The Social Startup: New strategies for a new world


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JD Lasica's talk about how to create a Social Startup. Tips on how to socialize your startup, including how to hone your core message or value proposition, how to build a community or supporters and why it's important to tell your own story.

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The Social Startup: New strategies for a new world

  1. 1. The Social StartupNew strategies for a new worldDzien dobry!june 2013KRAKOW, POLANDJD Lasica@jdlasica
  2. 2. Creative CommonsBY photo on Flickrby Tom@HKRelax!Slides at | hashtag: #bitspiration2013
  3. 3. Polska
  4. 4. Dziadziu & Babcia Łasica
  5. 5. Dziadziu & Babcia Łasica
  6. 6. Reimaginings
  7. 7. Reimaginings
  8. 8. A journey of discoveryA W H O L E L O T T A Ł A S I C A S
  9. 9. Build generosity into your startup(I didn’t know these people!)
  10. 10. Reimaginings
  11. 11. It’s a new world
  12. 12. • 1 billion+ Facebook users worldwide.• 200 million blogs; 1 million blog posts created per day• Twitter: 200+ million active users, 500 million tweets per day• Google+: 343 million active users• LinkedIn: 200 million monthly users• Pinterest: 50 million users• Instagram: 100 million users, 4 billion photos• YouTube: 4 billion videos watched per day• 90% of Internet users are outside the US!Social’s explosive growth
  13. 13. Global mobile traffic: voice & data, 2010-2018Mobile traffic data will grow 1,200% in next 5 yearsData outlook for smart devicesWhere weare todayO B L I G A T O R Y M O B I L E S L I D E
  14. 14. The world is changing
  15. 15. The world is changing
  16. 16. Product, product, product, yes1) Message. What’s the one brilliant thingyour startup will do? What’s the one thingyou’ll be known for?But also consider 3 ideas for Social Startup success:2) Messengers. Use social to build a passionatecommunity.3) Media. Use social to tell your own story.
  17. 17. Zappos: Delivering happiness1 . H A C K Y O U R S T A R T U P ’ S M E S S A G EZappos’ 10 core values1. Deliver “wow” through service2. Embrace and drive change3. Create fun and a little weirdness4. Be adventurous, creative and open-minded5. Pursue growth and learning6. Build open and honest relationshipswith communication7. Build a positive team and family spirit8. Do more with less9. Be passionate and determined10. Be humble“Zappos is acustomer servicecompany thathappens to sellshoes.”— founder Tony Hsieh
  18. 18. Build Social DNA into the cultureZ A P P O S ’ H I R I N G P R O C E S SSocial is not just for the marketing team
  19. 19. Become a social founder“Put yourself out there. Become acenter of attention. Stir up a publicconversation & get people tocome to you.”– Jyri Engstrom, angel,entrepreneur, founder, formerhead of social at Google
  20. 20. Bake social into your product• Instagram: Their product was the marketing.• Pinterest: It’s all about the repins.• Tumblr: Share cool stuff you spot online.• YouTube: They won because of embed video feature.• Airbnb: Puts a human face on homeowners & landlords.• Dropbox: Rewarding customers with free extra storage spacefor referrals accounted for 60% of their growth.• Hotmail: Amazing virality because of “Get your free email atHotmail” sig at bottom of every email.
  21. 21. Don’t be like this guy!Creative Commonsphoto on Flickr byJason MeansDon’t do all the heavy lifting!2 . E N L I S T M E S S E N G E R S
  22. 22. Bake social into your Go to Market• Don’t hire a PR firm!• Use content marketing forenhanced SEO• Create a social media newsroom• Identify & engage influencers• Invite early adopters to test theproduct• Consider an ambassadors oraffiliate program• Think in terms of building acommunity of engaged users, notan audience of passive consumers
  23. 23. here’s an amazing differencebetween building anaudience and building acommunity. An audience willwatch you fall on a sword. Acommunity will fall on asword for you.— Chris BroganAuthor, “Trust Agents”Build community, not eyeballs
  24. 24. Your startup is a media outlet3 . M E D I A : T E L L Y O U R O W N S T O R Y
  25. 25. Elon Musk vs. the NY TimesT E L L I N G T H E T E S L A S T O R Y
  26. 26. Elon Musk vs. the NY TimesT E L L I N G T H E T E S L A S T O R Y
  27. 27. LaunchRock Early stage set-upGoogle Analytics Free, rich measurement insightsDropbox, Google docs Collaborate in the cloudHootSuite Pro Twitter dashboardAGILE, Continuous Integration Your friend during developmentRapportive Details about who you’re emailingLittle Bird, Klout Find influencers in your sectorLinkedIn Great way to find advisersTop Twitter tools Twtrland, Twitalyzer, ListoriousPitchEngine Social PR platformGoogle Keywords Tool Know thy keywords!Social plug-ins Help your community Tens of millions of photos for free useUse what works!T O O L S T O U S E
  28. 28. If you do not changedirection, you mayend up where you areheading.— Lao TseDon’t settle for the status quo
  29. 29. Spoko! Let’s talk!Find me on