Design Driven User Path and Conversion Strategies - Interactive Day San Diego 2014


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Join Professor Duimstra as he explains how user experience design is shaping the digital world around us. In this presentation he will cover Lean UX Principals, expanding on recent research showing that UX deliverables have lost value, and concentrating on outcomes and conversions is vastly more important.

From there he will cover a variety of UX principals including:
• Problem Statements
• User-Centric Design
• Mind Mapping
• Stakeholder Interviews and Research
• User Testing
• Personas
• Sitemaps & Information Architecture
• Wireframes
• Prototypes
• Responsive Design
• Design Patterns

The focus of these topics will be on how well thought out user experience principals can create clearer paths to your chosen conversion goals.

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  • Bummer I missed Interactive day, but I knew the first slide looked familiar :) - Great stuff though, thanks for sharing!
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Design Driven User Path and Conversion Strategies - Interactive Day San Diego 2014

  1. 1. Hi. I’m Jeremy
  2. 2. A Southern California Digital Experience Agency Established 2007 - Independent Based in San Diego & Los Angeles 22 Employees
  3. 3. Our Clients
  4. 4. Perfecting User Experience
  5. 5. Perfecting User Experience
  6. 6. Perfecting User Experience
  7. 7. As soon as you have a nearly perfect UX…
  8. 8. Innovation happens
  9. 9. Don’t Create Deliverables, Create Outcomes (The best outcomes to track are Conversions)
  10. 10. In other words: ! Go from Outputs: “We will create a single sign-on feature.” ! To Outcomes: “We want to increase the number of new signups to our service.”
  11. 11. The Problem Statement ! 1. What are the current goals of the product or system? 2. What are the current problems that business stakeholders want addressed (i.e., where the goals aren’t being met)? 3. Create an explicit request for improvement that doesn’t dictate a specific solution. 4. Determine measurable criteria that will show success. These ideally are conversions. ! [Our service/product] was designed to achieve [these goals]. We have observed that the product/service isn’t meeting [these goals], which is causing [this adverse effect] to our business. How might we improve [service/product] so that our customers are more successful based on [these measurable criteria/conversions]?
  12. 12. Mind Map
  13. 13. Matuse Less is More White Space Large Hero Hocus iwave Carpe Diem #lovematuse Color Black White 318c - Robins Egg Blue Navy Blue Slate Charcoal Minimal Purple Minimal Crimson James Purse Shopping Cart Typography Helvetica Neue Arial Bold Times New Roman Times New Roman Italics Shopping CKTH (Can’t Knock the Hustle) ContentArtists Cerebral Liberal Arts Academia Genghis Khan Virginia Wolfe Frederick Douglas JFK Mature TriathlonCulture Competitors Oneal Geoprene Sustainable 98% Impermeable Patagonia Rip Curl SubstanceEthos Edge Fun James Purse Nowness Westerlind 3rd Party Products Wetsuits Curators of Cool Matuse Dollars Adaptive Homepage Wetsuit by Water Temp Email Liked Sites Vice Creators Project Patagonia Purse Family Blog Curation Big DealBest Suits CTAs Upper Left Lower Right Social Home Page Magic Seaweed Surf Report GOALS More Sales Find Wetsuits Easier Remove Confusion from Wetsuit Selection Wetsuit Showroom Banner (lower right?) 2 clicks to purchase Educate Filtering Japanese RootsKaiyuu Provide Commerce Blog ProFlowers Categories Holidays Occasions Seasons About Flowers Best Sellers Flower Stories Flower News Buying Flowers Nature Facts Desserts, Fruit & Giftbaskets Halloween Ideas Thanksgiving Christmas Decor Christmas Wreaths Gifts for Dad About Fall Graduation Memorial Get Well Soon About Sunflowers About Orchids Summer Flowers Spring Flowers Easter Flowers Mother’s Day Flowers About Lilies Winter Flowers Valentine’s Day About Tulips Just Because Thank You Sympathy Romance Florist Tips Plants Seasonal Flowers About Daisies Seasonal Plants Anniversary About Irises Inside ProFlowers About Roses Shari’s Berries Categories Holidays Occasions Tastes Anniversary Gifts Birthday Gifts Brownie Pops Christmas Gifts Congratulations Gifts Cookies, Cakes & Cupcakes Easter Gifts Father’s Days Gifts Get Well Halloween Gifts & Treats Just Because Gifts Just Berries Mother’s Day Gifts Thank You Gifts Thanksgiving Gifts Truffles Valentine’s Day Gifts Wedding Gifts Gourmet Foods Red Envelope Categories Holidays Occasions Gift Types Travel Jewelry Sports For That Special Someone Gifts for Mom Gifts for Him Gifts for Her Home & Spa Bar & Wine Furry friends, fur children, four legged friends Thank You Gifts Retirement Gifts Graduation Gifts Engagement & Wedding Gifts Christening Gifts Birthday Gifts Anniversary Gifts Valentine’s Day New Years Eve Hanukkah Easter Christmas Sympathy Gifts Father’s Day Mother’s Day? Holidays Sympathy Gifts Valentine’s Day Mother’s Day Easter Christmas Gifts
  14. 14. Stakeholder Interviews & Initial Research • Do your homework • Internal stakeholders • Power users • Large user base testing • Don’t cut corners with assumptions
  15. 15. Business Assumptions ! 1. I believe my customers have a need to _____. 2. These needs can be solved with _____. 3. My initial customers are (or will be) _____. 4. The #1 value a customer wants to get out of my product/service is _____. 5. The customer can also get these additional benefits _____. 6. I will acquire the majority of my customers through _____. 7. I will make money by _____. 8. My primary competition in the market will be _____. 9. We will beat them due to _____. 10. My biggest product risk is _____. 11. We will solve this through _____. 12. What other assumptions do we have that, if proven false, will cause our business/ project to fail? _____
  16. 16. User Assumptions ! 1. Who is the user? 2. Where does our product fit in the user’s work or life? 3. What problems does our product solve? 4. When and how is our product used? 5. What features are important? 6. How should our product look and behave?
  17. 17. Test Assumptions ! 1. Create hypothesis statements ! We believe [this statement is true]. We will know we’re [right/wrong] when we see the following feedback from the market: [Qualitative feedback] and/or [quantitative feedback] and/or [KPI change]. ! 2. Create sub-hypothesis statements if hypothesis is too big to test. ! We believe that [doing this/building this feature/creating this experience] for [these people/personas] will achieve [this outcome]. We will know this is true when we see [this market feedback, quantitative measure, or qualitative insight.] !
  18. 18. Helpful Items ! 1. Analytics Reports 2. Usability Reports 3. Information on past attempts to fix issues 4. Business stakeholder information on how solving this problem will affect the company’s performance 5. Competitive Analysis on how competitors are solving the same issues Tools
  19. 19. Personas
  20. 20. Core User: 92% of Sales
  21. 21. Sitemaps & Information Architecture
  22. 22. SEE DETAILS IN 4.0 - MOTORSPORTS SEE DETAILS IN 2.0 - TIRES 2.0 Tires 3.0 News & Events 4.0 Community 5.0 The Technology 6.0 About Us 8.0 Store Locator 9.0 Footer Items 2.1 Passenger Car 2.2 Light Truck & SUV 2.3 Truck & Bus Radial 2.4 Tire Care & Safety 2.4 Technical & Warranty Information 1.0 Home 4.1 Blog (Blog + Social Feeds) 4.2 Motorsports 4.4 Gallery 4.5 Other Cars 3.1 News 3.2 Events Interaction Specifications Falken Tire Global Navigation Sitemap Home Page Overview text, images, video, Fitment Calculator, Store Locator Link. Perhaps social feeds and News & Events 1.0 Tires Each tire category will have large calls to action for the Fitment Calculator/Tire Finder. These calculators will be displayed on each of these subpages. 2.0 Site Map 6.0 URL Community The community will combine much of the content from Falken Fanatic and the Multimedia site, all in one easy to navigate area. 4.0 The Technology A three dimensional tour of what goes into making a Falken Tire. 5.0 6.1 History of Falken Tire - Motorsports Heritage 6.2 Contact Falken 6.3 Become a Falken Dealer 6.4 Sponsorship Information 6.5 Careers 9.1 Terms & Privacy Policy 9.2 DOT Tire Recall Registration 9.3 Dealer Login 3.1.1 News Detail 3.1.1 News Detail 3.1.1 News Detail 3.2.1 Event Detail 3.2.1 Event Detail 3.2.1 Event Detail 4.1.1 Blog Detail 4.1.1 Blog Detail 4.1.1 Blog Detail 5.1 Technology Detail - Passenger Cars 5.2 Technology Detail - Light Trucks & SUVs 6.5.1 Careers Detail Sitemap Example
  23. 23. Omnigraffle Information Architecture
  24. 24. Wireframes
  25. 25. Sketch Like Crazy!
  26. 26. Old School Tools
  27. 27. New School Tools
  28. 28. Omnigraffle
  29. 29. Prototypes
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Even Better: Prototype with Bootstrap
  32. 32. UX Doesn’t Stop at Design
  33. 33. Deep Thoughts on Design
  34. 34. Fashion is happening now. Art is timeless. In fact fashion is always passé because it is a reaction to a past event. Don’t follow fashion, your user experience will be dated at launch.
  35. 35. The function of an object on the screen should determine its design.
  36. 36. Godzilla Encounter
  37. 37. Simplify. Write the story, take out all the good lines, and see if it still works. ! - Ernest Hemingway “Good design is as little design as possible.” ! - Dieter Rams
  38. 38. Simple can still delight.
  39. 39. Innovation Trumps Invention 2001
  40. 40. Patterns Inform ! Design patterns are effective due to mass usage and a shared visual lexicon. ! They increase conversions. Mmmm… Hamburger
  41. 41.
  42. 42.
  43. 43. Test Review all KPIs and their performance. Adjust UX to attain desired outcomes. ! Test > Tune > Track Tools
  44. 44. More Examples
  45. 45. Oakley Golf Responsive Design VISIT
  46. 46. User Experience
  47. 47. From UX to Design
  48. 48. Responsive Design Vail Resorts Epic Life
  49. 49. Thanks! Any questions? !