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My Presentation For Volunteering Learning Through Service

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  1. 1. Volunteering Spring Semester 2012By Michael RadinLEARNING THROUGH SERVICE
  2. 2. Where Can I Make a Difference ?Just for today,I will make a difference; Where is a place I can devoteOne hour at a time. my time that has been established? Where is aLooking to help makethe world a better place, where I can makeplace. After all, isntthere enough angry change?words, violence, andunkindness in the world Hey Mister, have you got aall ready? dollar? "No, but I can make change."
  3. 3. "Impacting Lives One Meal At ATime"Feeding The HungrySince 1981 (31 Years)Mission:Provide individuals inneed with food andother necessities tohelp them alleviate theburden of hunger andits consequences.
  4. 4. Two Locations Head Quarters 1435 Hoff Industrial 6282 Olive Blvd Drive St.Louis MO 63130 OFallon, MO 63366 314.726.5355 314.544.3500
  5. 5. Meet The StaffThe ExecutiveDirector, SunnySchaeferSunny has pioneered inmaking a change in thebistate area for overthree decades!
  6. 6. Staff MemberGary Wells, GeneralManager.Gary has worked atfood banks for 14 years.He also participated inthe campaign to get theMissouri sales tax ongroceries reduced.Gary fights on behalf ofthe poor, because theycannot do it alone.
  7. 7. Staff MemberExecutive Assistant /Volunteer CoordinatorSteve has held thisposition since August2011 and gives of hispersonal time as welland has worked with atleast one other non-profit organizationstarting as a Volunteer.
  8. 8. Steve Baer He schedules individual volunteers , volunteer groups from schools, corporations, and faith communities to come in to the distribution center and help package food for OFSs member agencies and food pantries. He also assists with donation processing, fundraising, special event planning, data entry, preparing the newsletter, and grant proposals. He has also had to stop in the middle of his busy day just to go and get supplies (very rarely, usually, but stuff happens).
  9. 9. Staff MemberNutrition EducationManager, LeslieBertsch, a registereddietician who plays therole in not only gettingenough food butmaking healthy foodchoices to make it lastlonger and give thebody what it needsnutritionally.
  10. 10. Staff MemberReceptionist andDispatcher, BridgetBrooks - Bridget is onewho cannot help butmake you smile and sheis the first to greet youas you enter thebuilding of OperationFood Search. Bridgethas been with the OFSTeam since the year2000.
  11. 11. Staff MembersAmeriCorps NationalDirect- CookingMatters, BrittanyCrump
  12. 12. Staff MemberAgency RelationsCoordinator, JuliaFuller, Julia assists FoodPantries and makingsure they geteverything they needfrom donations todistribution and safetymeasures of all fooddelivered.
  13. 13. Staff MemberProgram Coordinator-CookingMatters, Mariella FunkShe educates onnutrition and sets upclasses for groupsamong agencies so thatthose whom benefitfrom the pantries andwhat not learn to makehealthy choices.
  14. 14. Staff MemberCommunity Relations Director -St. Charles DistributionCenter, Denny Gladieu, Dennywanted to get involved withfeeding people in the St. Louisarea. He joined Operation FoodSearch in 2004 as a volunteer andfound a great place toserve. However, an addedbenefit was meeting his wifeKaren, who was working at OFS.After moving to St. CharlesCounty, Denny and Karen helpedopen a second distribution centerfor Operation Food Search inWentzville. Now in the third yearof operation, Denny thanks Godfor all the manydonors, supporters, andvolunteers that have beeninvolved. Their efforts arehelping to feed 24,000 peopleeach month in St.Charles, Lincoln, and WarrenCounty.
  15. 15. Staff MemberCommunity OutreachDirector - St.Charles DistributionCenter, Karen Gladieux,Karen beganvolunteering withOperation Food Searchin 2002 and jumped atthe opportunity tobecome part of the OFSstaff just a few monthslater.
  16. 16. Staff MemberFood Resources, CraigGoldford,He arranges part of thefood pickups and whowill help sponsor as wellas some of publicrelations and benefitsas well as marketingconsulting.
  17. 17. Staff MemberFinance Director, TimGruenenfelderperforms theaccounting, payroll, benefitsadministration, andrecords managementduties at OperationFood Search. Tim hasover 10 years of non-profit accountingexperience. He finds hiswork to berewarding, as itmatches both his careerobjectives and hispersonal goal of helpingothers.
  18. 18. Staff MembersProgram Coordinator-Cooking Matters, KariHartel
  19. 19. Staff MemberDirector ofDevelopment, KarenKlaus
  20. 20. Special Event With DavidFreese Helping Out at OFS
  21. 21. Staff MemberDevelopmentAssociate, Susan  Susan, from what ISampson understand does the media and Facebook page for OFS.
  22. 22. Staff MemberWarehouseManager, Bob Schunzel  Bob manages the warehouse and picks up the pallets of made by volunteers and loads them in to the trucks and organizes the warehouse and upkeep.
  23. 23. Services and Programs Food Distribution- Currently OFS distributes two million pounds of food every month. There are approximately 234 agencies in Missouri and Illinois that gets this food. Forty to eighty agencies come every morning of distribution, to get perishables, non perishables, perishables, personal care items, and other items as available.
  24. 24. Drivers For OFSRandy Carthens Terry McKinney
  25. 25. OFS Truck And Loading Dock
  26. 26. The Pantries and AgenciesEach Partner  Where the donations of food/Pantry and other items go?Operator/and  83%Food PantriesAgency workerhas to pass a  7% Meal ProgramsSafe Food  6% HomelessServe Exam shelters/Transitional Housingthrough a Programcourse offered  2% Rehab programsby OFS  2% Senior programs
  27. 27. Food DistributionVolunteers and workers loading a truck to help homeless, home bound, low income, allages, and back grounds of people
  28. 28. Hunger HotlineAvailable 24/7 314-726-5355Follow the instructionsand you will be giventhe name and phonenumber of an agency inyour neighborhood (asOFS does not distributefood to individuals inneed rather they supplythe agencies with thefood and neededitems).
  29. 29. Why Employees, If Its a Non-Profit Organization? The employees either have some degree in their back ground even if its not related to their job. The employees in many regards have the education and can help educate others. The Employees for the general perspective are educated in the fields they are working.
  30. 30. Operation Backpack Hunger doesnt take a break on the weekend... 85% of children in St Louis Public Schools rely on free or reduced cost meal programs Often these children go home on the weekends to little or no food at home. 2011-2012 nearly 60,000 Backpacks will go out to the children in St Louis this was first started in 2008.
  31. 31. The Backpack Program This also an extension of the nutritionists and cooking matters - teach the children how to prepare easy meals from the food in their backpack. This program is so important; in fact many children are known to be latch key kids and the food is not in the household to put on the table at meal times. Parents are working, trying to find work, or trying to find ways to provide for their families through other means.
  32. 32. Nutrition Education• Cooking Matters: Ground- breaking nutrition education and cooking classes designed to teach people hands-on meal preparation, practical nutrition information, and food budgeting skills.• Health Fairs: Provide pamphlets, handouts, and general nutrition information to health fair participants.• Nutrition Presentations: Provide presentations on a variety of popular nutrition topics. For example, how to follow a healthy diabetic diet, or how to get your picky eater to eat their fruits and vegetables.• Cooking Demonstrations: Teach participants how to prepare a nutritious recipe (or two). Free samples are of course provided!• Hunger 101: Teaches participants about issues and barriers faced by those experiencing food insecurity and hunger.
  33. 33. Cooking MattersThe experts and volunteers both help educate thepeople they help in learning how to prepare foodhealthy, cost-cutting and delicious.As you have seen by other pictures, the staff getsinvolved in special events and making floats to besupportive and help in other fund raising events.This is where grants and and many donations alsocome in to help support the classes and necessarymaterials needed.
  34. 34. The Volunteer Work I DidI worked on jewelrydonated to OFS for themost part and stayedextra hours many days.I really enjoyed it astedious work it mightseem.The Jewelry went intoBackpacks onValentines Day forguardians as well as forMothers Day also.
  35. 35. More of The JewelryRibbons and Plastic Bags I cut the ribbonand filled the plastic bags and tied a knot These are what the bags looked like and wearound the plastic bag filled boxes and tubs full of these more than 4,000 bags full of these
  36. 36. Yes, More Jewelry!Bracelets, Earrings, and Rings Necklaces & Broaches
  37. 37. Food Distribution to Peopleand Other Household Items
  38. 38. In-Kind Donors Percentages 2% Food Drives 4% Miscellaneous 4% Bakeries 5% Personal Care Items & Coats 9% Non-Profit Providers
  39. 39. In-Kind Donors Percentages 14% Restaurants, Hospitalit y, Industry, Caterers & Sports Venues 14% Food Manufacturers & Distributors 48% Grocery Industry
  40. 40. Things To Keep In Mind My second day at OFS I  I also worked in the ware stuffed envelopes to house a day or two marking out bar codes get out tax letters to filling non-perishables in different donors boxes. obviously this couldnt  Many times the ones be finished in 3 hours lifting these boxes are so I stayed until the job elderly you really want to was done. make light weight box for these as it is hard for them to lift and carry with no help.
  41. 41. Its So Important To be open minded. To be willing to give of your time and ability To see the job get done To remember your limits and time constraints To be respectful of everyone To be on time To call if an emergency arises To not just be there for a grade or feel you have to rather, you want to be, because youre making change, even if you cannot give a dollar.
  42. 42. What I Loved About OFS I loved the common respect and that I mattered because I was helping make a difference while being educated at the same time. I also got the chance to talk with people I knew and tried to set up some help for those in need through OFS who also had non-profit status. Everyone was friendly. Everyone cared and everyone was making a difference I got to see my personal beliefs at work within people which is the way I choose to view the World everyone being a helping hand of something greater than man to meet the needs of everyone in need.
  43. 43. What It Takes? It takes more than just you or I It takes all of the donors and their donations It takes all of the volunteers It takes all of the staff It takes all the cheerfulness you can muster It takes some elbow grease It takes all of the special events and fund raisers It takes all of these things working together to help put an end to hunger.
  44. 44. Thank You For Viewing This opportunity has meant the world to me All Pictures and Resources are not copyrighted they are used with permission. Sources used are pamphlets, interviews, and my experience with Operation Food Search. I hope you too will choose to go out and do good work and succeed.