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Slideshow presentation for Public Speaking Online at FullSail University. All images found via Google image search.

Slideshow presentation for Public Speaking Online at FullSail University. All images found via Google image search.



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Williams_JD_PSP1301_TED_slideshow Williams_JD_PSP1301_TED_slideshow Presentation Transcript

  • RODNEY MULLEN “Pop an ollie and innovate!”Skateboarding legend, entrepreneur, publicspeaker and inventor. He was born inGainesville, FL in 1966 and began skating in1977. Since, he has won a multitude ofcompetitions and invented about 28 differenttricks, revolutionizing the sport of streetskating as we know it today.
  • THESIS:The way I understood, in this presentation,Rodney shared many stories with the audiencewhich gave insight into the way he came upwith a lot of the ideas he had in skateboarding.He did this in ways that could be applied tomany other aspects of life, which was ratherinspiring in a way.
  • HOW DID RODNEY He started his presentation with a series of video clips andENGAGE THE then skated onto the stage.AUDIENCE WITHHISINTRODUCTION?
  • HOW DID HEMAINTAIN THEENGAGEMENTOF THEAUDIENCE?I think he kept their attention through the stories that he told, along with his rather goofypersonality and passion for what he does.
  • DYNAMISM: 5/5I think that he was a very dynamic speaker, though this presentation seemed a bit disjointedas he jumped between topics. However I did really enjoy his passion about the sport he lovesso much.
  • WHAT TIPS WEREUSED FROM NANCYDUARTE OR GARRREYNOLDS?I would say that it would be that he tried to make the presentation engaging through hisstorytelling and the fact that did skate onto the stage, giving him a prop to work with as well.
  • COMPARE/CONTRASTcont.Sir Ken Robinson used storytelling and humor to both convey his message and to engage theaudience as well in both of his presentations. His method was more polished, professional andlinear than Rodney’s, and he also comes from an academic background as opposed to oneimmersed in the world of sports. They both provided good stories and engaging content, forme at least.
  • TIPS:
  • Try to relate to youraudience throughengaging and/or humorousstories.
  • Just be yourself.
  • If applicable, usea prop of somekind, relevant towhat you aretalking about.
  • Thanks for watching!Take care. - JD Williams