Evaluation Question 3


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Evaluation Question 3

  1. 1. What Kind of Media Institution MightDistribute your Media Product and Why?Jack Simmons
  2. 2. What are DistributionCompanies?Distribution Companies are a very important part ofthe film industry and are worth a lot of money. Oftenyou see big Hollywood companies setting up/ buyingdistribution companies; this is called verticalintegration and allows them to retain profit within thecompany. The job of a distribution company is mainlyto do with P&A (printing and advertising) but also tophysically distribute the movies to theatres. Its easierto distribute digitally as there is no cost involvedwhereas it will cost £1000 to distribute a film reel to atheatre with analogue technology.
  3. 3. P&A...• P&A is a very important process, it really is the make or break of a films success. For example John Carter flopped at the box office. Experts put it down to a substandard advertising campaign where they kept changing the name. Good examples of traditional P&A are posters, billboards and newspaper adverts• Good examples of viral marketing are using social networks such as facebook, google + and twitter to spread awareness. It is also much cheaper than traditional methods. Recently Warner Bros. started a successful viral marketing campaign for ‘The Dark Knight’. They created a website made up of tiles, every time someone shared the website a tile would flip over to reveal part of a picture. This built up anticipation for the films release.
  4. 4. Moving on…Lets take a look at a fewdifferent distribution companiesto see which one would bemost suitable for my movie.
  5. 5. Warner Bros. [GB]Warner Bros. [GB] is a subsidiary company of WarnerBros. Entertainments and is their main UK distributioncompany. It has been responsible for advertising anddistributing some of the most prolific WB movies ofthe past decade such as the ones on the next fewslides. Click Here to View Warner Bros. [GB] Distributed Movies Click Here to See an Overview of The Warner Bros. Company
  6. 6. Harry Potter and theDeathly Hallows: Part2This movie was released in July2011. It had an estimated budget of$125 million and made just under$170 million on its opening weekendin the USA alone. It was released in2D theatres as well as 3D and imaxtheatres. This was used to maximiseprofit and draw in a wider audience.As of December 2011 the film hadgrossed a total of $1,328,111,219worldwide. It was produced byWarner Bros. Pictures using theirown Warner Bros. [GB] distributioncompany as described before tokeep the profits within the company.
  7. 7. The Dark KnightThis movie was released in July2008. It had an estimated budget of$185 million and made just under$160 million on its opening weekendshowing on over 4000 screens in theUSA alone. In December 2010 thefilm had grossed a total of$1,001,921,825 worldwide. Again itwas produced by Warner Bros.Pictures using their own WarnerBros. [GB] distribution company. TheDark Knight attracted its audiencewith some big names such asChristian Bale, Michael Caine andHeath Ledger.
  8. 8. Is it Suitable for my movie? No, Warner Bros. [GB] is not suitable to distribute my movie because it is used to distribute big budget movies like the examples shown in the previous slides. My film would simply not be considered by the company as they always look to distribute movies which have some star power behind them along with a big budget.
  9. 9. Lionsgate EntertainmentLionsgate entertainment was founded in Canada in1997 as Lionsgate Films by Frank Giustra. Since thenit has grown into a big name in the film industry andhas acquired several other companies in the process.One of these companies is Momentum Pictures in theyear 2000; this is now run by Alliance Films(Lionsgate’s main distributor in Canada). Lionsgateseems to have a good reputation for distributinghorror movies. Click Here to See Lionsgate Entertanments Company Overview
  10. 10. Momentum Pictures (UK)Owned by Lions Gate Entertainment and run byAlliance films; momentum pictures is one of twodistributors for Lionsgate Entertainment in the UKalong with Lions gate UK. Momentum has been usedfor distributing not only big budget hollywood moviesbut also lower budget movies. Click Here to See a List of Movies that Momentum Pictures has Distributed
  11. 11. Saw IIThis movie was released in October2005 and distributed by lionsgate films. Ithink the fact that they released it inOctober shows the quality of the filmcompany as they timed the released tocoincide with halloween. It had a budgetof just $4 million which shows how goodlionsgate are with smaller movies. Asexpected it did really well on its openingweekend making about $32 million; thiswas a massive amount of money, 8times the budget of the movie. Sincethen it has made $147,739,965. Its easyto see why Lionsgate chose to stick withthe Saw franchise making a total of 7movies all together ending with Saw 3D.
  12. 12. FrozenFrozen was released in February2012 and was distributed bymomentum pictures. In its openingweekend it made a small amountof money; only $130,000.Compare this to other movies andthis doesn’t even make a dent insome of their opening weekendtotals. To date the movie has onlygrossed $250,000. This shows thatmomentum pictures are not onlyinterested in big budgetproductions but also give very lowbudget movies a chance to makesome money.
  13. 13. Are they Suitable for mymovie?Lionsgate entertainment is not asuitable company to distribute mymovie because they focus too muchon medium to big budget movieswhereas I need a company that canfocus mostly on independent films.However Momentum Pictures did show promise withFrozen; this is a very low budget movie and it seemsthat most Lionsgate companies like to distribute thehorror genre. Another recent example is Insidious,this was distributed by Alliance.
  14. 14. Fox SearchlightFox Searchlight is a subsiduary company to 20thCentury Fox and was founded in California in 1994.Since being founded Fox Searchlight Pictures hasbeen responible for many movies with fairly lowbudgets as it specialises in British and independentfilms. Recently it distributed the movie ‘Another Earth’which only had a small budget of $200,000 . Here is a Link to Fox Searchlight’s Website Click to See all of the Movies Searchlight has Distributed
  15. 15. Slumdog MillionaireSlumdog Millionaire wasreleased in January 2009. Itwas an independent moviewith a budget of $15 millionand on its opening weekend itwas shown at only 10 screensmaking $360,000. Since thenit has grown rapidly inpopularity and has grossed atotal profit of just over $140million making it one ofsearchlights most successfulmovies.
  16. 16. 127 HoursThis movie was released in January2011 and was given an approximatebudget of $18 million to make thefilm. On the opening weekend themovie only showed on 4 screens butamazingly made just over $260,000from that. Since then it has made atotal of about $57 million. I think thatSearchlight might have beendisappointed in this movie; especiallyas it was advertised ‘from the directorof Slumdog Millionaire’. It didnt makeas much money but it does showFox’s commitment to supportingsmaller movies.
  17. 17. Is it Suitable for my movie? Fox Searchlight is a very good candidate to distribute my film especially as it specialises in distributing small budget independent British films with great success. The examples I have given prove their commitment and accomplishment with independent movies.
  18. 18. Entertainment Film Distributors Entertainment is a true independent film distribution company with some real history. It was founded in London in 1978 by Nigel Green and has been involved with distributing some of the countries ‘most british’ movies such as the recent Inbetweeners Movie. Take a look at their website Here’s a List of their Movies
  19. 19. The ArtistThe artist is a French/Belgianmovie. It showed at 24 screens onits opening weekend in belgiumbut only made €60,000 despite its$15 million budget. Since then theworld caught a glimpse of themovie making it popularworldwide, hence it had nowgrossed a total of $43 million. Ithink this was so successfulbecause it was a silent movie. Itwas ‘artistic’ and made in such away that any nation could watch itwith ease.
  20. 20. The Final DestinationEntertainment Film Distributorsdistributed ‘The Final Destination’as well as the whole ‘FinalDestination’ Franchise. Otherhorror movies distributed byEntertainment include The TexasChainsaw Massacre, HalloweenII, Freddy vs. Jason and manymore. The Final Destination wasreleased in August 2009 with abudget of $43 million. It inly made$27 million on its openingweekend but as of now it hasgrossed a total of $66 million.
  21. 21. Is it Suitable for my movie? Simply, Yes. Entertainment Film Distributors is a perfect company to distribute my movie, they already have an extensive repertoire of horror movies that they have distributed with great success and they are based in the UK. As it says on their website they are the Uk’s leading independent film distributor.
  22. 22. ConclusionI think that the obvious company to distribute mymovie would be Entertainment Film Distributors this isbecause they are a UK based company, theyspecialise in independent films and they have a goodreputation for distributing horror movies. I think theywould be perfect for my movie and help it go a longway.