Parent Involvment Policy- WMS


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Parent Involvment Policy- WMS

  1. 1. Westfall Middle School 19545 Pherson Pike Williamsport, Oh 43164Kathy Payne, Principal Deborah YoungeSue Smith, Guidance Curriculum Director740-986-2941 Westfall Local School District Westfall Middle School Parent Involvement Policy Updated: Fall 2011 ADMISSION OF HOMELESS Westfall Middle School Staff recognizes student achievement is explicitly linked to STUDENTS parent involvement. In acknowledgement of this factor the staff will build theThe Board believes that all school-aged schools’ and parents’ capacity for strong involvement, in order to ensure effectivestudents, including homeless students, partnership among the school, parents and community to improve student academichave a basic right to equal educational achievement through the following activities specifically described below:opportunities. Accordingly, the Districtmust enroll each homeless student in the A. An annual meeting will be convened to inform Title 1 parents of programs,District in the school determined to be in activities, and procedures for the involvement of parents. Those programs, activities, andthe student’s best interest. planned and operated to ensure meaningful consultation with parents of procedures are A homelessstudent is defined as an children. Parents will be informed of the State Parent Information and participating individual wholacks fixed, regular and adequate Resource Center. http://www.ohiopirc.orgnighttime residence including: 1. a "doubling assist in creating a School-Parent Compact that clearly explains the role B. Parents up" or sharing the housing with another family due toin shared responsibility for improved academic of school, student and parent achievement. loss of housing, economic hardship or a similar reason; C. Provide assistance to parents in understanding state’s academic content 2. living in a motel, hotel, trailer local achievement tests and monitor student progress standards, results of state and park or campground due to the goals and standards. toward reaching grade level lack of alternative adequate D. Annually establish and collaborate with the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) to accommodations; implement the building Parent Engagement Plan. 3. living in emergency or transitional shelters; Title 1 Handbook , parent involvement policy and school compact D. Distribute the annually. 4. abandonment in hospitals; 5. awaiting foster care and teacher training in conjunction with the PAC. E. Sponsor parent placement; 6. a primary nighttime residence and utility of contribution of parents and how to F. Educate all staff in the value thatworkpublic and support parents to improve student achievement. is a with or private place not designed for, or ordinarily used as, a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings; 7. living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations or similar settings and
  2. 2. Westfall Middle School will take the following actions to involve parents in the jointdevelopment of the building wide parent involvement policy :Activity/Task Staff Responsible Time line StepsAnnual Meeting/ All staff August of each Newspaper andWestfall Mall and school Year WebsiteRound Up August 13, 2011 Announcement,(Community, school Flyers and Postand faith Based Cards to announceorganizations eventparticipate)Staff Training Principal, Title First Staff Meeting Present: Staff Title of the year School Compact, Coordinator Title Handbook, title policy, needs assessment and program evaluationParent Conferences All Staff Fall and Spring Schedule withGrade level goals, 9/28/11, parentsindividual student 10/5/11,achievement, Grade 3/1/12,level content 3/9/12standardsParent Training: Title Teachers 2/1/12, Newsletter,Introduction to 2/1/12. website and noticeReciprocal Reading Daytime and sent with studentsModel, evening sessionsIntroduction toAlgebra and theconnection to realworld problemsolvingPAC Advisory Title Staff, Scheduled Notice to parents,Council Meetings to Administration, quarterly personal phoneCollaborate with and Parents callsstaff:create/implement>School Compact,CCIP, NeedsAssessment,ProgramEvaluation, Parentand Staff Training