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How to play fantasy football






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How to play fantasy football Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How To Play Fantasy Football
    In this presentation I will show you the basics for playing fantasy football. I will walk you through a step by step process for starting and playing fantasy football successfully. Fantasy Football is a fun and easy activity that you and your friends can enjoy. So pay attention and get ready for some football!
  • 2. The Basics
    • Research
    • 3. Drafting
    • 4. Players and Positions
    • 5. Trades
    • 6. Free Agents
    • 7. Add/Drops
    • 8. Scoring System
    • 9. How You Score Points
    • 10. Divisions
    • 11. Playoffs
  • Research
    • Keep up with player news on ESPN.
    • 12. Check list of injured players and how long they will be out.
    • 13. Check to see what players have been traded and which team they have been traded to.
    • 14. Check for players that have retired.
    • 15. Check fantasy football magazines for upcoming players and projections for the upcoming season.
  • Joining a League
    • Pick a website
    • 16. www.nfl.com
    • 17. www.espn.com
    • 18. www.yahoo.com
    • 19. Join a public league
    • 20. Crete an account
    • 21. Create a team name
    • 22. Check date and time of draft date
  • Drafting Your Team
    Drafting your team is, in my eyes, the most important part of playing fantasy football. This is where you should apply all of your research and use it to pick your best team. The first four round will be your obvious pick, but your mid to late round picks can make or break your team. In these round you really need to use your research to form the best team possible.
  • 23. Drafting
    • Go to your fantasy football league and login
    • 24. Choose your created team
    • 25. Enter the draft room
    • 26. Check your position on the draft chart
    • 27. Print off a sheet showing you all of the NFL team bye-weeks.
    • 28. Begin your draft
  • Players and Positions
    • Quarterback
    • Running Backs
    Two starters
    1-2 back-ups
    • Wide Receivers
    Three starters
    2-3 back-ups
    • Tight End
    • Kicker
    • Defense
  • 29. Trades
    • Trades consist of you and another player in your league.
    • 30. You can trade as many players from your team that you want.
    • 31. Trades are subject to a 2 day voting period where the other players in you league can vote for or against the trade.
    • 32. Trades are available to all players in the league until the leagues trade deadline passes.
  • Free Agents
    • Free agents are players who were not drafted and can be picked up at any time during the week.
    • 33. If one of your players gets hurt or is not producing you can pick up one of these free agents in that players place.
    • 34. There is no deadline for picking up free agents.
  • Add / Drops
    • You can add free agents to your team from the undrafted list of players.
    • 35. Choose a player from the list that you want.
    • 36. Add that player to your team.
    • 37. After you add a player you will be forced to drop a player from your drafted team.
    • 38. Choose the player you wish to drop.
    • 39. Drop that player from your team.
  • Scoring System
    • Your players score points each week.
    • 40. Your league has a specific scoring system for each player position.
    • 41. Your players can gain and lose points depending on what that players does.
    • 42. Each week you play a different player in your league.
    • 43. The team with the most points wins.
  • How You Score Points
    • Quarterbacks
    • 44. Passing yards
    • 45. Throwing touchdowns
    • 46. Interceptions
    • 47. Fumbles
    • 48. Running backs
    • 49. Rushing yards
    • 50. Touchdowns
    • 51. Fumbles
    • 52. Wide Receivers
    • 53. Receiving yards
    • 54. Touchdowns
    • 55. Fumbles
    • 56. Tight Ends
    • 57. Receiving yards
    • 58. Touchdowns
    • 59. Fumbles
    • 60. Kickers
    • 61. Field Goals
    • 62. PAT’s (Point After Touchdown)
    • 63. Defense
    • 64. Interceptions
    • 65. Fumble recoveries
    • 66. Touchdowns
    • 67. Total Yards
    • 68. Special Teams
  • Divisions
    • Your league will consist of 12 teams.
    • 69. These teams will be split into 3 divisions.
    • 70. Each division will consist of 4 teams.
    • 71. You will play every team in the league, but you will play the teams in your division twice.
    • 72. The teams at the top of each division will move on to the playoffs at the end of the season.
  • Playoffs
    At the end of the regular season the top teams of each division will enter the playoffs.
    There will also be a wild card slot.
    This slot will be filled by the 4th best team in the league.
    This team will be the 4th best team in the league.
    These teams play each other. The winners move on to the league championship.
    The winner of that game will be league champion.
  • 73. Using The Guidelines
    Now that you have seen all of the guidelines in this presentation, you should be ready to start playing fantasy football. If you follow the guidelines you will be successful! Just remember to do your research and, most of all, have fun!