Developing Apps with CA Plex + CM WebClient


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An overview of the advantages of using CA Plex + WebClient to develop enterprise apps that can be hosted in the cloud.

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  • First, for those of you who are not familiar with CM First, here is an overview.
  • Explain how WWCP acts a generator for CA PlexGenesis around migrated applicationsAny IT department anywhere will not find architectural fault with resultAny web design look and feel supported – we want to take on any customer request. Talk about wire frame.
  • Compatible with Amazon and Google Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Here are some examples of the rich web components you can generate from your CA Plex panel designs. Grids, even editable grids, are fully supported. Windowed dialogs are supported from the web page, to any level. CA Plex messaging is supported. Some other standard components include calendars, bread crumbing, and disappearing hint text.Lastly, you can also take your CA plex applications to the next level with business charting, and new components like TreeView and FlexGrid, an advanced grid with dynamic columns, cell bitmaps, and advanced formatting options.
  • Sliders and progress bars
  • Developing Apps with CA Plex + CM WebClient

    1. 1. DevelopingApplications withCA Plex + WebClientSummer 2012
    2. 2. Who is CM First?Enterprise Software Development Integrator• Offices in Switzerland, USA, Italy, India• Network of worldwide resale partners (Americas, EMEA, APJ, ANZ)CA Primary Sales and Technology Partner• CA 2E, CA Plex, CA Repository• Footprint covers 20% of Installed BaseApp Dev Products• CM Matchpoint ALM Suite• CM WebClient• CM Power (PHP) Suite• CM M3 (CA 2E Migration / Modernization)• CM Meta Analytics (Source Scan) for CA RepositoryThird-party Solutions• Soreco, Databorough, Worksoft, Websydian
    3. 3. CA Vision – Model Based DevelopmentCA’s vision for how to unify and simplify IT management to maximize the value to the business.
    4. 4. Architected RAD with CA PlexINFORMATION OBJECTENGINEERING Architected ORIENTATION> Data Modeling Rapid Application > Patterns> Model-Based > Reuse Development Development > Inheritance> Code Generation (ARAD)
    5. 5. CA Plex in 30 Words“A Windows-based applicationdevelopment environment that usespatterns to allow teams of softwaredevelopers to create and maintainlarge-scale business applications for ”multiple platforms.
    6. 6. ARAD Studies• Gartner Group studies: • Show that ARAD tools outperform traditional RAD or Enterprise Modeling tools in productivity gains (all of these types do show productivity gains; ARAD tools clock in anywhere from 2x to 15x faster) • In this particular study, only ARAD tools show a first-year net “break even” Source: “ARAD Methods and Tools Improve Productivity and ROI,” Gartner Group
    7. 7. ARAD Studies• Recent Gartner Group studies: • “We believe organizations should strongly consider adopting a service- oriented approach to software deployment using ARAD methods and tools, rather than “traditional” customized development processes and technologies.” Source: “ARAD Methods and Tools Improve Productivity and ROI,” Gartner Group
    8. 8. Agenda• The Six Key Features of Plex • 1. Patterns • 2. Model-Based Development • 3. Multi-Platform Code Generation • 4. Configuration Management • 5. Workgroup Environment • 6. Full Life Cycle Development• CA Plex + WebClient • Web generation option, with RIA / Ajax
    9. 9. 1. Patterns in PlexPatterns Are Everywhere In Life
    10. 10. Patterns in Plex Header-Detail Organisation Bill Of Materials Transaction Structures Patterns are Everywhere in Software Systems “Work with” Addresses and User-DefinedReference Tables Contact Details Data Fields
    11. 11. Patterns in Plex: The $4 Bill Example• We can define our $4 bill in two ways, the traditional way or the pattern-based, object- oriented way.• First the traditional way: A $4 bill is a piece of paper, about 2.5” by 6”, printed in green, which may be exchanged within the USA for 4$’s worth of goods or services, or outside the USA for the equivalent value of local currency.
    12. 12. Patterns in Plex: The $4 Bill Example• Now the pattern-based, object-oriented way: A $4 bill is like a dollar bill, but worth $4• Using a pattern has saved us 29 out of 40 words or nearly 75% of the work.• Plex applies this same approach to the design of software applications where each line of code carries its overhead design, compilation, testing and debugging.• The efficiencies are obvious.
    13. 13. Patterns in Plex Peter Smith CEO Jerry Fernandez Sylvia Tatum Nicholas Easter VP Sales VP Human Resources VP Production Connie Johnson Charles Reading Susan Chung Brad WileyNorthern Area Mgr Southern Area Mgr HR Assistant Production Manager Betty Tucker Andrew Martin Paul Kowalski Neil Burns Julia Moxon Steve McDonald Jenny Aldridge
    14. 14. Patterns in Plex Reports To Connie Johnson Reports To Jerry Fernandez Reports To Is the son of Charles Peter Smith SmithDrinkswith Reports To Reviewed by Nicholas Easter Sylvia Tatum Reviewed by Mentors Reports To Susan Chung Brad Wiley Reviewed by
    15. 15. Patterns in Plex• The Structure Pattern * Parent Link 1 Node * Child 1 * * 1 * Link Type Link Type 1 0,1 0,1 Valid Link * Parent * Child *
    16. 16. Patterns in Plex
    17. 17. Patterns in Plex: SummaryPlex Patterns…• …are abstract business objects • Not just low-level coding routines• …can encapsulate data and processes and UI • Entity Relations, Views, Business Logic, UI Designs• …are implemented using dynamic inheritance • Changes to the pattern are immediately applied to its instances• …are not hard-coded templates • Customize the shipped patterns or even create your own
    18. 18. 2. Model-Based Development• Implementation Independence • One design, many implementations• Allows platform-specific features and source code • Can be included without compromising platform independence• Stores designs in a semantic network • Triples (“My Bill of Materials is a Structure”) • Highly adaptable, multi-developer repository • Accessible via API and XML Import/Export • UML, CA ERwin and CA 2E bridges available
    19. 19. 3. Multi-Platform Code Generation Plex RPG IV or any i5/OS programs JavaMFC C++ Plex C# Multi-Tier ServersWPF (7.0) WCF Plex Java
    20. 20. Multi-Platform Code Generation Plex Model Plex Generated C# Code Plex Generated Java Code Plex .NET Runtime Plex Java RuntimeMicrosoft NET Framework 2.0 . . Java Class Libraries Class Libraries Microsoft NET Framework . . Java Virtual Machine 2.0 (CLR)
    21. 21. 4. Configuration ManagementThe Plex repository stores meta-data across configurations:• Versions • track the changes of an application over time (release 1.0, 1.1, 2.0,…)• Variants • store variations of design information across platforms (Java-Java, C#, Java-i5/OS,…)• Languages • store text and other language dependent design information (English, Japanese, French)
    22. 22. 5. Workgroup Environment• Multiple Developers • Can work on the same project simultaneously• Developers work standalone on PCs • Graphical development toolset operates on the “local model” • Business logic coding, GUI screen designer etc. • Uses industry-standard ANT and MSBuild build tools• Changes updated to the central repository • The “group model”• Plex manages security, locks, conflicts etc.
    23. 23. 6. Full Lifecycle Support• Plex handles the core development processes • Design, coding, generation, build and ongoing maintenance• 100% code generation • Creates both database objects and programs• Runtime environment handles remote comms • No low-level coding required• Minimizes need for platform expertise • Don’t need to know C#, C++, Java, RPG IV, etc.• You can focus on business not technical issues
    24. 24. We don’t have time for everything• DDS Report generation • EJB Generation• Model-based .NET assemblies • Windows Server 2003 support• MS Scripting engine support • i5/OS program integration• Javabean GUI controls • Java on Linux, Solaris• COM Component Import • JDBC and ODBC Connectivity• .NET DataSet interfaces • N-tier client-server configuration• DB Schema Reverse • Localization-Ready Applications Engineering • MDI in Windows and Java• Dynamic Application Partitioning • Child Panels• Multiple Database Connectivity • Meta Programming• Blob and Fixed Decimal Support • 5250 Screen Design• Stored Procedure Support
    25. 25. CM WebClientOverview andArchitecture
    26. 26. CM WebClient FrameworkCA Plex + WebClient for Plex
    27. 27. CA Plex + WebClient Complete Web/SOA Framework• A one-click, seamless, generator for CA Plex that can be used with migrated 2E applications• No compromises Web 2.0 framework • Utilize all Plex capabilities for business logic and UI • Virtually any look and feel supported • Rich RIA components • Industry standards based • Integrates into complex enterprise environments • Single Sign-On, Audit, Logging • Business Process / Portal / WorkFlow • Web Services
    28. 28. What does WebClient do?
    29. 29. Development Architecture Web Templates Mobile Templates Web Page Builder
    30. 30. Runtime Architecture Enterprise App Server Web / J2EE Server Plex Server (RPG, .NET/C#, C+ +, Java) http J2EE Server (Tomcat, Websphere, …) server (Apache, IIS , …) Web Container Plex RT WebClient Servlet Biz Logic Plex RTBrowser(IE, Chrome, Sa Clientfari, Firefox) Presentation Logic Data HTML/CSS Database Plex generated presentation layer Database Server Plex generated server layer 30
    31. 31. Web Service Wrapper Interface WebClient Plex Servlet Panel or Non-Panel Function External App,Package, BPMS Call Plex functions without panels Call Plex functions with panels Auto enter screen fields, simulate event Generalized, structured WSDL No modeling or coding required Quickly establish SOA bus for internal use BPM / Workflow Inter-process communication
    32. 32. Cloud Computing Instances Deploy pre-defined load balanced instances of CA Plex WebClient applications in Cloud environments Java RPG IV VPN LinkOther environments?Windows Azure, IBM, etc.
    33. 33. Portlet Generation Support Websphere / Apache Pluto
    34. 34. CM WebClient Web User Interfaces
    35. 35. Mobile iPhone/iPad/Android/BB6 Web App with Native HTML5, CSS3 Native App - Android Market Sencha Touch “Gartner COOL Vendor 2011”
    36. 36. Claro Theme• Bold, High Gloss Theme• Alternative to Tundra• Create your own theme – some assembly required
    37. 37. Accordion / Menu Menu “Child”Accordion Top Application Scaling
    38. 38. Grids Drag n Drop Export to CSVFiltering Grid Column Menu Save Placement
    39. 39. MDI, Slider, Progress, …
    40. 40. Summary• CA Plex uses a pattern-based development approach to greatly accelerate application development and maintenance.• CA Plex is used by hundreds of customers around the world to develop and maintain business-critical applications for .NET, Java and System i.• CA Plex has been proven to insulate users from technology changes.• CA Plex + WebClient provides a new cutting edge web development platform, with RIA, Ajax, and SOA.