Engagement & metrics: How to get it on!


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Presentation given by JD Lasica at the bootcamp "Advancing a New Vision for Youth Sexuality through New Media" given by ISIS and convened by the Ford Foundation in Oakland, fall 2011.

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Engagement & metrics: How to get it on!

  1. 1. Engagement & metrics:How to get it on! Advancing a New Vision for Youth Sexuality through New Media ISIS, Nov. 8, 2011 JD Lasica Founder, Socialbrite.org jd@socialbrite.org
  2. 2. What we’ll cover today Goal: 3 insights Topics: 1. Engagement: Strategies, tactics, tips & campaigns 2. Tracking the data 3. Q&A Hugs, tearful goodbyes
  3. 3. Today’s hashtag Creative Commons photo on Flickr by Prakhar Tweet this preso! Hashtag: #youthsexuality
  4. 4. Relax! Flickr photo “relaxation, the maldivian way” by notsogoodphotography www.socialbrite.org/isis
  5. 5. RULES OF ENGAGEMENTLay the groundworkDo you have a social media policy or guidelines?Do you have a Strategic Plan in place?Have you studied or surveyed your community?Have you identified your social media team members?Are they properly trained?Do you have buy-in from top management? Do you know how to build evergreen programs beforecampaigns? http://socialbrite.org/isis for policies, best practices
  6. 6. Is your strategy aligned? thehopeinstitute.usMoving from tactics to strategy: Direct mail, events marketing & social media working as an integrated ecosystem
  7. 7. 12 steps to success socialbrite.org/isis
  8. 8. Activate your supporters 1. First, listen and observe 2. Begin with a Plan (including metrics) 3. Define a clear theme 4. Frame it with a personal story 5. Create lightweight media 6. Create a simple call to action 7. Create a conversation hub for participants 8. Consider a mobile component 9. Find your champions! Turn influencers into evangelists10. Use immediacy & urgency: Headlines & deadlines11. Use social love handles12. Connect online with real-world events
  9. 9. Begin with a Strategic PlanIt could include:360 assessment of social mediacapabilitiesList of goalsDescription of online communityProposed use of social tools& platformsRecommendations on expandedcapabilitiesSpecifics of metrics programCompetitive/peer analysisIt should not include:Shiny object syndrome
  10. 10. Have you defined a clear theme? Boil down your cause to a strong, single sentence Vittana: Help anyone go to college Alter Eco: Support fair trade ActBlue: Elect progressive candidates DonorsChoose: Support public classrooms in need
  11. 11. Be the blue fish! Conversation follows interesting content
  12. 12. C R E AT E C O N T E N T, T E L L S T O R I E STap into our shared humanity Lascaux, France, 17,000 years ago
  13. 13. Use personal storytelling Find emotional core, use videos or photos to make us feel invisiblepeople.tv
  14. 14. Find your internal storytellers List staffers’ skills Who’s good at photography? Video? Writing? Facebook or Twitter? Create a Blog Squad Who’s good at campaigns? Open your blog to guest posts, partner with community orgs Find free content
  15. 15. Find your external champions! Find the big kahunas in your sector by using your listening post. Then, influence the influencers. Post on their blogs & retweet. Establish a rapport and only then reach out to try to convert them into evangelists & ambassadors for your cause. Scope out Twitter Lists that intersect with your organization or social cause. Useful tools: Klout, SocialMention, Google Analytics.
  16. 16. Create an Events Calendar Key off both internal events & community events
  17. 17. CASE STUDYNo on 8 Wedding Registry 1,700 couples raised $1 million+ for Equality California
  18. 18. CASE STUDYChunk out your fundraising SaveMaryLake.com $300,000 raised in 2 months
  19. 19. CASE STUDYSMA: Tweet for a Cure2,922 people have tweeted reaching 1.6 million followers http://gwendolynstrongfoundation.org
  20. 20. EXERCISESMA: Tweet for a Cure http://bit.ly/tweet4cure
  21. 21. USE YOUR COMMUNITYBuild community, not eyeballshere’s an amazing difference between building an audience and building acommunity. An audience willwatch you fall on a sword. A community will fall on a sword for you. — Chris Brogan Author, “Trust Agents”
  22. 22. MEANINGFUL METRICSBefore you start, measure!
  23. 23. Metrics tool handout
  24. 24. ‘Data is better than gut’ Gather, analyze, act Photo on Flickr by Vee Dub (CC-BY)
  25. 25. Set goals, map metricsGoals Metrics to measure Grow email list of supporters # newsletter, RSS subscribers Increase comments on blog avg. # comments/post Increase website visibility increase in traffic or linkback #s Increase positive mentions of mentions in blogs & social organization or cause networks Have visitors stick around stick rate, bounce rate Make our content more viral # of shares Get people to take action # of petition signatures Get people to attend event # of registrants, year over year
  26. 26. HANDS-ON DEMOKeywords are key Geek out! Search ‘socialbrite.org’ on semrush.com
  27. 27. Google Keyword tool https://adwords.google.com/o/Targeting/Explorer
  28. 28. Google Keyword tool
  29. 29. Google Analytics google.com/analytics
  30. 30. Google AnalyticsWho loves ya, baby? See which Twitter users drive most traffic
  31. 31. Keep track of traffic referrers Write down keywords driving traffic & attention
  32. 32. HANDS-ON DEMOFacebook Insights
  33. 33. M E T R I C S A S D ATA V I S U A L I Z AT I O NMap mashups with open data Broadband speeds at schools & colleges in Miami
  34. 34. New York sex heat map‘The Deeper Into Brooklyn You Go, the Kinkier People Get’ The darker the color, the more likely a neighborhoods residents are to respond to contact on OkCupid. openheatmap.com
  35. 35. Other metrics tools Metricly.com (metrics dashboard) Crowdbooster.com (Twitter) Klout.com (influence score) Socialbrite roundup of Twitter tools
  36. 36. SOCIAL MEDIA DASHBOARDSPace yourself, don’t stress! Hootsuite CoTweet Tweetdeck Spredfast Netvibes http://bit.ly/smdash
  37. 37. RESOURCESSocialbrite Sharing Center http://socialbrite.org/sharing-center
  38. 38. Don’t settle for the status quoIf you do not change direction, you mayend up where you are heading. — Lao Tse
  39. 39. Thank you, let’s talk! JD Lasica, founder Socialbrite.org email: jd@socialbrite.org Twitter: @jdlasica @socialbrite http://socialbrite.org/isis