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Twisted Jermy Dominiak

  1. 1. We Surveyed West students This is what they had to say
  2. 2. Surprisingly only 8% of girls admitted to considering suicide How many girls did consider it but just was afraid to admit it?
  3. 3. 79% of girls said that they had a rumor spread about them If so many people know the pain it causes why do people still spread them?
  4. 4. Only 37% of girls admitted to spreading a rumor about another person. If so few people said they spread rumor where do they all come from?
  5. 5. 83% of girls know what sexting is
  6. 6. 29 percent of girls said it should be a personal choice to sexting then making it illegal What do you think personal choice or illegal.
  7. 7. 64% of girls said that reputation defines you in high school.
  8. 8. 62% of girls said that when they did something stupid outside of school they heard people talking about it the next day or week. News travels fast so be careful
  9. 9. When asked who put more pressure on other kids or teachers and parents 70% of girls said that other kids put more on.
  10. 10. 60% of girls said that drinking starts majority of rumors So why do so many students still drink?
  11. 11. 60% of girls said that rumors can be prevented But if they can be prevented then why are there so many going around?
  12. 12. 54% of girls said that most drama starts on the internet Is this best it’s easier to start things when a computer screen is between you?
  13. 13. Only 25% of girls said they had an embarrassing picture or a picture they don’t like on myspace or facebook.
  14. 14. 29% of girls said that rumors only happen in high school
  15. 15. 22% of girls said that reputation only matters in high school.
  16. 16. 77% of girls said that they know someone who had they life ruined by a rumor. Yet people still spread rumors
  17. 17. When asked if they feel the faculty treats students different based on the past 97% said yes they think they do
  18. 18. Conclusion People spread rumors even though it hurt when it happens to them Lots of people know what sexting is and odds are many people did it High school is a temporary stage that hurts but once your out of it everything is better
  19. 19. Things that was different then I thought  I thought less people would say sexting is illegal  I thought more people would say they thought about suicide (glad I was wroung)  I thought drama would happen in only high school more then threw out life