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Mobile monday mhealth

  1. 1. mHealth : Mobile MondayApril 2013Joe DrumgooleVP Product Management
  2. 2. FeedHenry• MEAP: Mobile Enterprise Application Platform– Helps you build HTML5 and native mobile Apps– Provides Cloud Integration– Analytics– Mobile Application Management• For mHealth– HIPAA compliant cloud in the US– Private Cloud Deployment in Europe2
  3. 3. My Healthy World (Aetna)3Social/Community Healthcare App Camera Push Notifications/Alerts Profile Setup & Filters Realtime content delivery Tracking & Metrics Interactive games, surveys etc.iOS and Android Tablets Secure Multi-level User Admin Secure Social Sharing Backend Integration LoginFostering health & wellness in young children in the US
  4. 4. Courtagen4Mitochondrial Disease Diagnostics Secure Multi-level User AdminSecure Login Legal Notification HIPAA compliant Patient Details Backend Integration withDiagnostic system Alerts Order test Track test Detailed Audit & ReportsPhysicians receive diagnosticinformation relating to genetictesting. Increases the ease of testordering and the timeliness ofreceiving diagnostic results all in asecure, HIPAA compliantenvironment.iOS, Android tablets andDesktop web browser
  5. 5. Trading Times - Dementia Challenge5Trading Times is a winner of theLiving well with dementia DesignChallenge, a competition run bythe Design Council and theDepartment of Health to rethinklife with dementia.Trading Times connects familycarers with local employersDepartment of Health – Job App
  6. 6. Health New England/CourtSquare6Managed Care AppProvides members with a provider directory and member ID application24/7 from any smartphone or tablet. Members can trigger directionsfrom their current location, call a provider or access ID cards, membernumbers and benefits information HIPAA Compliance end-to-end Private Cloud Deployment in CourtSquare private cloud Backend Integration Caching & Logic in Cloud Geolocation/Mapping
  7. 7. York Hospital7 Login Secure Backend Integration Secure Caching in Cloud HIPAA compliant Forms Geolocation/Mapping SearchHospital AppThe app brings the hospital tothe mobile device, helpingpatients find a doctor, get livemedical information from adoctor/nurse, refillprescriptions, track wait timesin the ER, scheduleappointments and more.
  8. 8. • US law, created in 1996• Ensure portability of health data amongst providers• Promotes the concept of electronic health records• Ensures privacy of data in “Covered Entities” andtheir sub-contractors• Safe guards are administrative, physical, technical• Penalties of up to 1.5m in fines for violationHIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act8
  9. 9. • HIPAA compliance *really helps*• Lots of “point app” opportunities• HTML5 big plus for device ubiquity (universal service)• Avoid FDA entanglements • Mobilizing the health professional vs mobilizing thepatient• Sell to the channel not the end-user• mHealth market in the US was 718m in 2011• Grew by a factor of 7 from 2010• Go get some!Opening the US Health Care Market9
  10. 10. • The Quantified Self• Gamification• Big Data• Crowd sourcing• Conduits and sensors• Cloud + Mobile• The patient/practitioner splitKey Trends10
  11. 11. 11Joe DrumgooleVP Product Management@jdrumgooleThank You