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HomeFront Newsletter Summer 2012

  1. 1. homefront the Women’s Home Volume 8, Issue I Summer 2012Volunteers BeautifyTen Apartmentson Adopt a Unit DayOwned and operated by The Women’s wish list.Home, Jane Cizik Garden Place is an apart- Participants developed a sense of pridement community where any woman in need in their work and took ownership of theircan find housing that is affordable, safe, and units. Most teams decorated their units twodrug-and alcohol-free to continue her reha- weeks prior to the big event, proving, asbilitation journey. In an effort to assist the Barbara laughingly attests, “when you un-most vulnerable women who are homeless leash a woman to decorate a home, you getin Houston, The Women’s Home set aside more than you bargain for.”10 apartment units for those who have ex- Volunteers pulled out their pocket-perienced chronic bouts of homelessness. books and recruited resources all over townFunding from the Rockwell Fund, Inc. for to complete the job. A major contributionrental assistance makes it possible for these came from Brighton Homes who graciously I sent a call out to a big list of my contacts, and from there, it mushroomed...women to move from shelters directly to contributed enough furniture to fill an From Top: (L to R)their own home. onsite warehouse. Barbara’s husband, Barbara Staley, Alyssa Weller To make each resident’s transition Mike Staley, phoned his friends and se- and Dona Holland; One ofmore comfortable, The Women’s Home cured 10 brand new LCD TVs, one for the beautiful units afterasked volunteers to furnish each apartment each apartment.through the Adopt a Unit project. The as- Clear blue skies welcomed visitors at Decoration Day; Shay Jamessignment required a blend of creativity and the Adopt a Unit Day and Open House on and Alejandro Herdociasensitivity, so The Women’s Home and Jane March 3. Teams added finishing touches delivering home accents;Cizik Garden Place staff developed guide- to their designated spaces, hanging pic- Kathleen Camper, Heatherlines to ensure the women received what tures and mirrors, arranging lighting, and Davis, Barbara Fraser andwas necessary to feel at home. Partnership organizing the food pantry and warehouse. Karen Holleyhead enjoyingBoard Member Barbara Staley stepped up Adding to the festivities, Barbara and Sonny a newly decorated unit.to the challenge as project leader and sent Vaughn treated everyone to a savory BBQa call for help to her colleagues. Barbara’s lunch courtesy of Billy Kueschner.combined skills in real estate and business Volunteers and guests had an oppor-management allowed her to coordinate tunity to meet tenants at Jane Cizik Gardenthe 6-week project effectively with the as- Place and tour the newly furnished apart-sistance of her cohorts. To her amazement, ments together. The transformed unitsthe outpouring of generosity was huge. inspired tenants with ideas on how to “I sent a call out to a big list of my con- beautify their apartments.tacts, and from there, it mushroomed,” The Women’s Home thanks all theBarbara said. “I discovered it was easier to friends and supporters participating inget people involved by having a short-term the success of Adopt a Unit Day. Theproject with an end in sight.” first resident settled in her furnished Fellow realtors and home stagers were apartment and 5 additional units haveeager to take out their color swatches and scheduled move in dates.sketch a design plan. Ten teams assembled, Stay involved with future volunteerincluding members from The Partnership opportunities by contacting Karenand Young Professionals as well as help- McDonell, Manager of Volunteer Servic-ing hands from the West University Rotary es and Community Outreach at 713-328-Club, Greenwood King Realtors, and The 1950 or kmcdonell@thewomenshome.org.Bristow Group. Each crew appointed a cap-tain to assign tasks and develop a donationJane Cizik Garden Place Offers Tenants More Than a Place to LiveJane Cizik Garden Place is a unique rival at Jane Cizik Garden Place,” Helping women help themselvessober living community for women Cayman said. They appreciate their is the most rewarding aspect of Cay-on a modest income. When a tenant apartment’s safety and the supportive man’s job. “I love connecting womenneeds assistance with employment, services we offer.” to the resources they didn’t know ex-continuing education, financial plan- Each woman receives client-cen- isted,” she said. “It’s like putting thening, and medical and mental health tered services based on her individual puzzle pieces together. I like seeing itresources, she comes to Cayman Ti- circumstances. One woman may at- all come together, seeing the womenrado, the facility’s case counselor. tend a parenting class with hopes of flourish.”Cayman provides case management, returning to her child one day; anoth- For more information about Janecrisis counseling and coordinates er may attend a course on financial lit- Cizik Garden Place, contact Josephineenrichment activities. Her goal is to eracy where she learns how to manage Escobedo, Property Manager, at 713-help tenants remain stable, sober, a budget. Tenants can ask questions, 328-1976 or jescobedo@thewomen-and healthy while living in a peaceful, share their concerns, and hear prop- shome.org.friendly atmosphere. erty updates and upcoming events Cayman Tirado “Some women have devastating during the Community Conversationscircumstances surrounding their ar- hosted monthly.
  2. 2. Message from the Executive Director Paula Paust, MSW This issue of HomeFront a more comprehensive format. both our campuses, our model celebrates the new look of The Our Board of Directors approved helps women accomplish goals Women’s Home. We worked with a five to seven year strategic plan in six wellness areas; emotional, Edelman Public Relations, one and appointed a capital expan- spiritual, physical, social, vocational of the premier public relations sion task force. The task force has and fiscal. Imagine an even great- firms in the country, to develop a been charged with two important er population attaining emotional new logo and key messaging. We responsibilities: determining how stability, social support, stable wanted our new look to be bold, The Women’s Home will utilize housing and income. Imagine reflecting our success and future the two acres that are adjacent to more women building new lives, growth. We needed it to have wide Jane Cizik Garden Place and iden- completing the circle of their appeal, reflecting our efforts to be tifying who we will serve in our transformation, becoming whole. inclusive. I believe we achieved new apartment complex. Will we Imagine. both goals. continue to serve single women Our new branding is just the or broaden our housing services beginning of changes to come. to women and their families? This fall we will unveil a new For me, success is knowing website, designed to share the that one of our residents taught successes of our treatment and her young adult daughter how transitional housing program in to use our WholeLife Model. On The Sampson Society You Can Leave A Living Legacy2011 Leadership Circle Established in honor of our founder Mrs. W.E. Sampson, The Samp-The Leadership Circle recognizes those supporters who commit to ensure son Society recognizes individuals who further the lives of others bya robust charitable base for our work. Members of The Leadership Circle making a gift to The Women’s Home through their will or living trust.annually contribute from $1,000 to $10,000. This gift is above and beyond Beyond providing a testimony of stewardship, bequest gifts offer taxparticipating in the golf tournament, the gala, and other events and signifies benefits to the donor and supplement major annual giving on a deep-their dedication to helping homeless women in our community live a life fulfilled. er level. Donors who participate in our program are of all ages and$10,000 to $24,999 - $1,000 to $2,499 incomes. Becoming a member of The Sampson Society ensures the($10,000.00 + ) ($1,000.00 + ) vitality of The Women’s Home beyond your years – the most enduringLouise & Vincent Foster Susan Ann Bailey commitment you can make to building whole lives for our residentsJeanie Kilroy Deborah Bay & Edgar Browning today and tomorrow.Linda J. Messner Paige & Saul Ben-YaacovKaren & Joe Redden Deborah Parks & Mark BouzekKim G. Yelton Sara Dodd-Spickelmier & Keith One easy way to leave your legacy is by designating The Women’s Spickelmier Home as a beneficiary of your IRA or 401K. This can be done by re-$5,000 to $9,999 Nanette & Jerry Finger questing a change of beneficiary and by naming The Women’s Home($5,000.00 + ) Linda & Robert Flesher as a beneficiary in your will or living trust. Following is a sample of theShirley & Bubba Coskey Paulette & Terence Frederick language typically used in a bequest:Debbie & William DeLaney Lotty GautschiJane & William Joplin Cindy & Joseph GonzalezCarolyn Keating Anna Grassini & John T. McDevitt I, (name), of (city, state, ZIP), give, devise and bequeath toSue Alexander Morrison Mrs. Austin E. Greaux The Women’s Home, 607 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77006,Nancy Padfield Laurie & Alfredo GutierrezAdele & Ber Pieper Barbara & Ulyesse LeGrange (written amount or percentage of the estate or descriptionDiane & John Riley Irene Liberatos & of property) for its unrestricted use and purpose.Jule & Albert Smith Michael WestergrenJune & Virgil Waggoner Melinda & William Gary Littlepage Penny & Paul Loyd If you have already included The Women’s Home as a beneficiary of$2,500 to $4,999 Mary Lynch & Scott Enger your will, a trust, IRA, 401K or life insurance policy, please let us know($2,500.00 + ) Linda McFadden so that we can include you in our membership.Orla and John Bourque Sarah & Jeff McParlandAlden Clark Than-Nhi Nguyen & Stuart Moffitt For more information on planned giving or to inform us of a planned gift,Leigh Evans Susan & J.D. Permenter contact Marcia Tapp, Director of Resource Development 713.328.1975Karen & Larry George J’Anne & Jeff RawsonSusan and Thomas V. McMahan Chris & Russell H. Reese, III or mtapp@thewomenshome.org.Deanne Noel Jo ReidDiana Strassmann & Jeff Smisek Virginia Young Reper, Ph.D.Laura A. White Ruby & Alan Riedel Carol Lee Robertson Isabel B. Wilson We recognize Paige K. Ben-Yaacov Mickie Winborn enor of Baker Botts L.L.P. for her enor- Grant Woodard mous contribution to the formation of The Sampson Society. Paige has assisted with creating new websiteWe would like to thank materials for our potential donors, including financial forms that helpHarris County Community you manage your account. She has served on the Board of DirectorsServices Department for since 2010, making quite an impacttheir on-going support. with her service.
  3. 3. TRUSTING THE PROCESS: Cottage Thrift Store Prepares Clients Julie Rebuilds Job Skills For Workforce Most clients who work at The At The Cottage Thrift Shop Cottage Thrift Shop will never seek a job in retail upon graduation, yet one thing is for certain: each woman will who manages The Shop, apy, which means if you practice a healthy have to work with people. Manager I learned valuable skills routine each day and have faith, you will Shelley Bridges reinforces this to in customer service to reap good results. My father taught me the women when she teaches the prepare me for working that “Successful people are in the habit fundamentals of customer service on the floor. of doing good things over and over.” This and front desk etiquette. My experience at applies not only to business but to recov- Vocational training at The Shop provided ery as well. The Cottage Shop helps the reference I need- I really love my life today. I may have clients gain transferrable skills in: ed to land a job at a less money than I have ever had before, • Interpersonal communications, be retail store. There is little difference be- but I am happy. The networking skills • customer service, tween work at the Cottage Thrift Shop I gained through vocational training • conflict resolution,I entered The Women’s Home with a and working at my job, except now I earn helped me discover a new position work- • organization, anddouble diagnosis: major depression and a wage. I work in the jewelry department. ing as an assistant to a nationally known • time management.chemical dependency on prescription Selling to the public has its challenges, and well respected family medicine andpainkillers. I felt broken and lonely at Shelley worked diligently with but I know how to handle them due addiction doctor.the end of my addiction. I kept my hair Julie – as she does with each resident to the hands-on training The Cottage I look forward to calling Jane Cizikpulled in a pony tail and wore a sad ex- – and witnessed her progress from Thrift Shop gave me. I’ve been awarded Garden Place my new home when I a part-time employee to obtaining apression to match. Nevertheless, the ad- several “Star Cards” from the managers graduate. My children and I are back in fulltime position with benefits.missions coordinator warmly welcomed at work for exceptional customer service. touch and my daughter is expecting myme. Shortly afterward, everyone was I’m proud of that. first grandchild. My goal is to use the “When clients resist completing thetreating me like family. Since then, the steps to vocational training, I tell The Women’s Home can provide skills I have gained and become a Recov-entire staff has made me feel like I will them to talk to Julie,” Shelley said. us with the resources we need, but we ery Coach one day. This dream to pay itnever feel alone again. “Initially Julie was hesitant to work at must trust the process and work for our forward would not has happened if not the shop, but now she realizes it was One of the requirements of The success. We may not see the immediate for The Women’s Home. Everyone – from the perfect stepping stone for reach-Women’s Home is that residents complete benefits of doing chores or working at the the counselors, to the support staff, to my ing her career goals.”vocational training at The Cottage Thrift Cottage Thrift Shop, but as the process fellow sisters – has inspired me to believeShop. During this training I learned how “It’s so wonderful seeing how much starts to unfold, it all comes together. no matter the storm, I can endure. I willto operate a cash register for the first time. healthier she looks,” Shelley said. Trusting the process is what I call the prevail. I am not alone. I am enough.Under the instruction of Shelley Bridges, “She has a glow. She’s truly happy.” “lather, rinse, repeat” approach in ther- TIME TO CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET For more information about making a donation or scheduling pickups, contact Shelley Bridges sbridges@thewomenshome.org re•New and re•Dux or 713-328-1957. re•New and re •Dux Style Show Save the Date: Thursday Evening September 13, 2012 Generously hosted by: Morton Kuehnert Auctioneers & Appraisers
  4. 4. PRESENTS LPGA PLAYERSTHE WITH M E N ’ S & W O M E N ’ SINVITATIONAL Over 200 golfers and 50 volunteers enjoyed the spring beauty at the historic Champions Golf Club on April 9. Carol Mann, World Golf Hall of Fame champion, again lent her name to the tournament and invited friends Nancy Lopez, Donna Caponi and several current LPGA touring pros to join in the fun. This year’s surprise was Long Drive Champion, Jamie Sadlowski, who wowed the amateur players with his amazing 400+ yard drives, over and over. The event raised $196,000 of funding for the programs of The Home. Congrats to chairs Kay Joyce and Janice Hall for an incredible success. SPECIAL THANKS HOLE-IN-ONE Targa Resources Corporation EAGLE John P. McGovern Foundation Williams BIRDIE Kay and René Joyce Ed Parker Primary Services TSA, Inc. PAR Admiral Transfer and Rigging, Inc. John Irvine/Porter Hedges, LLP Beck, Redden & Secrest, LLP PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Cindy and Robert Blevins J’Anne Rawson Robin and Joe Cunningham Jeff Rawson Enbridge Top Threading Services Martin Harris Construction The Willis Group Kristen and Steve McDaniel Wortham Insurance & Risk Management
  5. 5. The Women’s Home Young Professionals Raise $20K at Crawfish Boil The crawfish were big and bountiful for guests attending the Second Annual Sunday Funday Crawfish Boil benefiting The Women’s Home on April 1. Three hundred people paraded through the Firehouse Saloon and were treated buffet- style to 1,200 lbs of steaming spicy crawfish, corn on the cob and potatoes. The afternoon featured live music by Libby Koch, Brant Lee Croucher and The Trishas. With the help of event chairs Semmes Burns, Megan Hotze, Jessica Sanders and Will Schorp, The Women’s Home Young Professionals successfully raised $20,000 to assist residents in building whole lives. Special thanks also goes to Marie Flanigan, Marty Lanc- ton, Sidney Laurentz, Rachel Lopez, Courtney and Jeff Lyons, Sommer Pool, Eileen Sims, Lande Spottswood and Ashley Yates for serving as host committee members. The Women’s Home is honored to have been chosen as an official charity of the 2012-2013 Chevron Houston Marathon Run for a Reason Program. Help us build whole lives by running for The Home in the 2013 Chevron Houston Mara- thon or Aramco Houston Half Marathon – race registration opens 06-06-12. For more information please visit - www.chevronhoustonmarathon.com or contact Bethany Fields at 713-328-1951 or bfields@thewomenshome.org. Top Ten Reasons to Run for The Women’s Home: 1. Raise awareness about homelessness. 6. Impact a life. 2. Honor a loved one. 7. Make a difference. 3. Give back to the community. 8. Motivate others to join your cause. 4. Help people who are in real need. 9. Support a great cause. 5. Train with other passionate runners 10. It feels good!Snap Kitchen Keeps Lester & Sue Smith One year later he celebrates the anniversary of his sobriety with Coach Eric Harding as he sharesResidents Healthy Luncheon Series his story with the world. At a private reception at Jane Cizik Garden Place, Williams spoke candidlyand Happy At The Home with Ted Williams with clients about his healing process and encour- aged the women to take their journey one day at aGinger glazed Scottish salmon, citrus grilled pork ten- time.derloin, meatballs and sautéed peppers — the words YouTube sensation Ted Williams headlined the We are especially thankful to our presentingmake your mouth water. They are samples of the fresh, Lester and Sue Smith Series on May 23, 2012 at sponsor, Wells Fargo and President of Wells Fargo –healthy meals Snap Kitchen delivers daily since partner- the Intercontinental Hotel as part of his national Houston Region, Glenn Godkin,ing with The Women’s Home this year. Explaining why book tour. His new memoir, A Golden Voice: How for making this event possible.Snap Kitchen selected The Home as its charity, Store Faith, Hard Work, and Humility Brought Me from Save the date for the nextManager Jenny College says, “It’s important to our own- the Streets to Salvation, is a message about hope, Lester and Sue Smith Luncheoners to donate to people who want to eat healthy.” Their redemption and second chances that he spoke em- Series on October 31 featuringmantra, “Eat right. Feel Great, Live well.” fits perfectly phatically to an audience of 300. Award-winning best-selling author Brené Brown.with The Home’s goal of helping residents achieve phys- journalist Melanie Lawson of Channel 13 served asical well being as part of its WholeLife program. Several emcee. Left: Glenn Godkin,fast food chains cluster within blocks of the Montrose The Women’s Home sold out of 250 copies of A Ted Williams andcampus, but when the Snap Kitchen van arrives, the Golden Voice as guests were eager to meet Williams Karen Martiwomen choose Snap’s nutritious delectables. Says one and have him sign their books. The fundraiser gar-resident, “I just love the variety of their menu; one day nered over $56,000, enabling more women to buildit might be Mediterranean, the next day it’s Italian. The whole lives.food is so delicious, and it’s excellent for my diet!” Williams was charismatic, funny, and sin- The next time you’re looking for a bite to eat near cere during his conversation about his recoverythe Upper Kirby or Memorial Park area, remember our from drug addiction, homelessness and his secondeco-friendly neighbor. Snap Kitchen chefs are commit- chance at radio success after a reporter discoveredted to bringing customers flavorful food that’s organic him panhandling on the Columbus, OH interstate. Right: Lester andand local. The Women’s Home is extremely grateful for He admitted that at the time he recorded the video Sue Smith withtheir daily contributions.We hope you will find their that went viral, he had no idea about YouTube; the Ted Williams.meals as tasty too! For more information, visit their next day he was on a plane to offer his gifted voicewebsite at www.snapkitchen.com or call 713-526-5700. on the Today Show and reunite with his mother af- ter 20 years.
  6. 6. Staff Editor: Jennifer Watson, Communications Manager Photographers: Kim Coffman, Kai Freund, Roswitha Vogler, Priscilla Dickson Design by Squidz Ink Design PRSRT STD U.S. POSAGE PAID HOUSTON, TX PERMIT NO. 7338Upcoming Events 607 Westheimer Houston, Texas 77006-3915reNew and reDux Style ShowSeptember 13 www.thewomenshome.comMorton Kuhenert Auctioneers & Appraisers phone: 713-328-1975 Return Service RequestedVolunteer Appreciation ReceptionOctober 31Lester and Sue Smith Luncheon SeriesOctober 31featuring Brené BrownThe Women’s Home Annual GalaNovember 16InterContinental HoustonUse your mobile device to joinour email list. Check the box nextto your interests and choose theemails you wish to receive. Home is Where the Story Begins Because of your generous support, Cheryl’s story is possible Cheryl had made it. After years of working in cor- ease, yet she feared she could never live on her own porate America, she was promoted to an executive again. She wanted peace but had no place to go. position at a Fortune 500 company. She enjoyed her Cheryl found help at the Depression Bipolar fast-paced career. She managed people and proj- Support Alliance and the Fort Bend Center for ects. She gave motivating speeches in classrooms Independent Living. Both programs empowered and boardrooms. Her colleagues admired her abil- her to trust in herself and the recovery process to ity to accomplish huge tasks with confidence and reclaim the life of independence she desired. An ease. employee at the Fort Bend Center for Independent But on the inside, Cheryl suffered. She grap- Living encouraged her to visit Jane Cizik Garden pled with unpredictable low and high moods and Place, a sober permanent housing community for could not explain her prolonged sadness. The single women with modest incomes or those who smallest problems became insurmountable. Work are homeless due to mental illness and addiction. overwhelmed her to the point that she wanted to She went to an open house and knew that she would quit. For a long while, she had mastered disguising call it home one day. her turmoil. Those days were over. “Everything here – from the seemingly minor “I’m a person who likes to dress nicely and details – is so beautiful,” Cheryl said. “The place wear makeup,” Cheryl said. “When I was severely speaks for itself.” depressed, I would put on more and more make up Since last November, Cheryl is living happily to cover the pain.” and self-sufficiently at Jane Cizik Garden Place and The white-collar life so familiar to her came to a plans to use her public speaking skills to inspire halt in her 30s when she was hospitalized. Doctors residents in transitional housing at The Women’s diagnosed Cheryl with bipolar depression disorder, Home. Cheryl’s experience testifies that a worth- putting a name to the illness that mystified her for a while life of interdependence within a community lifetime. of courageous women is attainable. She feels grate- “I had symptoms of depression as a child, but ful coming home to a secure, comfortable apart- my family and I never knew what it was,” Cheryl ment she can proudly call her own. said. Each morning as she drinks a cup of coffee and After moving in with her aging parents and be- looks across her balcony to the meditation garden, coming their primary caregiver, Cheryl’s condition she takes it all in, realizing she has arrived. deteriorated. Stress at home compounded her dis-