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Presentation on the use of Semweb technology in a SURF program

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Surf semantic webtechnology_lak12_def

  1. 1. Semantic Web technology; Applied in research and education John Doove, SURFLAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  2. 2. Outline• Mini intro on SURF• An example of earlier work with Semantic Web technologies in the SURFshare program: Enhanced Publications- What?- Why?- How?• Crossover to Education: Enhanced Weblectures• Future Possibilities for Learning AnalyticsLAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  3. 3. SURF: ICT innovation by and for highereducation and research Research universities, universities of applied sciences, and research institutions work together in SURF, in order to • Improve the quality of research and education • By creating pioneering ICT innovations For the past 25 years the Dutch higher education and research institutions have been collaborating on ICT innovation projects that go beyond what is possible at individual institutions.
  4. 4. SURF 4 year Plan Collaboration fee X M€ Innovation grants/calls Government/EuropeLAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412 3
  5. 5. SURF organisation SURF NWO IT and Research IT and Eduataion IT and Organisation SURFnet SURFmarket SURFsharee-src LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  6. 6. mLAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  7. 7. SURFshareSURFshare-programma 2007-20111. Enhanced Publications2. Collaboratories (Virtual Research Environments)3. Quality and Impact of Open Access Publications4. Architecture and Infrastructure5. Knowledge Dissemination for Universities for applied sciences6. Access to Research Data7. SURFshare Community ManagementLAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  8. 8. Enhanced Publications (EP)An enhanced publication is a scholarly publication –usually a full text – that has been enhanced withadditional (supplementary)materials LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  9. 9. Enhanced Publications Publications combined with research data • Improve interpretation, reproduction and verification • Promote available data • Browseable network of related items LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  10. 10. LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  11. 11. 2011 Call “Maken van Verrijkte Publicaties” Users make their own Enhanced Publications …. With a little help  Tender Specs Projecten Evaluatie Second round of Tender Tenders; User Centric Specs Projecten Evaluatie First round of Tenders; Does it Tender work at the Universities/institutes?Specs Projecten Evaluatie DRIVER II; what is it , Does it work technically? LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  12. 12. Tender Projects (consecutive rounds)• First: a basic understanding of the background and techniques including demonstrator• Second: experimented with ‘real life’ publications to test if the concept was usable (First round of Tenders (projects ‘Samen in Delen’ and ‘CORF/OA+’)• Third: Decision to put this into practice; focussing on the user perspectivesee video:• Final: Researchers make their own Enhanced Publicationssee video: Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  13. 13. Proof of Concept: DriverDemonstrator• …relationships between objects (RDF, OAI-ORE). dex.html LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  14. 14. Demonstrator NIAS, 03-03-2011
  15. 15. NIAS, 03-03-2011
  16. 16. LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  17. 17. LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  18. 18. Source: Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  19. 19.
  20. 20. LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  21. 21. One infrastructure?... Well at least OneDatamodel (RDF/XML) 20
  22. 22. Criteria for SURF EP Datamodel (ORE Application Profile): +RDF+XMLLAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  23. 23. Different Tools for creating EnhancedPublications (EP) Relationships between Rich Journal Weblogs & various Internet articles & research supl. mat. Publications supl. mat. objects ESCAPE Open Word- Xpos’re Journal press .com/p/surf- escape/ http://xposr System http://wordpress. org/extend/plugin display/vp/Enhanc s/enhanced- publication/ ed+Journals+Mad e+Easy+(EJME) EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP EP Ep EPSURF – ICT innovatie voor hoger onderwijs en onderzoek EP 22
  24. 24. EP EPInContext EP EP EP EP 23 SURF – ICT innovatie voor hoger onderwijs en onderzoek
  25. 25. Aggregating Enhanced Publications EP EP EP 24SURF – ICT innovatie voor hoger onderwijs en onderzoek
  26. 26. LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  27. 27. LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  28. 28. LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  29. 29. Cross-over to Education - Weblectures• Students are shown the resources mentioned during a weblecture LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  30. 30. • As provided by teacher through an easy to use tool…LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  31. 31. • Now, since in the backrgound these relationships are stored as RDFtriples, the same resources are also presented like this:LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  32. 32. And finally the link to Learning Analytics • Which allows for tracking the students behaviour when exploring new resources and analyze which kind of relationships (or authors or subjects) are more populair• Which allows for recommender services• Which allows for…?LAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412
  33. 33. Many thanks for your atttention!More info?Doove@surf.nlLAK12 Preconf_LinkedData_290412