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ARC of SF Brand Book

  1. 1. Pulse of The Arcbrandbook.indd 1 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  2. 2. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution The Creative Brief What is Pulse of The Arc? A sub-brand of The Arc of San In one simple sentence or phrase, what do we need Francisco: a non-profit organization that assist adults with to communicate? Join Pulse of The Arc to meet fun and developmental disabilities. outgoing people while contributing towards a great cause. 1. We organize various fundraising activities What is the business context in which the brand is throughout the community. operating? PoTA is a sub-brand of The Arc of San Fran- cisco. Advertising will help create awareness for their future fundraising events. 2. We invite friends and networks to events to raise awareness about The Arc of SF. Who are we looking for? Working professionals: Age 25-38. They are tech savvy and use social media to organize, coordinate and communicate about events. They are “Social Ambassadors”-- a passionate social History + Purpose Created in 2009 under the working name leader & representative of The Arc. of “Young Professional Volunteers.” All members were per- sonally impacted by someone with a disability that made it difficult for them to live a normal life. They strongly believed How and where are we going to bring this to life? in The Arc’s mission and want other young professionals to With an aggressive social media presence, PoTA will become involved. create awareness of The Arc through Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and other social mediums. What are the mandatories and guidelines we’ve been given by the client? The main purpose of PoTA is to increase awareness of The Arc by creating a strong presence within the physical and online community.brandbook.indd 2-3 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  3. 3. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution SWOT Analysis | The Arc of SF SWOT Analysis | Pulse of The Arc Strengths Strengths Nationally recognized Resources of ARC Established Organization (+50 years) Young and energetic group Provides all-around services for clients Previous track record of successful events Proven vav methods Loyal staff Weaknesses Size Weaknesses Website Presence Not enough exposure through media channels Lack of clear definition of program Donations from only one medium Organization of fundraising methods Opportunities Expand membership/Create a stronger and larger group Opportunities Organization of group/events through Social Media Increase donations through online and social media outlets Use of local venues and artists in SF Focus more on its history Increase fundraising by expanding YPV program Threats Other fundraising/activity groups Threats NPOs with more resources & following Other NPOs People involved with other charities NPOs with established fundraising methods/events People who claim to have no time NPOs with better resources/funding Struggling economybrandbook.indd 4-5 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  4. 4. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution Objective Consumer Profile Create a stronger identity for the sub-brand of The Arc of SF that will attract new members. Sarah Fuller Bio Blog Why? The Social Ambassadors donate time and resources on behalf of The Arc and their Age: clients, but lack a proper identity to recruit 27 new members and build awareness of their mission and group. School: Accountant in Financial District Income: Social Ambassadors? This is the new title 50k Salary of our members. They are more than just volunteers--they’re representatives of The Arc Favorite Websites: Blogspot, Twitter, Facebook in the social outlets. Other things you didn’t know: People person & social bug Donates to Red Cross Wants to get involved with non-profits but feels intimidatedbrandbook.indd 6-7 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  5. 5. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution Brand Vision Mission Statement 1. Bridge the gap between people with disabilities and their communities. 2. Create an online community that merges networking and helping people. the community by 3. Open people’s mind to a new style of social networking. for The Arc of SF through &brandbook.indd 8-9 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  6. 6. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution Logo Previous | Next Logo | Pantones PSD: #1A2333 PSD: #3399CC PSD: #67B8DE PSD: #93C9E7 PSD: #B5DCEC PSD: #C7D7EA C: 86.3 C: 73.23 C: 55.61 C: 39.76 C: 27.01 C: 20.02 M: 75.71 M: 26.02 M: 10.93 M: 7.74 M: 2.78 M: 8.98 Y: 52.38 Y: 4.77 Y: 4.21 Y: 2.92 Y: 3.96 Y: 1.93 K: 61.5 K: 0 K: 0 K: 0 K: 0 K: 0 PANTONE 7547 C PANTONE 292 C PANTONE 297 C PANTONE 2905 C PANTONE 290 C PANTONE 657 C of The Arc PSD: #95AB62 PSD: #BCD584 PSD: #D0E184 PSD: #F7931E PSD: #FEBE11 PSD: #FED110 C: 45.87 C: 29.2 C: 20.79 C: 0.04 C: 0.36 C: 1.25 M: 19.27 M: 2.28 M: 0.08 M: 50.07 M: 27.15 M: 16 Y: 77.14 Y: 62.4 Y: 61.56 Y: 98.57 Y: 98.92 Y: 98.02 K: 1.17 K: 0 K: 0 K: 0 K: 0 K: 0 PANTONE 5777 C PANTONE 366 C PANTONE 373 C PANTONE 1375 C PANTONE 7409 C PANTONE 7404 C of The Arc of The Arc of The Arcbrandbook.indd 10-11 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  7. 7. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution Logo | Alternative tones Previous | Next Logo | Alternative pantones PSD: #1A2333 PSD: #93C9E7 PSD: #D0E184 PSD: #F7931E C: 86.3 C: 39.76 C: 20.79 C: 0.04 M: 75.71 M: 7.74 M: 0.08 M: 50.07 Y: 52.38 Y: 2.92 Y: 61.56 Y: 98.57 K: 61.5 K: 0 K: 0 K: 0 PANTONE 7547 C PANTONE 2905 C PANTONE 373 C PANTONE 1375 C of The Arc Why two logos? PoTA will have a very strong web presence and having a vibrant logo online works. When it comes to print, we will have a simplied logo that can be applied to stationary and various print items to cut down print cost. of The Arc of The Arc of The Arcbrandbook.indd 12-13 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  8. 8. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution Logo | Tagline Treatment Logo | Fonts Fake Plastic Panther of The Arc ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ADVOCATES abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz FOR ADULTS WITH DEVELOPMENTAL 1234567890,.!?”() DISABILITIESbrandbook.indd 14-15 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  9. 9. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution Logo | Stationaries Logo | Business Cards ADVOCATES FOR ADULTS WITH DEVELOPMENTAL of The Arc DISABILITIES of The Arc of The Arc of The Arc Front ADVOCATES 1500 Howard Street san francisco FOR ADULTS WITH ca 94103 DEVELOPMENTAL TEL: 415 255 7200 fax: 415 255 9488 DISABILITIES DISABILITIES DEVELOPMENTAL Front (flap open) Back (flap open) FOR ADULTS WITH ADVOCATES 1500 Howard Street san francisco ca 94103 Back TEL: 415 255 7200 fax: 415 255 9488 ADVOCACY FOR ADULTS WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIESbrandbook.indd 16-17 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  10. 10. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution Logo | Shirts Front Back Exclusive T-Shirts are worn by our Social Ambassadors who are hosting events. Styles include guys & girls tee and polos.brandbook.indd 18-19 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  11. 11. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution Joining Pulse of The Arc Since application forms are too formal, we opted for some- thing more natural with our target market. This facebook 2. Results are in! If the user quiz will help determine who has the right mindsets/traits to scores high, they will be linked to become part of the Pulse of The Arc. PoTA’s site where they can sign up to become a Social Ambas- sador. Other quiz takers with lower scores will be linked to the general site with info and events relating to PoTA. Are you a Social Ambassador? Social Ambassadors love to be in the know. They network and host events in addition to attending. See where you fall on the Social Ambassador scale! Quiz takers can publish 1. The Facebook Quiz These type of quizzes their results. The quiz will are very popular, so we found a way to use ripple through numerous them as a filter to find the right candidates to networks and gain more become Social Ambassadors of PoTA. The quiz attention. will be accessible through Facebook’s news feed, Twitter links and blog(s).brandbook.indd 20-21 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  12. 12. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution “Art Show 2010” Album by Pulse of The Arc Previous | Next 3. The Website Created to reinforce the PoTA’s newer and stronger identity. Here, users can find info on upcoming events and RSVP. Established Social Ambassadors can sign-in to update the blog with news and photos from past events. 4. Official Member! Hosting Pulse of The Arc’s first Art Showbrandbook.indd 22-23 7/7/10 2:43 PM
  13. 13. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution Logo | Print Ad Logo | YouTube storyboard 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8brandbook.indd 24-25 7/7/10 2:44 PM
  14. 14. of The Arc overview objective brand logo execution Friends | 4 online • 626 offline David Pham • Art Director How can cookies be so bad but taste so good? Pulse of The Arc Hansley Kasih • Art Director • Profile If a picture is worth a thousand words, why • Account write when you can paint a picture? • Settings • Log Out Giselle Gonzalez • Copywriter Dream until your dreams come true. Jon Ward • Account Planner Ghostbustin’brandbook.indd 26-27 7/7/10 2:44 PM