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2011 Reasons to Get to Chicago for the CA 2E/Plex Developer Conference! OK, 11 very good reasons

Speaker: Bill Hunt, CA Technologies

The 5th CA Plex/2E Worldwide Developer Conference is approaching fast. If you are on the fence about what will be in Chicago on June 1-3 or wondering why you should attend. join us for this web broadcast where CA Principal Product Manager Bill Hunt will provide specific information about this great event.

We will discuss why we do this event, who and what will be there and why its hands down the best value for anyone that has anything to do with CA 2E or CA Plex! A discussion and Q&A will be at the end of the webcast.

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  • Thank you and good day to everyone. Welcome to this month’s CA Plex/2E User Community webcast…..my name is Bill Hunt and I am the worldwide product manager for what many of us refer to as the “Synon” tools…..now known as CA 2E and CA Plex. Normally for these broadcasts we’ll feature a partner or customer, or maybe me giving an occasional product status and plans presentation. Today we’re going to talk about something different, something exciting, something that many people in this community look forward to immensely. I’m going to talk about…..the 5th CA 2E/Plex Worldwide Developers Conference being held in the Chicago area…..Schaumburg, IL USA to be exact. Knowing how I can ramble on sometimes I could probably give you 2011 reasons to come to Chicago this June, but for the purpose of today’s broadcast…..I’ll stick to 11 reasons…..and talk briefly about those before we open things up for discussion and/or questions & answers.
  • This event, what’s become THE premier event for the CA 2E and CA Plex products, is scheduled for June 1st through 3rd, a Wednesday through Friday which interestingly enough follows the American Memorial Day weekend. So many of us in the US have a short work week anyhow….some of us will take a weekend vacation….and some of us might choose to go to Chicago for that vacation. Hint, hint! OK, so there’s lots to do in the Chicago area during that time of year – Navy Pier, the Sears tower, Little Italy, the Magnificent Mile…or catching the Chicago Cubs up at Wrigley Field if you’re lucky enough to score tickets. Now, that was all targeted toward our American friends on today’s broadcast. Now if you’re not from the US….you may be asking “What’s Memorial Day?” Very good…I will just tell you that this is about the best time of the year to visit Chicago. June 1st through 3rd…..and you can find out event details at www.plex2e.com....easy enough for us to remember.
  • So you may be saying “Bill you promised to give us 11 reasons to be there.” Here are 11 that I could quickly name….and that I believe or hope you’ll take an interest in . So at this very moment we have 35 committed sessions, with a small number of those being general sessions intended for all of the conference delegates, whether you use 2E or Plex or both…or neither. I’ll go over sessions shortly. Six pre-conference workshops taking place on the Wednesday of the event….each half-day so you can attend two of them. This is something we’re doing based on feedback from our previous user conferences. It’s an international event, and it’s completely focused on 2E and Plex. You’ll find something there for every user…whether you’re a 5250 developer using 2E to generate COBOL….or whether you’re trying to figure out how to take your existing systems to an iPhone or an Android or to the Cloud. You’ll have the opportunity to network directly with some of the world’s brightest minds in the 2E/Plex programming world. You’ll get to do all of this for an unthinkable value given how much IT conferences can cost these days. You’ll be in a great location that easily accessible, you’ll be part of what’s been proven to be a consistently great event…time after time….and not only will you have the opportunity to explore new ideas and learn new things…you’ll just plain have a lot of fun doing it . So there is no way….no way….anyone in the community should want to miss this year’s 2E/Plex developer extravaganza, right?
  • We would hope you’d try and climb mountains to get there….or at least climb fences. But if you’re still hanging on that fence….consider some of the details regarding the reasons I just quickly went through……
  • Reason 1 – the sessions, the technical sessions, from many of the community’s technical geniuses….and a well-known enthusiast and expert from IBM in Rochester as well. Our eagerly awaited session grid is now complete, and you will be able to view it at www.plex2e.com. More importantly, we’d like for you to plan your day with it, and show your manager why sending you to Chicago in June is such a good idea for your business. But seriously, on the screen now you should be looking at our session grid for Thursday June 2nd – featuring some very well known individuals both from CA and the community at large….and others you may not have ever met, but who are 2E or Plex experts in their own right. We believe we’ve assembled a fantastic lineup of sessions for our 2011 conference. So again, this is Thursday June 2nd…..
  • ….and this is Friday June 3rd. Again, take a look at the lineup, the speakers. Like our first four worldwide user events this one should be every bit as exciting. I want to note the general session in the afternoon will feature our own Simon Cockayne who will talk about our experiences with agile development at CA. This is something you’ll no doubt want to hear about…..because when we are talking about agile development, our 2E team in particular is one who is actually living it in delivering the next release of that product. Along with that, there are many other sessions focusing on base features, focusing on new release features….and everything in between. So again, reason 1 to be in Chicago this June – the sessions. Check them out on plex2e.com.
  • Reason 2- and for many the biggest reason….and in my opinion what pushes the value aspect of this event over the top…..the pre-conference educational workshops. For 2011 we are offering six of these, all half-day…enough time to get some great hands-on experiences…..and still short enough where you could perhaps attend two of these in single day. And again, we’re offering courses that cover new releases and the features to be contained….we’re offering things on the base product. Basically it’s a day of free education that you will not find anywhere else…..not at any other conference….not in CA’s education catalog….not online or on-demand anywhere. We do ask that you bring a personal laptop for these courses, and we’ll try to do everything to get your ready for the class ahead of time. No laptop? No problem…you are welcome to join and observe or share with someone. This has been among the most valuable part of our previous events….and this year should be no different. Check out the course descriptions….at plex2e.com.
  • As I’ve noted before….and as you’ve seen by the sessions and workshops….this event is specifically for the ongoing education of 2E and Plex users. Having been with these products for a long time now as many of you have also been….I can tell you first hand that few product lines, not just at CA but in general, have their own events that are of this magnitude. So this is not a .NET conference, it’s not Java One, it’s not COMMON, and it’s not CA World….but it contains important elements of all those large events. Again, focus…
  • Reason 4 comes from the thought of something that never ceases to amaze me as I’ve been associated with these products for so long now….and that’s the old cliché of things we used to say like “these tools are future proof” and “we’ll take care of the technology transformation, you just concentrate on the business.” What’s great about those things….is that now we know that for 2E and Plex they have more than turned out to be true. When these tools were originally launched…there was no Internet…not a public one at least as we know it today. But these great development environments, in some cases with the help of some brilliant partners, adapted to those new trends. Component-based development? Service-oriented architecture? Web 2.0 applications? Mobile applications for smartphones? Applications running in virtual environments? The cloud? Are you kidding me….2E in the cloud? And the answer is yes…. What’s great about this event in 2011….is that we’re getting to show how 2E and Plex have yet again adapted to new trends and new technology….new standards. So this event, as this slide suggests, in many ways in a testing to the ongoing evolution of both 2E and Plex.
  • Reasons 5, 6 and 7 that I listed all equate with who you’ll get the opportunity to network with and develop contacts with for as long as you’re working with 2E and Plex. Now it’s true that many of us know each other over forums, wikis….even web broadcasts like this one. The world is becoming more and more networked as the years go by. But in the 2E/Plex world…and like many other technology-based worlds….there’s no substitute for face-to-face meetings every now and then. This event represents what there’s no substitute for. So here under one roof you’re going to meet some of the world’s brightest minds in our community bar none – from CA, from our dedicated partner community….and from many companies around the globe….who may have the same questions as you…or who many have answers to the ones you’re trying to find out. It’s what makes networking valuable. And it never hurts to just make new friends of course. Keep on networking everybody…..
  • Value. Reason 8…maybe reason 1 for some people. What would you pay to attend a conference where you could actually attend not one but two training courses, attend about 12-15 technical sessions yourself and have your meals paid for. $1,000? $2,000? Each time we’ve figured out new ways to keep our event low in cost yet rich in content and high in value. So once again, we’ve been able to keep this at $250 per delegate…and again that includes what’s listed on this slide. But this rate will only run through the end of this month….so you have three weeks to attend this conference at this marvelous rate. It does go up minimally I will say after that….so hurry, don’t wait! Value for the money…is reason 8.
  • Ah, location. So as we’ve moved this event around each time…and having held it in some locations that made some people say “What?”….we’ve landed in the Chicago area this time. Why? First it’s a great place to visit in general, especially in late spring/early summer. So the fun factor is there. Then, as this is a truly international event…it’s an easily accessible place. Over the course of this conference’s history we’ve now collectively hosted delegates from more than 20 countries around the world. And there aren’t many major cities around the world that don’t have a direct flight to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Easily accessible….for many of you there will be no connections required. Next, it’s surprisingly affordable in the outskirts of the city…and our particular location boasts the USA’s second largest shopping mall along with many other nearby attractions such as Legoland. Lots to do…lots to see…and you can also get down to the city if you would like to. So I am especially excited to be able to have our event here this time around. And this will also provide many of our customers in the midwest US, and there are a few of those, to have the opportunity to attend this event. Perhaps even entire development teams can make it! It would definitely be worthwhile …..
  • So you’ve heard me go on about this event…and heard me mention “previous conferences.” This carries on what’s become a great tradition of what was once known as “the Synon conference.” The feel of those events is there…..but with a definite flavor of CA and what we’ve done to continue development and support of 2E/Plex for 11 years now. So whether you attend Boise in 2005, Austin in 2006, Cincinnati in 2007, or Ft Lauderdale in 2009….we’re now moving back to another region of the USA that we hope you’ll not only say you’ve visited…but that you’ll have great memories of…both in terms of what you learned…and what you did.
  • To summarize reason 11…..I will do something that I normally don’t like to do….read verbatim from a slide. But there’s not a more appropriate way to put this….(read the slide).
  • Well, seriously I am not sure you’d necessarily say “no brainer”….but I’d be hard pressed to believe there isn’t one person in this user community that wouldn’t be at least curious to come….and who wouldn’t get anything out of this event. So I’ve spent time talking about 11 good reasons to be in Chicago on June 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I hope you agree that this event will be as exciting and educational as any user conference we’ve ever had for this product community. We think you’ll find it invaluable….and so the next steps belong to you....
  • To learn more….to see the session grid….to see the sessions and course descriptions….to register online for the conference and for your hotel accommodations…visit www.plex2e.com.
  • You can register for the event quickly and easily online….at this tab on our site. And again…the $250 rate will end on March 31st . So again don’t wait…and don’t forget!
  • You can link to the sessions and abstracts or descriptions at this tab….and print them out as your personal agenda……
  • And you can reserve your hotel room at the conference value, the Marriott Hotel in Schaumburg, for the conference rate of $127 per night….reasonable for a full service Marriott hotel that incidentally, bills itself as a premier wedding hotel. So apparently many people have wedding receptions at this hotel, and maybe some lucky couple will be fortunate enough to meet the Plex/2E community….
  • And how do we get to hold such an event? We have longtime dedicated partners, one of CA’s best worldwide partner networks, with whom many of you in the community are undoubtedly familiar with, but we have new partners as well that you’ll meet and hear more about as our event approaches. CM First from Switzerland and now also the US, Websydian from Denmark, ARAD Computing from South Africa, Desynit from the UK, AXSOS from Germany, MKS from Canada and the US, and ADC Austin from the USA. And of course CA Technologies is a valued co-sponsor as well. But without our partners and their continued support….this event does not happen….so I remember always to thank my lucky stars that as a product manager for a set of great application development environments that I have great partner support to depend on…..
  • So as I conclude this program….I hope I’ve given you some reasons to want to attend….and that if you were on the fence before….you may not be now. But seriously….if you have questions…we can ask them here shortly or you can contact me at William.Hunt@ca.com.
  • On behalf of our partners, our session speakers, our development teams…and myself….I sincerely hope we’ll see you in June, and hope you’ll go out and register today, or as soon as possible…..it’s going to be a great event, the content is unmatchable, the energy at these events is amazing….and you’ll be reminded why it’s always a great time to be a 2E or Plex developer…..and again go to plex2e.com for information and online reigstration.
  • So thank you all for your attention….and at this time we can open up the lines for comments or questions you may have…..
  • Welcome to << insert session name >>. We’d like to begin our presentation by giving you a sense for who CA Technologies is as a company, and where we’d headed.To begin with, some fundamentals about our organization. As you know, CA Technologies has over 30 years of experience in providing IT management software. We continue to lead in our core competencies of managing and securing IT environments. We also support our customers as their IT needs change. We enable the delivery of more flexible IT services by providing the critical foundational elements that our customers need to realize the benefits of new technologies. With our solutions, customers gain the ability to quickly adopt emerging technologies at the right time, the right place, and from the best sources.CA Technologies is unique in the industry for our ability to solve the toughest IT management issues through:Deep expertise in diverse and complex environments -- providing the insight and control necessary to get the most productivity out of your mainframe and physical infrastructure, to confidently adopt, deliver and manage virtual services and to build public, private and hybrid cloudsHighly reliable and scalable products that are easy to use -- no matter the size of the organization, or the scope of the project, CA Technologies provides reliable products that will effectively scale and function, allowing your business to thrive through flexible IT A practical approach to innovation -- linking together highly strategic acquisitions and robust internal development, resulting in breakthroughs that integrate with existing technology environmentsWe are executing against a bold vision for the future, where IT resources are delivered with unprecedented levels of flexibility. We address CIO issues in emerging technology environments that hold promise for a better run IT organization and a more profitable business. We bring unique strengths to the table that will help our customers to make informed decisions about how to build their next generation IT ecosystem. Finally, we are also evolving in a more fundamental way by streamlining and simplifying our internal processes and service practices to ensure our customers’ experience is even more efficient and rewarding.
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