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Westfall in the News- Report card rating
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Westfall in the News- Report card rating


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Schools earn excellent report cards - Circleville Herald: News By By Kristi Murphy Staff Reporter | Posted: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 7:30 pm CIRCLEVILLE – The Ohio Department of Education released its final state report cards last week and the results for the four local districts were excellent. For the second consecutive year, both the Teays Valley and Logan Elm school districts earned excellent with distinction ratings, the highest possible rating for school districts. Not to be outdone, both Circleville City Schools and Westfall Local Schools improved from effective to excellent for the 2011-2012 school year. The report cards measure state indicators, the performance index, adequate yearly progress and value added. The 26 state indicators are based on state tests, attendance and graduation rates. Although its been excellent with distinction twice now, Logan Elm Local Schools met all 26 of the state indicators for the first time for the 2011-2012 school year. “It’s a credit to our administrators, our teaching staff, our students and our community,” said Tim Williams, district superintendent. The McDowell Exchange School showed the most improvement of the individual buildings, earning an excellent with distinction rating this year. The school was ranked effective for 2010-2011. “They’re teaming more and working together as a staff to collaborate with the focus on reading and math,” Williams said. “Our goals as a district are to improve reading and math scores, and they were obviously very successful at doing that.” Not only did the school score well on its report card, but it was also honored as a ‘School of Promise’ by the Ohio Department of Education. Williams explained that the award was given to 163 schools in the state that have made strides in closing the gaps in reading and math over a two-year period. He said the district will continue to focus on those two areas. Teays Valley Local Schools has consistently ranked either excellent or excellent with distinction for that past five to six years, said Jeff Sheets, district superintendent. He said he is especially pleased this year with the district’s value-added measure ranking, which shows whether students in grades 3-8 meet the expected one year of growth in reading and math. The district ranked 43 out of 832 schools in the state. “To be excellent with distinction and rank that high for growth in one year, it’s really commendable for our staff and students,” he said. Sheets praised the staff, parents and students at the elementary schools for their excellent with distinction ratings.1 of 4 3/6/2013 8:22 AM
  • 2. Schools earn excellent report cards - Circleville Herald: News “We see some really exceptional things happening in our fourth and fifth grades,” he said, noting the science and math scores are some of the highest in the area. “It’s good to celebrate that, but it’s also a challenge to make sure the students continue that success into high school.” The district met 25 of 26 state indicators, falling short on the required 90 percent four-year graduation rate. Sheets said the district will continue to work on its 84.6 percent graduation rate. Circleville City Schools met 24 of 26 state indicators, missing the 75 percent state requirement in fifth grade reading and 8th grade science by .5 percent. Kirk McMahon, district superintendent, credits the improved ranking to a number of factors including good administrative leadership; setting district-wide goals; and focusing on data, instructional practices and relationships. “If I were to say one thing it would be our focus on individual students,” he said. “We take great pride in knowing our kids... Our principals know their names and our teachers know what sports they play and what they’re interested in outside of school. That makes a difference.” He said the district set a goal to raise reading and math scores and its graduation rate. With those met, he said the goals were reformulated to focus on growth, which is reflected in the value-added measure. The district ranked 51 out of 832 schools in the state in that category. “I’m very proud of the efforts from our staff, students and parents,” he said. “We really had to have the partnership of everybody because no one can do it alone.” Westfall Local Schools met 19 of the 26 state indicators. The district failed to meet the 75 percent state requirement in fourth grade math; fifth grade reading, math and science; and 10th grade science and social studies. It’s 89.2 percent four-year graduation rate also fell below the state required 90 percent. Superintendent Cara Riddel said the overall and individual ratings reflect improvement in the district as it is the first time since the 2008-2009 school year that the district was rated excellent. “The elementary is excellent for the first time since we opened the building and the middle school is excellent with distinction for the first time in the history of Westfall,” she said. “That’s pretty remarkable.” She noted that the improvements came in a year where there were no new implementations. She said she hopes to see even more improvement next year. “We’ll continue to focus on science and math,” she said. “This year, we implemented the new math program so we’re hoping that makes an impact, and next year, it’s science. That’s something that came out of strategic planning. We need to improve our science program.” The following is an outline of each district’s state report card. Full report cards can be accessed on this story at Teays Valley Local Schools2 of 4 3/6/2013 8:22 AM
  • 3. Schools earn excellent report cards - Circleville Herald: News District rating: Excellent with Distinction Indicators: 25 of 26 Performance Index: 103.8 Adequate Yearly Progress: Not met Value-Added Measure: Above (rank 43 of 832) Teays Valley High: Excellent Teays Valley West Middle: Excellent Teays Valley East Middle: Excellent Walnut Elementary: Excellent with Distinction Ashville Elementary: Excellent with Distinction South Bloomfield Elementary: Excellent with Distinction Scioto Elementary: Excellent with Distinction Logan Elm Schools District rating: Excellent with Distinction Indicators: 26 of 26 Performance Index: 99.9 Adequate Yearly Progress: Not Met Value-Added Measure: Above (rank 186 of 832) Logan Elm High: Excellent McDowell-Exchange Junior High: Excellent with Distinction Washington Elementary: Effective Saltcreek Elementary: Excellent Pickaway Elementary: Excellent Laurelville Elementary: Excellent Circleville City Schools District rating: Excellent Indicators: 24 of 26 Performance Index: 97.23 of 4 3/6/2013 8:22 AM
  • 4. Schools earn excellent report cards - Circleville Herald: News Adequate Yearly Progress: Not Met Value-Added Measure: Above (rank 51 of 832) Circleville High: Excellent Everts Middle: Excellent Nicholas Drive Elementary: Excellent Mound Street Elementary: Excellent Court Street Elementary: Excellent Atwater Elementary: Excellent Westfall Local Schools District rating: Effective Indicators: 19 of 26 Performance Index: 96.6 Adequate Yearly Progress: Not met Value-Added Measure: Above (rank 152 of 832) Westfall High: Effective Westfall Middle: Excellent with Distinction Westfall Elementary: Excellent4 of 4 3/6/2013 8:22 AM