Windows Development Story with Xamarin


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Learn how Microsoft can empower your customers and clients by using Windows, Visual Studio, Azure and cross platform tools like Xamarin to reach all devices.

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  • Intro – References our dedication to top apps, total apps, quality apps.
    What we’re up against
    Apps – a lot of work to do, focused on top apps
    Trajectory – Fastest ever, differentiated experiences, multiple app stores, common core
    Get lighthouse wins
  • Exciting things here today, coming soon and in the works
    As MS moves forward – thinking of self as a devices and services company
    Family of devices, with integrated high value experiences
    Extensible to businesses
    Think of a person first, give what they want – great device with great services they value
    Then give biz what they need – ability to manage, secure, scale

  • NFL Fantasy Football:

    Description: The ONLY Official, native, NFL Fantasy football app outside of their browser experience. NFL Fantasy allows the registered user to manage all aspects of their fantasy league once the draft for their league has taken place. Only available on Windows 8, nothing on iPad or Android tablet. The iPhone and Android phone apps are just web views that load their mobile site.

    An app with a Game Center console consisting of dynamic data from your personal fantasy league matchups, a Hub Screen with many of the other available information feeds, integrated video right from within the app as opposed to hopping out to a website for highlights, Windows integration (live tile, toasts), Live Charts, Player cards, My Team, Roster management and data analytics to help predict your performance

    Developer Story: Native Windows 8 app written with HTML/JS leveraging popular OSS CSS/JS frameworks, written by a shop that specializes in web. Easy transition of skills from web to Windows. Brilliantly combines UI with Windows 8 design patterns. App implemented with minimal impact to existing back-end infrastructure. Entire app written and published in four weeks.
  • Windows Development Story with Xamarin

    1. 1. Devices Services
    2. 2. device/services client/server
    3. 3. Apps
    4. 4. Fantasy Football
    5. 5. Forrester
    6. 6. Rich, integrated search driven by Bing Personalized start and lock screens New live tile sizes, including large Apps share the screen Deep OneDrive integration
    7. 7. Nearly 50 million Office Web Apps users Proven experience
    8. 8. Windows in the cloud
    9. 9. .NET Hyper-V Visual Studio System Center Active Directory
    10. 10. Programming Model + Tools Identity Integration Data IaaS + PaaS Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure
    11. 11. Open Platform ●
    12. 12. Common Core
    13. 13. Programming skills Development tools Languages, frameworks Components Runtimes
    14. 14. Great device experiences … … powered by services in the cloud
    15. 15. Use what you know to build cross-platform apps
    16. 16. Objective C + XIB Java + XML C# + XAML Native UI Native UI Native UI Optional Remote Services (ASP.NETWeb API or any servertechnology) Build native apps multiple times means: • Client development is completely different for each device type • Only the Services (server-side) can be re-used, with certain differences when consuming them • TCO grows exponentially
    17. 17. Black Box CSS | HTML | Lua | JavaScript | ActionScript
    18. 18. C# Unique Approach Fully native apps written entirely in C# Xamarin exposes 100% of iOS and Android APIs in C# Mobilize existing code, skills, and tools including Visual Studio Share app logic code across device platforms C# + XIB C# + XML C# + XAML Native UI Native UI Native UI Optional Remote Services (ASP.NETWeb API or any servertechnology)
    19. 19. Code sharing statistics from production Xamarin app: iCircuit: real-time circuit simulator and editor used to design analog and digital circuits 70% 30% 86% 14% 85% 15% 88% 12%
    20. 20. A single solution for iOS, Android, and Windows development Leverage the entire Microsoft ecosystem: Team Foundation Server (TFS) ReSharper Your favorite code coverage and profiling tools Visual Studio 2013 integration for iOS and Android
    21. 21. Create UI with drag and drop simplicity Target multiple screen sizes, resolutions, and OS versions Layouts saved in native resource formats Worlds best Android designer available in Visual Studio iOS coming soon UI design in Visual Studio
    22. 22. Build apps faster Add high quality pre-build app components directly from Visual Studio Beautiful cross-platform UI controls, could services, and enterprise backend integrations are just a few clicks away Xamarin Component Store
    23. 23. Xamarin.iOS does full Ahead Of Time (AOT) compilation to produce an ARM binary suitable for Apple’s App Store Xamarin.Android takes advantage of Just In Time (JIT) compilation on the Android device
    24. 24. Extended trial Exclusive training Experience state-of-the-art cross-platform mobile development with a fully-featured, 90-day trial of Xamarin for Visual Studio. Develop iOS and Android apps with C# in Visual Studio today Learn the fundamentals of iOS, Android and cross- platform mobile development at your own pace with exclusive training content Videos, documentation and samples from Xamarin available only to MSDN subscribers
    25. 25.
    26. 26. Better economics Create new experiences Reach more people Use what you know