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  • What are some common terms that use these combining forms with a suffix? ( see next slide )
  • The basic rule for building a medical term: use a combining vowel, such as o , to connect the root to the suffix. Drop the combining vowel if the suffix begins with a vowel. Example: gastr/itis NOT gastr/o/itis. Discuss definitions of terms. otalgia-ear pain leukemia-increase in malignant (cancerous) white blood cells in blood and bone marrow. pneumonia-abnormal condition of the lungs marked by inflammation and collection of material within the air sacs of the lungs. hepatomegaly-enlargement of the liver.
  • Discuss definitions of terms. thoracentesis-a shortened form of the term, thoracocentesis, a surgical puncture of the chest to remove fluid. tonsillectomy-removal of a tonsil or tonsils. myelogram-x-ray image of the spinal cord after contrast is injected within the membranes surrounding the spinal cord in the lumbar area of the back. angiography-x-ray recording of blood vessels after contrast in injected.
  • Discuss meaning of terms. acute-sharp, sudden, and intense for a short period of time. adenocarcinoma-cancerous tumor derived from glandular cells. bronchoscopy-visual examination of bronchial tubes by passing an endoscope through the trachea (windpipe) into the bronchi. cardiomyopathy-disease of heart muscle. erythrocytosis-abnormal condition (slight increase in numbers) of red blood cells.
  • Discuss meaning of terms. hematuria-abnormal condition of blood in the urine. ischemia-deficiency of blood flow to a part of the body, caused by narrowing or obstruction of blood vessels. laparascopy-visual examination of the abdomen. mammoplasty-surgical repair (reconstruction) of the breast. otalgia-pain in an ear. phlebotomy-incision of a vein.
  • Discuss definitions of terms. rhinoplasty-surgical repair of the nose. rhinorrhea-discharge from the nose. salpingectomy-removal of a fallopian tube. septicemia-infection in the blood.
  • Discuss definitions of terms. thoracentesis-surgical puncture of the chest to remove fluid. tonsillectomy-removal of a tonsil or tonsils. uremia-abnormal condition of excessive amounts of urea in the bloodstream. vascular-pertaining to blood vessels.

Medical term 2 Medical term 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Suffixes
  • Learning Objectives
    • Identify and define useful diagnostic and procedural suffixes.
    • Analyze, spell, and pronounce medical terms that contain diagnostic and procedural suffixes.
  • Combining Forms
    • Combining Forms
    • aden/o
    • amni/o
    • angi/o
    • arteri/o
    • arthr/o
    • ather/o
    • axill/o
    • bronch/o
    • bronchi/o
    • Meaning
    • gland
    • amnion
    • vessel
    • artery
    • joint
    • plaque
    • armpit
    • bronchial tube
    • bronchial tube
  • Combining Forms (cont’d.)
    • Combining Forms
    • carcin/o
    • cardi/o
    • chem/o
    • cholecyst/o
    • chron/o
    • col/o
    • cyst/o
    • Meaning
    • cancerous
    • heart
    • drugs
    • gallbladder
    • time
    • colon
    • urinary bladder
  • Suffixes
    • Suffixes are divided into two groups:
    • Diagnoses-describe disease conditions or their symptoms
    • Procedures-describe procedures used in patient care
  • Diagnostic Suffixes
    • Suffix
    • -algia
    • -emia
    • -ia
    • -itis
    • -megaly
    • -oma
    • -osis
    • Meaning
    • pain
    • blood condition
    • condition
    • inflammation
    • enlargement
    • tumor, mass
    • condition, abnormal
  • Diagnostic Suffixes (cont’d.)
    • -pathy
    • -rrhea
    • -rrhage
    • -sclerosis
    • -uria
    • -ar
    • -ary
    • -ic
    • disease condition
    • flow, discharge
    • excessive discharge
    • Hardening
    • condition of urine
    • pertaining to
    • pertaining to
    • pertaining to
  • Diagnostic Suffixes
    • Suffixes that describe diagnoses
    • Noun
    • Suffix Meaning Term
    • -algia pain ot algia
    • -emia blood condition leuk emia
    • -ia condition/disease pneumon ia
    • -megaly enlargement hepato megaly
  • Diagnostic Suffixes
    • -centesis
    • -ectomy
    • -graphy
    • -lysis
    • surgical puncture to
    • remove fluid
    • removal, resection
    • process of recording
    • separation, destruction
  • Diagnostic Suffixes
    • -plasty
    • -scopy
    • -stomy
    • -tomy
    • surgical repair
    • process of visual
    • examination
    • opening
    • incision
  • Procedural Suffixes
    • Suffixes that describe procedures
    • Suffix Meaning Term
    • -centesis surgical puncture thora centesis
    • to remove fluid
    • -ectomy removal tonsill ectomy
    • -gram record myelo gram
    • -graphy process of angio graphy
    • recording
  • Pronunciation
    • Term Pronunciation
    • acute ah- KUT
    • adenocarcinoma ah-deh-no-kar-sih- NO - mah
    • bronchoscopy brong- KOS -ko-pe
    • cardiomyopathy kar-de-o-mi- OP -ah-the
    • erythrocytosis eh-rith-ro-si- TO -sis
  • Pronunciation (cont’d.)
    • Term Pronunciation
    • hematuria he-mah- TUR -e-ah
    • ischemia is- KE -me-ah
    • laparoscopy lap-ah- ROS -ko-pe
    • mammoplasty MAM -o-plas-te
    • phlebotomy fleh- BOT -o-me
  • Pronunciation (cont’d.)
    • Term Pronunciation
    • otalgia o- TAL -jah
    • rhinoplasty RI -no-plas-te
    • rhinorrhea ri-no- RE -ah
    • salpingectomy sal-ping- JEK -to-me
    • septicemia sep-tih- SE -me-ah
  • Pronunciation (cont’d.)
    • Term Pronunciation
    • thoracentesis tho-rah-sen- TE -sis
    • tonsillectomy ton-sih- LEK -to-me
    • uremia u- RE -me-ah
    • vascular VAS -ku-lar