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June Newsletter

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Kba june _newsletter[1]

  1. 1. Below areactivities that willbe conductedduring themonths of JulythroughSeptember. Moreinformation tocome as we work through thisprocess. You may start registeringchildren for our Summer Activitiesas space is limited. All activities willbe supervised by our volunteers. Allvolunteers will have their cori/soricheck before working with children.Enrollment in our summer activitiesis limited. To guarantee a freeplacement, please complete andreturn the registration formincluding the following: Current immunization records Copy of a physicalRegistration FormAdditional information:Our program is free to thecommunity. However, we require aregistration and membership fees.This information can be found onour registration pageRegister your child early to get aspace. Because of our exemption andsmall facility, we can just have 10children at the time during eachsession. So please register early to beguaranteed a spot. We also hopeparents will donate to our center tohelp us continue this type ofprogram.Non-stop Fun Ages: 9+Time: 9:00-4:30 PMDays: Monday- FridayCost: Free for less than 5 daysDescription: Arts and Crafts, games,fitness, African dance, leadershipskills, , assisted yoga, and healthyliving classes.Activities for Ages: 5+Time: 9:00-12:30 PM or 1:30 – 4:00 PMDays: Monday- FridayCost: Free for less than 3 daysDescription: Arts and Crafts, games,fitness, African dance, leadershipskills, assistedyoga, healthyliving classes,Note: ages 5to 8 should bepick uppromptly; noExceptions!KIDS BE AWARE, INC.June 2013Volume 3, Issue 4Our Mission and VisionTo increase diseaseawareness among childrenand parents; To promotehealthy behaviors, reducethe spread of infections,and to reduce health-related issues in ournation’s children.Table of ContentsCEO’s Corner .............. 2Highlights......................... 2Featured Articles:Healthy Recipes............. 3Body Wellness............... 4........................................... 5Free Summer Activities At Kids Be AwareWellness Center
  2. 2. CEO’s Corner...support that will enable us toexpand our Kids Be Awaremission, and to uphold ourvision for childreneverywhere.You may donate by going atour website: http://www.kidsbeaware.org orsimply by mailing in yourchecks. At Kids Be Aware,Inc. 600 west CummingsPark Ste 1700 Woburn, MA01801I thank you in advance foryour support and hope thatyou find it in your heart tohelp us decrease healthdisparities among ourchildren.We strive to bring better lifeto all and we work hardeveryday to accomplish this.“Teach me about health sothat Tomorrow I may teachothers” Together we can!Cheers and Peace to You!Jeannette Bryant, CEOKids Be Aware, Inc.Howdy!We are currently looking forvolunteers to help us withchildren’s activities.We have opened our doors forour Summer ActivitiesEnrollments. The program isfree to members. Visit ourcenter today and become amember of Kids Be Aware,Inc.I’m always overjoyed to bringmore good news to you all eachand every month and hopethat you enjoy reading us asmuch as we enjoy writingthese articles for you.I successfully completed mycamp director certificate.Although we may not startour camp this year, we will beup and running for summercamp next year. However, thissummer we are offeringhealthy fun activities to yourchildren as well as free mathand reading tutoring.We are eager to partner withorganizations all around townwhose mission and vision is inline with ours. While we arepleased in the many milestoneof our organization, we areworking hard each day tobetter our program and toreach out to the community tolet them know that we are ahelping hand and we are hereto help the success and healthof our children.We have faced many roughpatches as we work towardsopening our center but, we areworking diligently to findbetter ways to sustain ourorganization. Ever since wetook over the Cummingspropriety space back inMarch, we have been facedwith tremendous challengesand because of these challengesand resistance, we have beenunable to get children enrolled.We hope that as we moveaway from these challenges,we will have enrollments asschool is out and parents willbe looking for alternatives. Weare the healthy and free,alternative for your children!Keep us in mind.The current need of thisorganization is to getvolunteers to help us conductthe center’s upcomingactivities. Together, we canraise disease awareness amongchildren and parents.We have been growing ourface book community andinvite you to have friends andfamilies like our page. We arealso selling T-Shirt Mugs andNotebook for fundraising needand hope that you will help usin our continue effort tosustain our organizationmission. On Behalf of KBA,we are asking for in-kinddonations. All donations aretax deductible.From our modest beginnings,and with only a little bit ofhelp, we are growing and westill need your financialWe are seeking NEWEnrollment!We are seeking Volunteers forvarious roles.Contact us and Volunteer!“We strive to partner withschools, churches, andorganizations to focus on thePage 2KIDS BE AWARE, INC.
  3. 3. Healthy Recipes for childrenFire Roasted Chileand Garlic ChickenBurgersThe easiest wayto make a burgerhealthier is to subout the beef withchicken in order to skip out on the saturatedfat. This recipe adds tons of flavor with theroasted chiles, and piles on more with thegarlic. Simply leave out the bacon to go easyon your waistline and you’re good to go. Use amulti-grain or whole wheat bun to make it acomplete meal.http://bembu.com/healthy-dinner-recipesPaleo Curry MeatballsThe curry sauce on thesegives them a unique flavorthat’s unusual in the world of meatballs. Theseare dairy free for all of you Paleo enthusiasts,and they end up as a healthy option even forthose that aren’t following the Paleo diet. Ifyou’re looking for low-carbs you can make ameal out of them, and if not you can balancethese out with some nice whole wheat pasta ora baked potato.http://bembu.com/healthy-dinner-recipesCrock PotChickenTaco ChiliNo tacoshellsneeded toenjoy this chili. It uses chicken instead ofbeef so you’re getting all of the flavoryou’d want, but without worrying aboutadded fat from ground beef. The beansare there, as you’d expect, but you maywant to add some bell peppers to getsome more veggies included. The cornand beans are your carb source. Overall ahearty meal you can eat with a fork.http://bembu.com/healthy-dinner-recipesPage 3KIDS BE AWARE, INC.Cha Cha BowlThe bright mix of colorsmakes this a great dish towhip up when you havecompany over, and noone will suspect thatyou’re passing off healthy food on them. Theingredients are all freshly made, and retain theirhealthy status by not being cooked. The riceand beans supply some good carbs, the chickenis the protein adder, and there are yummy veg-gies like zucchini. The healthy fats from theavocados mean you’ll feel full and fight bodyfat.http://bembu.com/healthy-dinner-recipes
  4. 4. Seasonal Allergies in ChildrenAs spring begins to unfold around us, we are tempted to shed our winter coats and hats and head to the greatoutdoors. We may even notice the beautiful budding trees and the onslaught of new flowers of every color and hue.For some however, spring heralds yet another round of seasonal allergies. Seasonal Allergies are considered to occuras a result of an allergic reaction to a trigger (such as new flowers and grasses) that is typically present for part of theyear, such as spring or fall. Symptoms of seasonal allergies include sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, itching of the nose, and post-nasal drip. Not all people experience all of the symptoms of hay fever, and in some people, only one symptom will predominate. It maybe difficult to tell the difference between seasonal allergies and the common cold, and only an allergist may be able to tell thedifference. This type of allergy often occurs when pollen is present. Pollens are tiny, egg-shaped powdery grains released fromflowering plants, which are carried by the wind or insects and serve to cross-pollinate other plants of the same type for reproductivepurposes. When pollen is present in the air, it can land in a person’s eyes, nose, lungs and skin to set up an allergic reaction. The higherthe pollen count in your area, the worse your symptoms can be. To check out the pollen count in your area please go to: Pollen.comHow can I help my child who has seasonal allergies?If your child suffers from seasonal allergies, there are steps you can take to reduce their symptoms and decreasethe use of medications: During the spring, keep your children indoors in the evenings because pollen levels are highest during that timeof day.Keep your home and car windows closed during windy, sunny days.Have your children take a shower after spending time outside to remove any pollen residue on their body or in their hair.Have your children change their clothes after spending time outside because they will carry pollen indoors on their clothes.Dry your clothes indoors instead of on an outdoor clothesline during this time of year.Visit your child’s medical provider for an evaluation/allergy medication(s). Medicine can help alleviate allergy symptoms in children, butwith any medication you give your child, be sure you’re using the right medication for your child’s age and weight. Follow theinstructions carefully to be sure your child gets the correct dosage. Over-the-counter, generic allergy medication is effective for manypeople and can cost less than prescription allergy medications. If you have any questions about what medications are right for yourchild, ask your family doctor. Some common allergy medications include: Nasal decongestants to relieve a stuffy nose, Antihistaminesto relieve sneezing, and an itchy, runny nose, and Nasal corticosteroids are also often used, but are available only by prescription.What if my child already had allergies?Although allergies and asthma are separate conditions, they are related. People who have allergies — particularly ones that affect thenose and eyes — are more likely to have asthma. About 70% of kids who have asthma also have an allergy to something. And manypeople who have asthma find their symptoms get worse when theyre exposed to specific allergens (things that can cause allergicreactions in some people). Future exposure to the same allergens can cause the reaction to happen again. So if your child has asthma,its wise to explore whether allergies may be triggering some of the symptoms. Talk with your doctor about how to identify possibletriggers, which can be things other than allergens, such as cold air, respiratory infections, or tobacco smoke.How to Manage OutdoorActivities with Children and Seasonal AllergiesBecause allergies and colds share symptoms many parents have a hard time telling thetwo apart. So if your child’s sneezing and sniffling lasts for more than a week and his eyes and nose are itching he most likely hasseasonal allergies and not a cold.For children whose allergies are so severe that avoidance and over-the-counter drugs aren’t enough, aprescription for nasal steroids may be in order. In some cases it’s also possible that a series of shots that can actually “re-educate” aperson’s immune system and teach it not to reject pollen. Ask an allergist if your child’s seasonal allergies are serious enough for thesespecialized treatments, but if they’re like most children they may prefer their allergies to a round of shots!- By Andrew MacGinnitie,MD, PhD, associate clinical director of the Division of Immunology at Children’s Hospital BostonSusan Ruiz, ChairKids Be Aware, Inc.Body WellnessPage 4KIDS BE AWARE, INC.
  5. 5. Writing Activities July 15-19 August 5-9Time: 9:00-4:30PMDays: Monday- FridayCost: Free for less than 3 daysDescription: Kids learn how to write stories forinclusion in the organization newsletter andmagazine. This program includes all the otheractivities too!Leadership Activities Ages: 10+ August- SeptemberTime: 9:00-4:30PMDays: Monday- FridayCost: Free for less than 5 daysDescription: The programs aim to develop theskills that young entrepreneurs need to buildeffective and efficient social ventures. Thinkcritically and creatively about societal challengesand empower yourself with the knowledge, skillsand perspective for socially responsible leadership.Dynamic faculty will lead lively discussions, engagingclasses and practical workshops focusing onincreasing social awareness and developing businessand leadership skills. Together with your peers, kidswill develop a comprehensive social venture, fromresearch to, marketing, finance and sustainability.You will have opportunities to implement andmeasure the impact of key pieces of your plan, allwhile practicing presentation and leadership skillsalong the way. The remainder of the day is pure fun.Kids Be Aware, Inc is nowaccepting new enrollmentsfor its drop in program. Toreceive free drop in care,you must:1) Become a member of Kids Be Aware2) Register for our program classesTo register your child visit our websiteat: http://www.kidsbeaware.org/Our Organization, non-profit in nature missions isto provide top level curriculum activities for chil-dren while creating a healthy environment for kidsto come in learn and play. Please visit us today!!!We Accept Donation please visit us today! Youmust be registered and a Member of Kids Be Awareto receive free Drop in Care through out the year.Call: 781-549-7373 To register your child today! Orregister via our website.Free Math and Reading Tutoring all year longSummer Activities cont.)Page 5KIDS BE AWARE, INC.Drop In Services For 9 to 13years old
  6. 6. We are on the Web!Visit us at: www.kidsbeaware.orgPage 6KIDS BE AWARE, INC.KBA Board MembersJeannette Bryant CEO kidsbeawarenow@gmail.com 781-354-2701Tiffany Henderson Treasurer donald_and_tiffany@yahoo.com 678-431-6543Susan Ruiz Chair susan.ruiz@waldenu.edu 301-302-4215Teresa Godley-Chase Co-chair Teressa.godley-chase@waldenu.edu 240-515-4222Renee Sullivan Co-Chair renee.l.sullivan@gmail.com 478-718-1306Regina Rainey Board Member reginarainey@ymail.com 864-303-2151Kids Be Aware, Inc.600 West Cummings Park Ste 1700Woburn, MA 01801Monthly Highlights“We strive to partner with schools, churches,and organizations to focus on the health andwell-being of our children”We are looking for Volunteers.All volunteers must submit toa Cori/Sori Check beforeworking with children. Visitour website or come in ourlocation and start volunteeringtoday!Kids Be Aware, IncCenter is nowOpenedWe welcome any donations to help us with theexpansion of our programTo donate to our organization please use this link:http://www.kidsbeaware.org/donateListen to our Talk Showon BBS Radio Station 2Every two weeksBeginning at 12:00PM