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Part 2 of the Mobilize Your Cause Bootcamp, held at CUNY as part of Personal Democracy Forum 2010. Some of the tools discussed include:

- Google Earth
- Google Earth historical layers
- Google Sidewiki
- Visualizations
- Widgets
- Google Maps
- Annotations & tagging
- Mashups
- Creative Commons

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Mobilize your cause: Tools

  1. 1. Mobilize Your Cause! B O O T C A M P Focus: Tools & Building a Program Personal Democracy Forum JD Lasica Founder, June 2, 2010
  2. 2. Relax! Creative Commons photo on Flickr: “relaxation, the maldivian way” by notsogoodphotography (all sites in this talk have been tagged for later retrieval) Presentation at
  3. 3. Take your cause to next level 1. Build a program, not a one-off campaign 2. Give your cause a distinctive twist 3. Use social action hubs, partner with businesses where it makes sense 4. Enlist like-minded organizations to join in 5. Create media to support your cause 6. Personalize the Ask 7. Fish where the fish are: Facebook, Twitter Experiment, iterate, refine 8. Create offline event to tie into online campaign 9. Live-stream your offline events 10. Use social tools to advance your strategic objectives
  4. 4. Build an active community here’s an amazing difference between building an audience and building a community. An audience will watch you fall on a sword. A community will fall on a sword for you. — Chris Brogan Author,“Trust Agents”
  5. 5. Social action hubs Care2 TakePart WiseEarth Causes Amazee Idealist Causecast
  6. 6. Competitions America’s Giving Challenge Chase Giving Sam’s Club Giving Made Simple campaign Pepsi Challenge MTV
  7. 7. Leverage the ecosystem of free Free content! Free resources! Free photos Free videos Free music & audio Free software & platforms! Free expertise! WordPress & its plug-ins BarCamp Open Office 3.0 PodCamp Drupal, Joomla & other WordCamp open source platforms Social Media Ubuntu Linux OS Club Kaltura for video
  8. 8. T O O L S Creative Commons • Rich source of free commercial & noncommercial images • Flickr: 137 million Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivatives & ShareAlike licenses • Use them for your blog, website, email or print newsletter, presentations, etc. • Don’t just take. Share!
  9. 9. T O O L S The power of mobile devices ‘Everyone is a witness’
  10. 10. T O O L S Animation & Mapping Egypt & Tunisia
  11. 11. T O O L S Darfur & Google Earth Crisis in Darfur: Using Google Earth
  12. 12. T O O L S Google Earth’s historical layers Historic Centre of Warsaw, 1945 & today
  13. 13. T O O L S Google Sidewiki Google Sidewiki at
  14. 14. T O O L S Google Sidewiki Google Sidewiki at
  15. 15. T O O L S Do-good widgets Create a widget on or create your own
  16. 16. The power of open APIs Enlist community to hack & contextualize public records Don’t know APIs? Go to
  17. 17. T O O L S Online visualizations Tea Party’s ‘Contract From America’ word cloud on manyeyes
  18. 18. T O O L S Online visualizations manyeyes Make your story more visual: Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ testimony before Congress.
  19. 19. T O O L S Online visualizations The Decline: The Geography of a Recession by LaToya Egwuekwe
  20. 20. T O O L S Annotations & tagging Foursquare and virtual graffiti on campus Geolocation services democratize commentary about universities, institutions
  21. 21. T O O L S Mashups & humor Fox & Glenn Beck declare war on enemies of America campaign
  22. 22. Other tools & platforms Social Actions: Open API enables organizations & bloggers to volunteer or take action on the causes they support, can tailor it to your cause. The Extraordinaries: Use the power of community for micro- volunteerism in people’s spare time. OpenStreetMap: Open source “Wikipedia of maps”; community builds own maps using GPS & donated satellite imagery.
  23. 23. Warning: Gatekeepers Place faith in your cause, not closed platforms Exhibit 1: Facebook
  24. 24. Warning: Gatekeepers Exhibit 2: Apple Political satirist Mark Fiore was ‘invited to reapply’ after winning Pulitzer Prize
  25. 25. Tools & resources Fundraising: ChipIn, Causes, Razoo, RT2Give, givezooks! Cause sites: Care2,, Causecast,,, Resources, tutorials:,, Mobilizing Youth, Techsoup Translation captioning: dotSUB Collaboration: Dropbox,, Pando Social bookmarking: Delicious, Gnolia, Crowd-funded journalism: Polls: Twtpoll, Zoomerang, Survey Monkey, SurveyGizmo Project management:, Basecamp, Google Docs
  26. 26. Biggest resource: Your supporters
  27. 27. Following up JD Lasica, email: Twitter: @jdlasica Katrin Verclas, email: Twitter: @katrinskaya Resources at Bookmarks at Presentation at