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    /Users/Student/Desktop/Pilgrims /Users/Student/Desktop/Pilgrims Presentation Transcript

    • The Pilgrims Come to America By: Taylan, Jake, and Jacob
    • Pilgrims
        • A pilgrim is a person who makes a journey for religious reasons
      • England’s pilgrims
        • Didn’t like England’s religious laws
        • Wanted to worship in their own way
          • This was against England’s laws
        • They called themselves Separatists
        • Went to Netherlands because they had heard it had no religious restrictions
          • Some didn’t like it because they didn’t fit in and their children were growing up Dutch so they decided to move to the Americas
    • Getting Ready
      • They had no money
        • London merchants paid for journeys and pilgrims paid back with fish, furs, and wood from America
      • The voyage
        • Mayflower
          • Plymouth
          • September 16, 1620
          • 101 people
            • More than half were pilgrims
            • The rest were hired help
          • 7 weeks
            • Storms
            • Crammed into small spaces below deck
    • Arriving
          • The land they reached was named New England by John Smith
            • John Smith
              • Explored Atlantic coast north of the Hudson River
    • Settling
      • The pilgrims landed in a harbor near Cape Cod
        • They were a little fearful because there were nothing to sustain and support them there
    • The Mayflower Compact
      • The Mayflower agreement was a contract to agree on laws
      • All the men signed an agreement that said they would follow the laws
      • Women didn’t; but were still expected to follow the laws
    • Colonizing
      • After four weeks they chose Massachusetts Bay
      • Chosen for it’s good streams
      • They named the colony Plymouth after the city they had sailed from
      • They cut down trees and built houses all winter
      • They were weak from hunger
      • By spring half of the colonists were dead
    • Key People
    • William Bradford
    • Massasoit
    • Squanto
    • Key places
    • New England
    • Cape Cod
    • Massachusetts Bay
    • Plymouth
    • Bibliography
      • Beyer, Barry K., Jean Craven, Mary A. McFarland, Walter C. Parker. United States and It’s Neighbors . 1990
    • Questions
      • Why did the Pilgrims come to America?
      • How did the Indians help the Pilgrims?
      • Who was Squanto? What did he do for the Pilgrims?
      • What is Plymouth?
      • How did the Pilgrims get money to travel to America?