are well- sheltered and have great weather a lot of the time.
  4. 4. NZD$1.80 = 1 Avocado An avocado is a type of fruit that can be sliced up and put into salads or sandwiches.
  5. 5. NZD$3.90 = 1 Bunch of Asparagus Asparagus is a green vegetable that can be steamed.
  6. 6. NZD$3.80 = 1 Whole Cabbage A green cabbage is similar to a lettuce. It can be put into a coleslaw, boiled or roasted.
  7. 7. NZD$5.90 = 1 Dozen Eggs Eggs come from chickens and can be eaten raw, poached, boiled or scrambled.
  8. 8. NZD$4 = 1 kg Granny Smith Apples SPECIMEN Granny Smith Apples are a type of fruit that are green. Depending on taste, these apples can be sour or sweet.
  9. 9. NZD$3.80 = 1 kg Kiwifruit Kiwifruit are a New Zealand fruit that can be eaten raw. Kiwifruit are gold or green and furry.
  10. 10. NZD$5 = 1 kg Kumara SPECIMEN Kumara are purple or orange vegetables that be cut then deep fried to make chips.
  11. 11. NZD$3 = 1 Iceberg Lettuce Lettuce is a green leafed vegetable that is eaten raw and put into summer salads.
  12. 12. NZD$3.60 = 1 kg Mandarins Mandarins are an orange fruit. Mandarins are small and sour.
  13. 13. NZD$4.90 = 500g Portabello Mushrooms Portabello mushrooms are round vegetables with stems that can be fried, stem and used in many ways.
  14. 14. NZD$4 = 1 kg Onions Onions are layered vegetables that can be peeled. Onions give off an unpleasant odour that sting eyes when chopped.
  15. 15. NZD$4 = 1 kg Pears Pears are green or brown fruits that can be eaten raw or cooked.
  16. 16. NZD$5.80 = 1 kg Potatoes Potatoes are well-used vegetables that are harvested early December.
  17. 17. NZD$4 = 1 kg Oranges SPECIMEN Oranges are round fruits that are generally eaten raw and grow in trees.
  18. 18. NZD$4 = 1 Bunch Spring Onions Spring Onions are long, thin vegetables that are cut up and put into salads or as added as toppings on pizza.
  19. 19. NZD$7.00 = 1 kg Tomatoes Tomatoes are red fruits that are mistaken as vegetables. Tomatoes grow on vines.
  20. 20. NZD$5 = 1 kg Mince Mince is a type of ground meat that is cooked and made into patties, loaves or stew.
  21. 21. NZD$8.20 = 1 kg Pork Bones Pork Bones are bones with meat on them that are boiled with potatoes, cabbage or watercress.
  22. 22. NZD$3.60 = 6 Cheese Bread Buns Cheese Bread Buns are made on the premises of our local supermarket New World in Kawerau.
  23. 23. NZD$2 = 1 x 500ml Water Water is the best liquid to drink. We are lucky to have a good supply here in Kawerau.
  24. 24. We have learnt that…  ‘in season’ fruits and vegetables are cheap and the best time to buy in bulk.  Saving money is important for a long term goal.  Some specials are not always the best buy.  Coupons and Fly Buys points are a great way to save money and get rewards.  We have a lot of locally produced and sold fruits and vegetables in Kawerau.
  25. 25. Our Next Learning Steps  use what we now know about New Zealand currency to create K-Town play money  research historical places for our next project  Create a K-Town O-poly game (as a Young Enterprise Project) Share what we think and do with Berwick Primary and schools from the rest of the world via www.onedayonearth.org