What business should really do with Facebook, Mesh Conference 2010 presentation


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What business should really do with Facebook

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What business should really do with Facebook, Mesh Conference 2010 presentation

  1. 1 What business should really do with Facebook May 19, 2010 Janice Diner Mesh Conference 2010
  2. 2 Janice has a proven track record connecting brands to consumers in the social media space
  3. 3 • Facebook Intro • Facebook Wall Posts • Facebook Customized TABS & Apps • Facebook Open Graph
  4. 4 Canadians and Facebook 400+ million users worldwide 53% Female 47% Male 11% 33% 4+ Million 28% 14.5 million 429 minutes 28% Average minutes per Canadian Users user (monthly) 13-17 18-24 25-34 35+ Source: comScore December 2009 & Facebook December 2009
  5. 5 Engage with consumers where they are already spending time, on Facebook. • The average user spends 6 hours a month on Facebook • 50% of the active user base log on to Facebook in any given day • The average users has 130 friends • 3 billion photos uploaded each month • The average users is connected to 60 pages, groups and events • Pages have created more than 5.3 billion fans/likes • 100+ million users engage with Facebook on external websites every month. * Facebook Stats http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics
  6. 6 Create experiences inside Facebook that integrate your brand with your consumers • Strategy Social media plan: Audience, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Tools/Technology & Metrics. • Integrate With your overall marketing plans and integrate with consumer Facebook behavior • Engage Listen, participate and enable experiences to go viral • Be transparent with your intentions & your identity with the audiences you’re connecting with. • Metrics Set objectives that are be relevant to the channel and your business objectives • Monitor Make sure you have a daily monitor plan and a crisis plan in place • Resources Forecast labor hours, who, what, when, how and where to succeed • Activate/launch Support your Facebook page with a media plan, promotions, events, etc • Be Relevant Community is 24/7 plan for ongoing community engagement, the community does not go to sleep just because your promotion or campaign is over
  7. 7 Facebook Page TAB Structure Brand information Multi-media content Real-time conversations Customized TAB Applications And more...
  8. 8 Guiding principles for brands 1. Make it social. 2. Keep it simple. 3. Optimize for speed. 4. Integrate.
  9. 9 Page owners can track and measure growth, sharing, and engagement of their Pages on Facebook. Facebook Insights measure actions and behavior relating to your Facebook page
  10. 10 Facebook Wall Posts
  11. 11 • Facebook Wall Post are a key opportunity for brand to fan and fan to fan engagement. • Users respond to brand Wall Posts with comments and likes and with posts of their own which are shared in the fans News Feed with their friends. an example Facebook Wall Post Example 000,000 Impressions (Earned Media) Raw number of times this wall post story has been seen on the Facebook Page wall and in the News Feed of your Fans Feedback Number of comments and likes per impression Wall Posts - Real-Time Conversations
  12. 12 TSN integrates TV properties into their Facebook Wall Posts TSN asks Fans to participate in current and relevant sports news Hodgemail links David Hodge’s live broadcast with Facebook Fans INTEGRATE
  13. 13 More users engaged inside Facebook with Molson Canadian, then with official Olympic broadcasters pages Molson Canadian Facebook Fan Voice Molson presented a Rally Book of Facebook Fan Wall Post. “Cheers” from fans for the Canada Russia hockey game. A record number of Fans engaged ENGAGE
  14. 14 AE features the latest looks of the season in catalogue format in their Wall Posts BE RELEVANT
  15. 15 The Limited posts items for purchase as a status update to it’s Facebook page Fans can purchase the product directly from their news feed or the brands wall. Wall Post e commerce ACTIVATE
  16. 16 Facebook Wall Post monitoring and management tools (3rd party apps) • Manage – Manage all FB page accounts in one dashboard • Schedule – Author and schedule in advance, publishing 24/7 • Moderate – Moderate posts from one dashboard – Develop alerts system for negative comments • Measure – Measure posts in real-time through likes and comments • Wall Apps – polls, quizzes, slide shows
  17. 17 Facebook Customized TABS and Apps
  18. 18 TSN rapidly built a huge fan base by launching with World Juniors Championship High engagement,fans actively, shared, liked, sending gifts and cheered Team Canada facebook.com/tsn 96,583 Likes
  19. 19 TSN newsfeed The TSN brand integrates Facebook with TSN.ca TSN.ca Live video content feed from TSN.ca to Facebook Daily broadcast banner Headlines is a live content feed from from TSN.ca to Daily Poll Facebook facebook.com/tsn 96,583 Likes
  20. 20 Pantene/P&G is selling products direct to consumers right inside Facebook facebook.com/Pantene 305,992 Likes
  21. 21 BlackBerry is having direct conversation with 1,947,236 fans around the world Community Ambassador Links to pages around the world facebook.com/blackberry 535,046 Likes (NA) 1,947,236 Likes (Global)
  22. 22 Be my friend, get a free bagel! • 4,700 to a massive 336,000 fans in 3 days • $2.50 bagel--or $840,000 worth of would-be sales facebook.com/einsteinbros 617,373 Likes
  23. 23 Starbucks Card can now be managed inside Facebook The app is all about convenience Consumer can • register (or unregister cards), • check their balance, • reload cards • edit profile information • purchase more credits facebook.com/starbucks 7,152,523 Likes
  24. 24 Brands are connecting with millions of consumers on Facebook Over 350 thousand Farmville players send 220 43,000 new consumers A great example of co- Canadians created a million Valentine’s day virtual connected with creation, more then 1 customized Molson gifts in 18 hours, more Urbanspoon through the million Facebook Fans Canadian Olympic Jersey as valentines than all the 152 Facebook Connect app. engaged with Vitamin their new Facebook profile million Valentines Day cards Those users voted Water to co-create picture. exchanged a year. 150,000 times on blackberry cherry flavor (according to Hallmark) restaurants, left 22,000 called “connect”. reviews and uploaded 13,000 photos.
  25. 25 Facebook Open Graph
  26. 26 Facebook Open Graph and the rise of the social web Open Graph Protocol Extends the functionality of a Facebook Page to any page on the web. Social Plugins A new set of tools powered by the Open Graph, Social Plugins can be easily integrated into a website to make the user experience more personalized and social. Graph API A re-launch of our core API which is a drastically simpler, more elegant set of News
Feed technologies for any business to build on the graph. Tool
  27. 27 Your friends are shopping with you – even if they aren’t present. Leviʼs creates a personalized “social shopping” experience
  28. 28 Huffington Post experiences massive growth HuffPost Social News launches August 2009 October 2009 • Facebook referral traffic went up 48% • Monthly comments went from 1.7 million in July to 2.2 million • In September, Facebook referrals accounted for 3.5 million visits, up 190 percent from June Huffington Post has 12.3 million unique visits Source: Paidcontent.org October 2009
  29. 29 More than 100,000 sites have already integrated social plugins than 100,000 sites have integrated More Facebook social plugins in the first month. Facebook referral IGN.com, with around IMDb.com has seen NHL.com, saw an traffic increased by 29 million monthly daily referral traffic 80% increase in 250% for ABC news unique visitors, has from Facebook referral traffic from experienced a 20% double, and its users Facebook. lift in referrals since have generated adding the Like more than 350,000 button. likes. Source: Faceboojk developers.facebook.com/blog/post/382
  30. 30 Janice Diner Partner Horizon Studios www.horizon-studios.com Janice is a results-driven social media strategist with a creative director background. A leader in the arena in social media, Janice and her team have conceived, developed and executed social media programs and technologies in both Janice.diner@horizon-studios.com the global and local context. @janicediner She is the founding partner of Horizon Studios, a social marketing technology company. Horizon Studios meet the needs of the vibrant emerging social and digital marketplace by addressing brand and business opportunities through results- driven social media strategies and technology.