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CA 2E WebOption / Web2E Customization

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How to customize CA 2E (Synon) Web Option with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

How to customize CA 2E (Synon) Web Option with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

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  • Let me talk a bit about the company Mark and I are working for. CM First has been in business since the 1990’s. Recently there has been an expansion into Italy and the USA, and Mark and I both work for the USA office. Our focus is squarely on IBM i and CA 2E/Plex modernization. We help companies evolve into more modern paradigms. We have a number of strategies based on the situation. That might mean putting as SOA framework in place for web services. Or it might mean migrating RPG/COBOL based logic to Java or C#. But some of the real low hanging fruit in this area is what we are talking about today. WebOption is really an exceptionally fast and quality way to bring your 2E application to the web. You pay a fixed cost for the tool, get some training/mentoring, invest in some CSS and JavaScript customization - and then you are on your way using the skills that you already have. It can be an important first and very visible step to modernization, one that is immediately valuable to your users.
  • In case you don’t know me, I am a CA and IBM i hand from way back. Mark has also been in the industry for a number of years. Mark has also work with the web enablement of CA 2E using multiple technologies, and can give some insights into why WebOption can work so well in a Synon shop.


  • 1. What’s New in the CA 2E Web Option
    Customization / Demo
    August 18, 2011
    John Rhodes / Mark Schroeder
  • 2. What are we talking about
    Customizing WebOption
    Enhance the Value Prop of Web2E
    Web from the model, using the proven 2E paradigm
    Not having to modify generated code
    And it can look great!
  • 3. CM First Group
    Founded in 1998, offices in Switzerland, Italy, USA
    IBM i / CAModernization Focus
    Mobile/Web presentation
    CA 2E, CA Plex, PHP, Java, JavaScript
    Enterprise Web: HTML5/CSS3, Dojo, Sencha Touch
    Expert Training / Mentoring Resources
  • 4. Speaker Bios
    John Rhodes – Consultant, CM First Director
    Experience with IBM i back to the days of S/36, S/38
    Architect and Principal Consultant with Kraft, CA Technologies (Synon, Sterling)
    Mark Schroder – Consultant
    IBM i developer for 20 years
    Health Care, Life Insurance, Food Industry
    Experience with PHP, JavaScript, Java, Portals
  • 5. CA 2E Web OptionCustomization
  • 6. End User / Developer Expectations of 2E
    Generate and build 1800 screens – Voila!
    And by the way, no tweaking the generated code!
  • 7. Highly Productive, But
    Appearance not cutting edge
    Lacking some web niceties
    = Fast and Utilitarian
    Out of the box…
  • 8. CSS, Colors, Logos,
    Using skeletons (templates)
    HTML Help access
    Sort SFLSEL and CMD to a menu
    Sort CMD Keys to footer
    applied at field-, file-, format- or entry-level
  • 9. Live DemoThe Technical Details
  • 10. Available Information
    Contact us