Simple machines
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  • 1. ©A. Weinberg SimpleSimple MachinesMachines SOL 3.2 By Ms. Weinberg Adapted by K. Green ITRT – Suffolk City Schools
  • 2. ©A. Weinberg Simple machines are tools used to make work easier.
  • 3. ©A. Weinberg You have probably used some simple machines, but did not realize that they were actually called simple machines!
  • 4. ©A. Weinberg Simple machines do not make less work; they just make it easier to do work. It would be hard to cut this wood without the saw!
  • 5. ©A. Weinberg There are 6 different types of simple machines: •(1)lever •(2)screw •(3)pulley •(4)wheel & axle •(5)inclined plane •(6)wedge
  • 6. ©A. Weinberg 6 Simple Machines6 Simple Machines
  • 7. ©A. Weinberg (1) LEVER A lever is a stiff bar that moves about a fixed point (fulcrum). A lever is used to push, pull, or lift things.
  • 8. ©A. Weinberg A shovel is an example of a lever. A seesaw is another example of a lever.
  • 9. ©A. Weinberg (2) SCREW A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder or cone. A common use of the screw is to hold objects together.
  • 10. ©A. Weinberg A jar lid and a wood screw are examples of a screw. So far we have learned about 2 types of simple machines: levers & screws….
  • 11. ©A. Weinberg (3) PULLEY A pulley is a wheel that has a rope wrapped around it. Pulleys can be used to lift heavy objects by changing the direction or amount of the force.
  • 12. ©A. Weinberg A flagpole uses a pulley to raise the flag. Now we have learned about 3 types of simple machines: levers, screws, and pulleys…..
  • 13. ©A. Weinberg (4) WHEEL & AXLE A wheel & axle consists of a rod attached to a wheel. A wheel & axle makes it easier to move or turn things.
  • 14. ©A. Weinberg A bicycle wheel, roller skates, and a doorknob are all examples of a wheel & axle. We now know about 4 types of simple machines: levers, screws, pulleys, and wheels & axles.
  • 15. ©A. Weinberg (5) INCLINED PLANE An inclined plane is a flat surface that is raised so that one end is higher than the other. An inclined plane helps move heavy objects up or down.
  • 16. ©A. Weinberg A ramp is an example of an inclined plane. Let’s add inclined plane to our list of simple machines (along with levers, screws, pulleys, and wheels & axles).
  • 17. ©A. Weinberg (6) WEDGE A wedge is wide at one end and pointed at the other to help cut or split other objects.
  • 18. ©A. Weinberg Examples of wedges: a knife or an ax
  • 19. ©A. Weinberg Now you know about the 6 types of simple machines: (1) LEVER (2) SCREW (6) WEDGE (3) PULLEY (4) WHEEL & AXLE (5) INCLINED PLANE
  • 20. ©A. Weinberg Simple MachineSimple Machine Video & QuizVideo & Quiz
  • 21. ©A. Weinberg Simple Machine WebsitesSimple Machine Websites • Information • More Links & Information • EdHead – Click the Green, Start Box • DirtMeister – Simple Machines
  • 22. ©A. Weinberg These simple machines make work easier! Can you Name them?
  • 23. ©A. Weinberg