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Reproductive system

Reproductive system






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    Reproductive system Reproductive system Presentation Transcript

    • The MALE and FEMALE Reproductive System
    • Humans have body parts called organsthat enable us to reproduce. These organshave coordinated functions that form abody system called the reproductivesystem. In this lesson, you will learn aboutstructures of the reproductive organs andtheir specific functions.
    • Male Reproductive… The male reproductive system is made up of different organs and glands. Some of these parts are involved in the production of sperm cells, while some are involved in the delivery of the sperm cells to the female reproductive system. The ability to produce sperm cells does not necessarily mean the ability to produce a new individual. The number and the quality of sperm cells also determine the capability of sperm cells to unite with female egg cells.
    • Factors that affect sperm number andquality:• Smoking• Excessive alcohol intake• Emotional stress• Substance abuse• Malnutrition• Heredity• Exposure to toxins and chemicals
    • CHANGES DURING PUBERTY• Your body changes in many ways as you grow and mature. Have you noticed any changes in your body? Some of these changes happen because you are entering a new stage in life – puberty.
    • • Puberty is a stage of life. Rapid physical growth characterizes this stage. Different substances called hormones trigger these changes in your body. You start to mature sexually. At puberty, your reproductive organs develop and are able to function for reproduction.• Teenagers are usually prone to body odor and too much oil secretion, especially on the face. Many products in the market today claim to solve these problems.
    • • During puberty, the pituitary gland secretes natural chemical substances called hormones. – The pituitary gland controls the functions of several body organs through the hormones it secretes. These hormones are responsible for physical changes in adolescents. One of these hormones is the growth hormone. •Growth hormones stimulate growth and cell reproduction.
    • • You also experience emotional changes during puberty. Upon reaching adolescence, you become more excited and curious to discover new things.