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  1. 1. July 2012 KIDS BE AWARE, INC. Volume 1, Issue 4 Summer SafetyHeat Safety for Children Heat Stroke is a true life-threatening emergency in which the body’s core temperature can elevate to extreme temperatures (up to 107º) and if not treated, could lead to seizures and coma. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should be taken to the emergency room immediately for Table of Contents medical management. CEO’s Corner ...............2 The American Academy of Highlights .........................2 Pediatrics advises parents to:Summer promises plenty of outsideactivities for all of us, yet many do 1. Provide at least 8oz of fluid everynot know that too much of a good 30 minutes for a 90-lb child. Featured Articles:thing can create problems for 2. Avoid exposure to the outdoors Healthy Recipes..............3children. Children, like adults, can when the temperature is excessive oreasily become dehydrated when Water Safety...................4 to have regular breaks to cool downexposed to direct sunlight and their and take in fluids. First Aid Kits in Home..5ability to sweat is much less thanadults. 3. Dress children in light-weight clothing that affords freedom ofOverheated children can experience movement and permits children tovarious degrees of symptoms some of sweat.which can lead to heat cramps, heatexhaustion, and heat stroke. 4. Children who have a medical condition should be advised by theirHeat cramps occur when there is a doctor as to how much sun exposuredecrease of blood circulating in the the child can reasonably do and whatmuscles (often leg muscles) and can steps the parents should take tobe relieved by stretching, massaging ensure the child’s safety during thethe muscles, and by stopping to rest. outdoor activity or event. Susan Ruiz, Chair Our Mission and VisionHeat Exhaustion occurs when the Kids Be Aware, Inc. To increase diseasechild has an increased core body awareness amongtemperature of up to 104º withexcessive fluid loss. Left untreated, http://www.kidsgrowth.com/ children and parents;this can lead to vomiting, confusion, resources/articledetail.cfm?id=647 To promote healthyand fainting. Treatment consists of: http://www.healthychildren.org/ behaviors, reduce thereplacement of fluids, rest, and english/safety-prevention/at-play/ spread of infections,cooling the body by fanning the and to reduce health- pages/Sun-Safety.aspx?individual in a shaded area to bring related issues in ourdown the body temperature. nfstatus=401&nftoken=00000000- nation’s children. 0000-0000-0000-
  2. 2. Page 2 KIDS BE AWARE, INC. CEO’s Corner...Thank you for being part of the Kids Be This month, we spoke to the Mayor ofAware Program and encouraging our Malden as we all know he is a very busyactivities as we visit your organizations, man but he did promise to get back toschools or Churches. Nothing gives me me with another point of contact as we encouraging and I hope to be backmore joy than to educate the community eagerly work in getting our program into there educating children and parentsabout healthy living and prevent the school system. We are also still very soon.diseases. awaiting the 501(c)3 approval from the IRS. We have our fingers cross and we There are two Churches in Medford,Thank you for letting me and my hope to get something from them very MA that are looking to have Kids Bewonderful board of directors and soon. In the next upcoming months Aware conduct multiple workshopsmembers educate your children and precisely August 25, we are hosting a this summer. Hence, it looks as I willyourselves about infectious and chronic health conference and we are expecting be very busy this summer.diseases. not only the opportunity to have all of our board members there but also the Please review our children activities,You may have noticed that we haven’t chance to connect with members of the events and videos and provide us withconducted any asthma, cancer or diabetes community of Malden, MA in particular. your suggestions.walks but be reassured that this will bechanged in the upcoming months. Bear Thank you for letting us be your prime On June 23, I was asked to conduct awith us as we find the best ways to choice for disease education in the workshop at the Greater Victory Templepromote our program in the community. community Church in Mattapan, MA. I had theHere are a few last minute ideas that just chance to work with 10 children and 10 Cheers and Peace to You!came in or I forgot about and couldnt parents. The surveys I received at thebear not to share! Jeannette end of the workshop were very Monthly Highlights “We strive to partner with schools, churches, and organizations to focus on the health and well-being of our children” KIDS BE AWARE HEALTH CONFERENCE AUGUST 25TH Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 18 DARTMOUTH ST. MALDEN, MA 02148 p.m. Parking is available for the event! Facilitator Training For further information: Email:kidsbeawarenow@gmail.com We are seeking NEW Enrollment! OR VISIT US AT We are seeking Volunteers for various roles. http://www.kidsbeaware.org Contact Us AND ollow us on Facebook and Volunteer! http:www.facebook.com/kidsbeaware
  3. 3. KIDS BE AWARE, INC. Page 3 Healthy RecipesSun-Dried Tomato Pasta Add Pesto and cook until just before burning – stirring periodicallyServes 10 +/- Add Meat(s) and stir½ Red/Green and Yellow Bell Pepper Add heavy cream and bring to a simmer. Remove½ medium sweet yellow onion or 3 green onions from heat.1 16oz package of mushrooms Stir in Cheese1 # cooked boneless chicken pieces, sausage and/ Pour over cooked pasta and Tossor shrimp Serve with Salad/Tuscan Italian Dressing and2 cloves garlic Toasted Garlic Bread sticks or Texas Toast2 jars Sun Dried Tomato Pesto½ Qt Heavy Cream Once can purchase low fat cheese as well as half and half at a reduced amount without losing the integrity of the dish. It is1 cup Parmesan Cheese good hot, without meat as a side dish or even room1 16 oz box cooked/drained temperature.pasta (Penne/Spiral orBowties) Enjoy!Sauté peppers and onions until Chef Tiffanysoft, add garlic cook 1 minute. IDEAS FOR GREAT SNACKS honeydew melon and 1 water melon. Remove the rinds and cut into medium chunks. Store in large Rub-Here are a few nice links that have great ideas bermaid type containers and you have fruit on hand for afor good snacks. week.http://familyfun.go.com/recipes/after-school-snacks-photo-gallery-872859/view-all/ My kids have really gone overboard with freezing fruits.http://recipes.kaboose.com/cooking-with- Our new favorites are FROZEN grapes, cherries and blue-kids.html berries. Ive even done raspberries. You never have to worry with fruit going bad and its a nice treat in the heat.NUT-FREE GRANOLA Just remove the vines/stems. Rinse and place in a bowl or Ziploc in the freezer... then be patient. Makes great addi-Many people have nut allergies and cant en- tion to smoothies too.joy simple things because so many productsshare manufacturers and still pose a health Chef Tiffanythreat. Heres a link to a nut-free granola Consider It Done! Personal Chef Service, L.L.C.http://recipes.kaboose.com/cooking-with-kids.html I love granola as a snack or in placeof cereal....its just SO MUCH BETTER! Youcan get so creative with it. Get online tosearch and send your tastebuds on an explora-tion!FROZEN TREETSAnother tip is to purchase 1 cantaloupe, 1
  4. 4. Page 4 KIDS BE AWARE, INC. WATER SAFETY “How Clean is Your Pool?” Renee Sullivan, M.A., CCLC Memorial Day officially kicks off the summer season. As temperatures begin to rise, days get longer and schools wind down for the ter m,thoughts turn to outdoor activities and fun in the sun. One of the best ways to cool off from the summer heat is to go swimming but there are somesafety issues that you need to be aware of before you jump into the water. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2012) warnagainst Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs) that can arise from swallowing or breathing in contaminated water from lakes, streams, pools, hot tubsand even the ocean. Diseases can include a variety of infections to include ear, eye, gastrointestinal, respiratory and wound infections. Bacteria, suchas E. coli and Crypto found in contaminated water, can cause severe diarrhea.Ever noticed how most public pools require one to shower off before entering the water? Nobody likes to be sick, especially during the summerwhen there are so many fun activities to experience. To keep your family safe, remind them that bacteria in public swimming areas can come fromurine and feces in the water (CDC, 2012). Before entering the water, make sure you rinse off as the average person has about .14 grams of feces ontheir bottoms can contaminate the swimming water and, if swallowed, can make one very sick. A quick shower can make a difference! Teach yourchildren to get out of the pool and go to the restroom when needed instead of going in the hot tub, pool, lake, ocean or other bodies of water.Other safety precautions to prevent illnesses include frequently checking chlorine levels in pools and hot tubs to ensure the right mixture. Improperchemical levels in hot tubs can lead to “hot tub rash” and respiratory problems because the high temperature of the water makes it hard to maintainthe appropriate chemical level needed to kill germs (CDC, 2012). Since we cannot control the containments in open water such as lakes, rivers,streams, and oceans, the CDC (2012) cautions against swallowing the water and also avoiding swimming after rainfalls and in areas deemed unsafe byhealth departments.One of the most common problems for children who swim is “swimmers ear,” or an infection in the ear canal that runs through to the head (MayoClinic Staff, 2010). Although physician’s often treat 40% of those with swimmers ear with oral antibiotics, a 2006 study indicated that antibioticeardrops was much more effective (Mann, 2007). If you or your child develops swimmers ear, make sure you ask your physician about antibioticeardrops in lieu of oral antibiotics.Do yourself and your children a favor by taking and teaching them to take some minor preventative precautions to reduce the chance of contracting awater-borne illness this summer. Remember, swimming is not only good exercise; it is also fun so get outside during the hot summer weather andenjoy a nice, safe swim! ReferencesCenters for Disease Control and Prevention. (2012). Recreational water illnesses. Retrieved on May 25, 2012 from http://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/swimming/rwi/.Mann, D. (2007). Beware of recreational water illnesses. Retrieved on May 25, 2012 from http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/features/beware-of-recreational-water-illnesses.Mayo Clinic Staff. (2010). Swimmer’s ear. Retrieved on May 25, 2012 from http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/swimmers-ear/DS00473/DSECTION=symptoms._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CPR and Safety Classes in the Boston Area http://www.bostoncentral.com/heralthcare/cpr_safety.php Northeast CPR 800-490-9622 American Red Cross (Boston) 617-375-0700 Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates 617-654-7280 Medic One 617-347-0366 Pregnancy and Beyond 617-232-1101 St. Margaret’s at Caritas St. Elizabeth 617-562-7095
  5. 5. KIDS BE AWARE, INC. Page 5 Summer Safety Welcome to summer Providing Safe Drinking Water for Your FamilyKNOW YOUR WATER SOURCE•Find out if the pipes in your home or apartment building are made of lead or Kids are out of school, outdoor activities have increased and it’scontain lead solder. time to think about summer safety. To ensure a safe and enjoy- •Send tap water samples to your local EPA-certified laboratory for testing, or able summer, a first-aid kit should be available in the home,buy a water test kit. car, on vacations, and near water activities. First aid kits can be purchased from the Red Cross, local hardware stores or parents•If your water is supplied by a public system: can make their own. First-aid Kits should be well stocked, as- ◦Ask your supplier what chemicals and parasites are tested for and how sessable, and checked regularly. The container should be roomy, the water is treated. durable, easy to carry, and simple to open. A plastic tackle box ◦Obtain a Consumer Confidence Report on your water quality from your or container with a handle can be used to make a first-aid kit for public water authority. the home. Medications should be checked periodically for expi-•If your water supply is a private well: ◦Test your water yearly for pesticides, ration dates; flashlight batteries should be checked and replacedmetals, coliform bacteria and other possible contaminants. when needed. It is VERY important to keep the kit locked! ◦Avoid using pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals near your wells supply source as they can pollute your groundwater. Items to consider may include:IMPROVE YOUR WATER SUPPLY •adhesive bandages in several sizes•Install water treatment filters or conditioning systems. •elastic bandage ◦Several types are available, depending on what contaminants are pre- •a splint sent. •antiseptic wipes •soap•Consider buying a water distiller. •antibiotic ointment•Flush your pipes by running cold water for at least one minute. •antiseptic solution (like hydrogen peroxide) •hydrocortisone cream (1%)•Do not use hot water from the tap for cooking or drinking, as toxins are •acetaminophen and ibuprofenmore likely to leach into hot water. •extra prescription medications (if the family is going on vacation)•Make sure formula is prepared with safe water since boiling increases •tweezersthe lead concentration. Infants are at particular risk of lead poisoning •sharp scissorsbecause of the larger amount of water they consume relative to their •safety pinsbody size. •disposable instant cold packs •calamine lotion•If necessary, install shower/faucet filters since babies can swallow water •alcohol wipes or ethyl alcoholwhen bathing. •thermometer•Immediately dispose of household chemicals like batteries, fluorescent •tooth preservation kitbulbs, used motor oil, etc., at your municipal hazardous waste depot. (Do •plastic non-latex gloves (at least 2 pairs)not leave them around your home where they may contaminate your •flashlight and extra batterieswater supply.) •a blanket •mouthpiece for administering CPR (can be obtained from your local RedBOTTLE WATER Cross) •Read the label of your bottled water. "Spring" water comes from one or •your list of emergency phone numbersmore underground sources and some bottled water may come from a •blanket (stored nearby)"municipal source" or from a "community water system," and may havehad additional treatment. References: •Avoid plastic bottles with the following recycling codes #1 PET, #3 The Nemours Foundation (1995-2012). First Aid Kit. Retrieved on MayPVC, #6 PS, and #7 Polycarbonate, which may leak suspected carcinogens 27, 2012 from,and hormone disruptors. http://kidshealth.org/parent/firstaid_safe/home/firstaid_kit.html•Look for safer plastic bottles, such as #2 HDPE, #4 LDPE, and #5 PP. Reference FieldText Medical (2011). E-First Aid Supplies. Retrieved on May 27, 2012 Healthy Child Healthy World (2012). Providing safe from, https://www.e-firstaidsupplies.com/first-aid-kits.html? gclid=CL7Qqu21nLACFUHDtgodPxiXZgdrinking for your family: Know your water source. Re-trieved on May 28, 2012 from, http:// First Aid Products (2012). Retrieved on May 27, 2012 from, http://www.healthychild.org/live-healthy/checklist/ www.first-aid-product.com/industrial/pool-and-lifeguard-first-aid-kit.htm? gclid=CPOH4qjInLACFUHDtgodPxiXZgproviding_safe_drinking_water_for_your_family/#ixzz1sbN9gsgz Poison Control Phone Number 1-800-222-1222
  6. 6. Page 6 KIDS BE AWARE, INC.Kids Be Aware, Inc.P. O. Box 123456Boston, MA 01100 We are on the Web! Visit us at: www.kidsbeaware.org We are also on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/kidsbeaware KBA Board Members Jeannette Bryant CEO kidsbeawarenow@gmail.com 781-535-2448 Susan Ruiz Chair susan.ruiz@waldenu.edu 301-302-4215 Teresa Godley-Chase Co-chair teressa.godley-chase@waldenu.edu 240-515-4222 Tiffany Henderson Treasurer donald_and_tiffany@yahoo.com 678-431-6543 Florette Dihewou Board Secretary dflorette3@yahoo.com 774-242-8480 Renee Sullivan Board Member renee.l.sullivan@gmail.com 478-718-1306 Regina Rainey Board Member reginarainey@ymail.com 864-303-2151 Andre Bikai Board Member andrebtwo@yahoo.com 770-369-5305 Felix Bikai Board Member Krissy McGarvey Board Member Angel Pepin Board Member Evens Charles Board Member