The Vento                                      The VentoVolkswagen Group Sales India Private LimitedProduced in IndiaSubje...
Contents.                 04   Design                 06   Performance                 08   Dashboard                 10  ...
Give the neighbours something to talk about.04 – The Vento                                                  The Vento – 05
Built to sweep you off your feet.06 – The Vento                                       The Vento – 07
A flick at the ignition will be music to your ears.08 – The Vento                                                         ...
Exterior. The art of improving something nearly perfect comes naturally to Volkswagen engineers. We realised that just goo...
Interior. The interiors of the Vento are your personal refuge from the cares of this world. Caress the steering wheel or e...
Interior.                                                                                                                 ...
Convenience. Convenience in the Vento is a given, what with countless nights and numerous weekends put in by our engineers...
Safety. Incorporated with world-class safety features, the Vento is designed to protect you and your family. With its robu...
Engines and Transmissions. The Vento offers two 1.6L variants available in a choice of diesel and petrol. The Double Overh...
Features.                                                                                                                 ...
Colours and Upholstery.                                                                                                   ...
Technical Specifications.                                                                                                 ...
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Discover The Vento in 5 trim levels.Discover The Vento in 5 trim levels.

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Vento ebrochure

  1. 1. The Vento The VentoVolkswagen Group Sales India Private LimitedProduced in IndiaSubject to change without noticeIssue: October 2011Internet: Volkswagen Dealer
  2. 2. Contents. 04 Design 06 Performance 08 Dashboard 10 Exterior 12 Interior 14 Interior 15 Space 16 Convenience 18 Safety 20 Engines and Transmissions 22 Features 24 Colours and Upholstery 26 Technical Specifications 27 Dealer Network02 – The Vento The Vento – 03
  3. 3. Give the neighbours something to talk about.04 – The Vento The Vento – 05
  4. 4. Built to sweep you off your feet.06 – The Vento The Vento – 07
  5. 5. A flick at the ignition will be music to your ears.08 – The Vento The Vento – 09
  6. 6. Exterior. The art of improving something nearly perfect comes naturally to Volkswagen engineers. We realised that just good headlights weren’t good enough. So we made them better. We also put indicator lamps in them. The state-of-the-art tail lights were designed keeping in mind everyone’s safety on the road, not just yours. Crystal clear and accented in chrome The body-coloured rear view mirrors The sleek body-coloured door handles The 15” alloy wheels are sturdy and best describes the superior fog lamps blend effortlessly with the muscular body complement the Vento’s distinct profile. considerably lighter, thus enhancing in the Vento. Needless to mention, lines of the Vento. Areas most prone to Scientifically recessed, the handles are both, ride quality and road handling. you’ll simply love the way they light up unsightly scratches feature a black base designed to protect the paint from Come to think of it, the alloy wheels the road ahead during bad weather. for added protection. unfortunate scratches. make the Vento look spectacular as well. H H H H A high level mounted brake light at the rear ensures that the drivers behind can now see you better. The brake lights do their job efficiently and let’s face it; they look stunning too. The elegantly designed headlights and the chrome accented front grille add to the charm of the Vento. The headlights featuring The clean yet stunning body lines distinctive to the Vento are carried over to The Volkswagen insignia on the the chrome horizontal thunder-flash are now a signature feature of the Volkswagen design philosophy. its tail end as well. Subtle touches of chrome on the boot lid and well flushed rear signifies our passion towards integrated tail lights reiterate that the Vento is truly best in its class. exceptional engineering. H H H Standard for Highline10 – Exterior – The Vento The Vento – Exterior – 11
  7. 7. Interior. The interiors of the Vento are your personal refuge from the cares of this world. Caress the steering wheel or even the gear knob and you will discover supple genuine leather that makes it that much more exquisite. In fact, every surface is well finished with exclusive fabric and upholstery, making the Vento truly splendid. The soothing colours and the impeccable finish are all typical of a Volkswagen. H H Standard for Highline12 – Interior – The Vento The Vento – Interior – 13
  8. 8. Interior. Space. The comfort in the Vento is unparalleled. Whether it’s the innovative green tinted, We understand your need for personal space and yet be with the whole family on a long drive. heat blocking glass that guarantees cooler interiors or the inimitable dust and pollen Precisely why you’ll find a good balance of comfort and space when it comes to the exquisite filter in the air intake, everything is uncompromisingly designed. The Vento is interiors. Millimetre to millimetre, the Vento offers the highest cabin space in its class. reassuringly flawless- all storage spaces are flocked on the interiors and all covers Tastefully selected upholstery and the large glass area put the Vento in a league of its own. shut with a reassuring click. We’ve left no stone unturned in crafting interiors that are a class above the rest. The air conditioning vent is designed for improved air flow throughout the Vento. Chrome lining around the vents adds to its overall appeal. H The premium RCD 310 Music System Why choose when you can carry your world with you? The trunk offers all the space you desire. And the attention to detail is with USB-in on the Vento elevates your clearly evident. Note the low loading height that makes it that much easier to heft heavy luggage and the discreet rub shield that CDs, MP3 and WMA files to a level that protects the body from scratches. Trunk illumination adds to the convenience. Why, take a look at the fully lined trunk, trunk is sublime. It’s now that much easier to floor and the well finished trunk lid, and you’ll find beauty even in the smallest of details. shut out the world and enjoy the drive like never before. H The fact that you are contemplating owning a Vento marks you out as a person who The intelligent Climatronic air Concealed underneath the front armrest Neatly designed on the front doors are The Ventos glovebox is spaciously makes informed decisions. The multi-function display keeps you informed of the conditioning makes it a point to always is a fully flocked bin that makes sure no the large bottle holders integrated into designed to hold essentials for your fuel efficiency, maximum range before refuelling, distance travelled, performance keep you comfortable. The Vento scratches mar the shine of your mobile the map pockets, for easy accessibility. daily journey. Whats more, it offers figures and even a visual door ajar warning. Almost everything is now at your disposal. automatically regulates the temperature phone when it’s placed in it. the added convenience of iPod to ensure a pleasant climate, making connectivity. every journey a comfortable one. H H H Standard for Highline14 – Interior – The Vento The Vento – Space – 15
  9. 9. Convenience. Convenience in the Vento is a given, what with countless nights and numerous weekends put in by our engineers in designing the interiors. Much thought has gone into each and every feature, so as to make your driving experience that much more pleasurable. Here is a perfectly sized cupholder An armrest for you while driving is a You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the The perfect combination of comfort to hold your drink safe whilst comfort you’ll take no time in getting electrically adjustable mirrors which are and posture comes naturally once you drive through chaotic traffic. used to. For all the drives that involve controlled by an intuitive joystick control. you are in the driver’s seat, ‘stop-go’ traffic, this little wonder A flick of the wrist and there you have it; what with its height adjustment makes a big difference. perfectly positioned mirrors. lever. Ingenious, if we may say so. H H The foldable armrest in the rear ensures that even the passengers at the back are taken In the Vento, you’ll find individually good care of. adjustable dual rear AC vents, so that the journey seems just as comfortable as it is in the front. Add to that, tucked beneath the rear AC vents is a foldable cupholder. H We understand that no two drivers are the same. As a result, we’ve made the steering wheel adjustable for both, reach and rake. The Vento comes with the SpaceMax For those obsessed with reading, With greater success in the offing, Finding the perfect driving position is not just a matter of comfort. It’s what makes the Vento that much better to drive. control which is available for the first the Vento caters to your need as well. you’ll need to keep a level head. time in any car in this segment. This The thoughtfully positioned lamps Well equipped with fully adjustable innovative control allows you to above the rear seat make sure that your headrests, the Vento ensures safety move the co-driver’s seat forward perusal is always well illuminated. along with total comfort. while you sit at the back, thereby maximising legroom. H H Standard for Highline16 – Convenience – The Vento The Vento – Convenience – 17
  10. 10. Safety. Incorporated with world-class safety features, the Vento is designed to protect you and your family. With its robust design and superior engineering that has its genesis in an ultra high-strength steel frame, the Vento offers exceptional safety with a tough build that is reassuring, every time you feel the heft of the doors and the thump of its boot closing. This is supplemented with advanced safety features such as dual airbags and ABS. The Vento is equipped with ABS (Anti- The Vento not only keeps you safe as you drive but also as you park. The parking The key to your Vento features a lock Braking System) that ensures the sensors assist in parking manoeuvres by emitting audible signals, alerting the driver standard electronic immobiliser car remains maneuverable and in to any obstacles in the way: the closer you are to an obstacle, the faster the sound anti-theft device. In the Highline, you control, even in the event of heavy frequency. can also remote lock, unlock and braking on slippery monsoon roads. open the boot. In itself, the key is also designed to fold in so that you can carry it comfortably in your H H trouser pockets. Anti-pinch protection windows protect you in case your arm is resting along the 3-point seat belts are the primary We don’t take anything for granted; not even the unforgiving roads. Ergo, the Vento carries dual airbags as standard for the seam. They are also an important safety technology as they prevent the windows means of protection and are available driver and co-driver. Along with the seat belts and ABS, the Vento is one of the safest cars in its class. from opening even by the slightest movement of the hand. for front and rear outboard seat occupants. Anchorage on the front seat belts is height-adjustable for a more comfortable and secure fit. H H H Standard for Highline18 – Safety – The Vento The Vento – Safety – 19
  11. 11. Engines and Transmissions. The Vento offers two 1.6L variants available in a choice of diesel and petrol. The Double Overhead Cam (DOHC) 16 valve, 1.6L petrol engine delivers 105 PS (77kW) of peak power and a peak torque of 153Nm at an easy 3800rpm. And ensuring zero compromise, it offers a fuel efficiency of 15.8 km/l for the manual transmission and 14.4 km/l for the automatic transmission under Indian test conditions. Equally superior is the Turbocharged Common Rail 1.6L diesel engine in the Vento that is designed to deliver dynamic performance and go frugal on fuel as well. This engine produces 105 PS (77kW) of unbridled power and an amazing torque Refinement is the hallmark of the of 250Nm from 1500rpm to 2500rpm, making it one of the most powerful diesel 5-speed manual transmission. engines on the road. It offers a fuel efficiency of 20.5 km/l under Indian test It effortlessly delivers a positive shift conditions. Take it out for a drive and you’ll know why they call it “the best action. Besides, this transmission of both worlds”. helps deliver exhilarating performance coupled with impressive fuel efficiency, making it a force to reckon with. Power and Torque development graph 1.6L-R4 PS [77kW] TDI-CR Torque Power [Nm] [kW] 80 75 250 70 65 60 200 55 50 45 150 40 35 30 100 25 20 50 15 10 5 0 0 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 Power [kW] - 77kW Torque [Nm] - 180Nm The automatic transmission adapts to The Vento features our latest 1.6L Common Rail diesel technology which is incredibly fuel-efficient yet surprisingly quiet. the driving style of the driver- from You’d probably need to drive it to believe it. leisurely cruising to sporty performance. If need be, you could even take matters into your own hands with the Tiptronic gearshift function. H H Standard for Highline20 – Engines and Transmissions – The Vento The Vento – Engines and Transmissions – 21
  12. 12. Features. Trendline Trendline Highline Highline Exterior Safety and Security Body-coloured bumpers Front disc brakes Chrome finish on front grille Height-adjustable headrests, front and rear Halogen headlights Electronic anti-theft immobiliser Green tinted heat absorbing glass Interior rear view mirror, manual day/night Galvanised body with 6 years anti-perforation warranty Height-adjustable 3-point front seat belt 14-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers 3-point safety belts for rear outboard occupants, lap belt for rear middle occupant 15-inch alloy wheels (04 Nos.) High mounted third brake light Metallic/Pearl effect paint ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) Body-coloured exterior door handles and mirrors Dual airbags, driver and co-driver side Chrome finish on front air dam, trunk and fog light surrounds Fog lights, front and rear Tow hooks, front and rear Pinch-guard safety for all 4 power windows Interior Comfort and Convenience Superior ‘Livon’ fabric upholstery and cloth door trim Rear park distance control Storage compartment in front doors including cupholders for 1.5 litre bottle Adjustable steering wheel (tilt and telescopic) Storage compartment for sunglasses inside the glovebox Power steering 3 grab handles above doors, folding, with coat hooks Rear defogger Rear doors with storage compartments Electric trunk opening Trunk illumination Fuel-lid with push style opening Fully lined trunk and trunk floor Central locking system Front centre armrest including cupholder for rear seat Instrument cluster with tachometer, speedometer, trip odometer and digital clock Front centre console including 12V outlet 14-inch steel spare wheel Rear centre armrest Power door locks (includes safe-LED) 2-tone anti-glare dashboard, Black and Beige White backlights for AC and music system Sun visors on both sides, ticket holder on driver’s side and vanity mirror on co-driver’s side Manual AC with rear AC vents, dust and pollen filter Superior ‘Livon’ fabric upholstery with modified stitches Radio preparation includes roof antenna and partial pre-wiring Centre console including 2 cupholders All 4 power windows (with one-touch up and down on driver’s side) Storage pockets on front seat backs All 4 power windows with one-touch up and down Interior chrome package (Chrome surrounds for light switch, AC ventos, steering wheel accent, Electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors handbrake lever knob and gearshift) Height-adjustable driver’s seat Genuine leather wrapped steering wheel, gearshift knob, handbrake lever and gearshift boot Co-driver’s seat adjustment from rear seat for additional legroom Multi-function display includes digital speed display, fuel efficiency, distance till empty & service reminder Remote control for central locking, with 2 foldable keys for ease of carrying in the pocket Remote opening of boot lid by key remote Remote opening and closing of windows with key remote ‘Climatronic’ automatic air conditioning with rear AC vents, dust and pollen filter RCD 310 music system with USB-in and 4 speakers Steering mounted audio controls22 – Features – The Vento The Vento – Features – 23
  13. 13. Colours and Upholstery. Deep Black Pearl Effect 2T The more you look at the Vento, the more you’ll fall in love with it. What’s better, you can choose from our wide array of colours. Right from the superior ‘Livon’ upholstery to the bright and shiny paint finishes, the combinations are aplenty. H Seashell Candy White Cloth Type Livon Non-Metallic NX B4 T H Flash Red Non-Metallic D8 T H Terra Beige Metallic 4G H Shadow Blue Metallic 6P H Reflex Silver Metallic 8E Available in selected colour/upholstery combinations. Visuals in this brochure may show options not available in India. Please note: The print process does not allow for exact reproduction of the paint finishes and seat upholstery colours. H Features and specifications are liable to change without any prior notice. Please contact your nearest dealer for exact features. T Standard for Trendline Optional for Trendline H Standard for Highline24 – Colours and Upholstery – The Vento The Vento – Colours and Upholstery – 25
  14. 14. Technical Specifications. Dealer Network. Versions Vento 1.6L (Petrol) Vento 1.6L (CR Diesel) Variants available Trendline/Highline Trendline/Highline Engines Engine Type 4-cylinder, In-line DOHC 4-cylinder, In-line DOHC Displacement (cc) 1598 1598 Fuel efficiency (km/l)* 14.4 (AT), 15.8 (MT) 20.5 (MT) Performance Max. power [PS (kW) @ rpm] 105 (77) @ 5250 105 (77) @ 4400 Max. torque (Nm @ rpm) 153 @ 3800 250 @ 1500-2500 Transmission Trendline 5-speed manual 5-speed manual Highline 5-speed manual, 6- speed 5-speed manual automatic Tiptronic Steering Type Electronic power steering Electronic power steering Minimum turning radius (m) 5.4 5.4 Acceleration Top Speed (kph)# 185 (MT), 183 (AT) 186 (MT) Brakes Front Disc brakes Disc brakes Rear Drum brakes Drum brakes Suspension Front McPherson strut with McPherson strut with stabiliser bar stabiliser bar Rear Semi-independent Semi-independent trailing arm trailing arm Tyres and Wheels Trendline 175/70 R14 (Steel) 175/70 R14 (Steel) Highline 185/60 R15 (Alloy) 185/60 R15 (Alloy) Dimensions Length (mm) 4384 4384 Width (mm) 1699 1699 Height (mm) 1466 1466 Wheelbase (mm) 2552 2552 Ground clearance (mm) 168 168 Kerb weight (kg) 1120 TL (MT), 1130 HL (MT), 1190 TL (MT), 1220 HL (MT) 1180 HL (AT) Fuel tank capacity (l) 55 55 Plant at Chakan * Test results of rule 115 of CMVR # Internal Test data Currently Operational Dealerships26 – Technical Specifications – The Vento The Vento – Dealer Network – 27