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Website Evaluation
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Website Evaluation


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Combating Mind Control& the 3 Bare Essentialsof Website SearchingBy Jeff DunganAdapted from M. Romard/B. BoyerAdapted from M. Romard/B. BoyerAdapted from M. Romard/B. BoyerAdapted from M. Romard/B. Boyer
  • 2. The 3 BareEssentials✤ Useful - is your info interesting and pertain to your project?✤ Reliable - is the site giving unbiased truthful information?✤ Makes sense - can you easily retell the information from the site?
  • 3. So what makes a website orwebpage good?With your partner use Kidspiration to mapout what makes a Website/Webpage good.You have 5 minutes!
  • 4. What You Said...
  • 5. Bare Essential #1: Useful✤ Is the info useful? Will it be helpful for your project?✤ Did Thomas Edison really invent the lightbulb?✤ Is this new information exciting and enhances what you already have? Is it making you more interested in going there?✤ Remember your audience is someone like you - a 5th grade student.
  • 6. WebSite Fail Search #1 Use the Website Evaluation Tool-Link on Mr. D’s Blog
  • 7. Bare Essential #2: ReliableIs the website the best authority on the topic?Is this website biased?Is this information correct or outdated? Don’t Be Misinformed!
  • 8. ✤ Biased means the website is trying to push a particular opinion.✤ If you visited the websites of America’s top restaurants, they’d all say they have the best hamburger or ribs or chicken wings, but obviously they can’t all be right.✤ Some fact quotes are really opinions or the person/company may have a desire for you to believe them so they can get rich by your actions (you buy their product) so we have to be careful with the information we read.✤ Finally, the information could be inaccurate.
  • 9. What’s in a URL?Can we judge the reliability of a websitebefore reading through all the content? Glad you asked.... • Com • Gov • Edu • Org
  • 10. Support the Ban of DMHO.Help save the world by being informedabout this lethal and ever present gas!Click link on Mr. D’s Blog page (Links 1,3,5)
  • 11. WebSite Fail Search#2 Best Dumplings in Shanghai✤✤✤
  • 12. Bare Essential #3: Makes Sense✤ Like your ‘Just Right’ books, with ‘Just Right’ websites - do you understand what was said.✤ If we turned away from the website would you be able to explain what you read in your own words
  • 13. Aluminum Foil Deflector BeaniesBlock most forms of brain scanning and mind reading, keeping the secrets inClick on link on Mr. D’s Blog
  • 14. Keywords for Searches✤ So how can we find better sites faster?✤ Let’s watch Common Craft’s Web Search Strategy video
  • 15. Smart Web SearchesBoolean Searches-AND....OR....NOTQuotation Marks“+” “-”Other search operators available on Mr. D’s Blog page
  • 16. Purpose of thisslideshow...✤ Students learn which websites to READ✤ Students learn how to USE the information from a website✤ Students can clearly indicate WHERE the information came from QuickTime™ and a AVC Coding decompressor are needed to see this picture.