Canappi: Building Mobile applications that rock

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This presentation provides a blueprint for building mobile applications: …

This presentation provides a blueprint for building mobile applications:
Why do you want to build an app?
What are mobile apps about?
How do you build a mobile app?

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  • 1. Creating Mobile Apps That Rock !
    Mobile Applications
  • 2. Agenda
    Simon Sinek: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action?
  • 3. Canappi
    Why creating a Mobile App?
    People don’t buy what you do
    People buy why you do it
    Change the world
    Have fun
    Help People

    Challenge the Status Quo
    Don’t forget the Law of Diffusion of Innovation
  • 4. Change the WorldWikityo
  • 5. Change the WorldSmart Inhaler Live
  • 6. Have Fun !Flixlab, appitude, Sky3D…
  • 7. Help People … solve everyday problems
    Park Place!
  • 8. It is all about …Challenging the Status Quo
    All the examples we’ve seen challenge the status quo
    We have done things a certain way for decades, we can do what we do everyday better,
    Far Better
  • 9. Agenda
    Simon Sinek: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action?
  • 10. What is a Mobile App About?The information dimension
  • 11. What is a Mobile App About?The action dimension
    Places, People, Events
    Offers / Purchases
    History / Collections
    Voice, Messaging
  • 12. What is a Mobile App about? Universal Data Access
  • 13. What is a Mobile App about?The Universal Remote
    ZipCar in San Francisco (
  • 14. What is a Mobile App about?“Service as a Software”
    You may all have heard of “SaaS”
    Cloud Computing
    The mobile revolution allows you to rethink your mobile strategy and expose physical services or products “as a software”
    Expose Web APIs that directly integrates into your physical services or physical products
    Let 3rd party developers build mobile applications to expose products and services as a software
  • 15. Agenda
    Simon Sinek: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action?
  • 16. 6 Rules to Design Amazing Mobile Apps
    Understand the differences between mobile and other media
    Data is the new content, it comes from everywhere
    Dive into context, it is the easiest way to awesomeness
    Design for interaction, every pixel is worth an inch of a desktop screen
    Small screens don't make things easier, they make things harder
    It takes a lot longer than you might think
    Adapted from Brian Fling:
  • 17. Building a Mobile App is Hard
    Event on a single platform
    Make no mistake about it
    A consumer app is at least 6-12 man/months from design to production
    An enterprise app a few man weeks to a few man months
  • 18. Mobility is just … … the Tip of the Iceberg
  • 19. Why did we Built Canappi?Building Amazing Apps is Hard
  • 20. What Does Canappi do?
    Canappi generates code, it only generates code
    Canappi is not a library
    Think of Canappi as adding a great, highly productive developer in your team
    A developer that knows all the platforms and the best practices in the industry
    A developer that will take on about 80% of what your team would do for any given platform
    In Minutes
    Think for instance of how much more useable your app could be if you could build 10 prototypes instead of one
  • 21. How Does Canappi Do it?
  • 22. How do you make money?
    4.5 B apps have been installed from Android market
    US, Japan, Korea being the largest markets.
    These numbers are orders of magnitudes higher than any software sales of the past decade
    Yet, the vast majority of developers are not making money even on the Apple App Store
    Source: Tim Bray, Google
  • 23. How do you Make Money?(cont’d)
    Application upgrades are a much better way to make money, yet most app stores do not support paid for upgrades yet
    “In-app advertising” should be key element of any business model (iAd, AdMob …)
    “In-app sales” are likely to eventually represent the most important source of revenue for apps, because it allows to draw revenue from existing customers
    The “server side revenue” is often overlooked: Tripit or 37signals have successfully added a profitable mobile component to their web app subscriptions
    DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) is a major growth factor typically doubling app or in-app sales as soon as they are enabled
    Mobile Devices are an important economic agent in developing countries
    Targeting affluent 20 something may not be your best bet …
  • 24. Agenda
    Simon Sinek: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action?
  • 25. Conclusion
    Mobile Apps are the next big thing
    This is not a fad
    With 4 Billion projected mobile users this pretty much will be the center of commerce before the end of the decade
    Location based commerce
    Event based commerce
    Social commerce
    Based on the Decision – Action pattern
    Why wouldn’t you let Canappi help you?