The use of Business Intelligence to maximise airport retail and F&B performance.


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Concessionaire Analyzer+ allows airport terminals to centrally collect retail and F&B sales data from concessionaires into a data warehouse, to combine it with flight and passenger numbers information and, using business intelligence techniques, allow them to better understand the retail patterns in the airport. Assess performance, benchmark concessionaires, product categories, terminals and zones so as to identify the operational and marketing tactics which assist in boosting performance.

Identifying Income Per Passenger by route, by flight, by time of day and day of the week, as well as per concessionaire.

Negotiate with airlines and airport concessionaires from a position of knowledge and work with your concessionaires to improve retail and F&B sales in the airport terminal.

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The use of Business Intelligence to maximise airport retail and F&B performance.

  1. 1. Concessionaire Analyzer+Concessionaire Analyzer+Maximising airport retail/F&B
  2. 2. Concessionaire Analyzer+Airport RevenuesAviation sector revenue $59.5 billion in 2011 Continued downward pressure on airports’ aeronautical revenues Frequently non-profitable sectorNon-aviation sector revenues $45.9 m in 2011 Retail & F&B largest component (27%) except in N America Airports’ Retail and F&B revenues = $12.4Source: ACI Economics Report 201256%44% AeronauticalNon-aeronautical
  3. 3. Concessionaire Analyzer+ContextContinued downward pressure on airport’saeronautical revenues from airlines &competitionRevenue sharing schemes in place at mostairports on retail and F&BAirports are increasingly reliant/focused on retail& F&B sales as source of revenue Increasing aeronautical revenue is costly – requires increasedpax & infrastructure investment Small % improvement  big value.Need to measure and influence retailperformance
  4. 4. Concessionaire Analyzer+Current Situation Retailers measure their own sales, footfall, sales byarea, KPIs etc. Do not have vision of total sales in airport or sales by category Airports collect sales mainly for billing of concessioncontracts. Focused on billing with limited analysis Data collection limited Weekly or monthly by category - not transaction level Sometimes by flight – variable quality Almost always via e-mail and not structured Lacks control and audit Billing process lacks automation & controls Performance analysis generally limited and manual
  5. 5. Concessionaire Analyzer+The Opportunity opportunity for further improvement through better analysisand tactical actions to drive airport’s decision-making & planning reduce delay in data collection & analysis Increase agility and responsiveness to trends increase level of detail & thus capability for analysis combine sales data with flight, pax and people counting data assess impact of promotions, digital advertising etc. share analysis with concessionaires to provide performanceanalysis people counting as revenue booster rather than queuemanagement boost performance of retail/F&B sales and income
  6. 6. Concessionaire Analyzer+CA+ OverviewCollect salesdataAnalysePerformanceConcessionContracts,Revenue & BillingAirportPOSAutomates receiptof retail and F&Bsales data fromconcessionaires toallow subsequentanalysis.Provides insight onperformance ofairport retailersand F&Boperators, flights,routes, retailcategories,terminals etc.Enables recording ofcommercialagreements anddetermination ofrevenues on salesand billing ofconcessionaires.An optionalPoint-of-Salesolution aimedat airport retailsand F&Boperators thatprovides real-time airportsales.
  7. 7. Concessionaire Analyzer+CA+ ObjectivesImplement a low touch cost method forcollection of concessionaire sales data Improve controls & auditing Reduce latency of information Obtain data at detailed level of granularityAnalyse retail and F&B sales to drive airport’sdecision-makingShare analysis with concessionaires to boosttheir performanceCalculate revenue agreements & billingEnable improved resource allocation
  8. 8. Concessionaire Analyzer+
  9. 9. Concessionaire Analyzer+What is the CA+ Solution?CA+ is a software solution that allows airports and airportretailers to boost their performance consisting of: Centralised data warehouse Integration layer to receive sales & product data fromretailers/F&B Business Intelligence platform – web, iPad, Android tablets CA+ Portal – role based for airport & concessionaire users Integration component for: Flight information including passenger numbers per flight People Counting Systems data (next on roadmap) Shireburn Airport.PoS solution Airport specific functionality & real-time data collection Concession contracts management Billing Engine for revenue share calculation & billing
  10. 10. Concessionaire Analyzer+What does CA+ do? Collects retail sales data into a data warehouse together withpassenger & flights data Provides customizable BI platform allowing measurement & analysisof retail performance to airports to drive revenue improvements Equalises analysis with performance per passenger byflight, route, carrier, retailer category etc. Allows concessionaires to benchmark their performance againstsimilar categories of retailers in terminal/zone etc Maintains concession agreements with revenue share, guarantees Enables automation of revenue calculation & concessionaire billing Improves intelligence for negotiations by airports with airlines &concessionaires Improves resource allocation Improves auditing and controls etc.
  11. 11. Concessionaire Analyzer+BI Analysis BI module provides role based dashboards includingdrill-down & filtering Dashboard composition can be determined centrally fora role or configured by user CA+ BI Builder allows self-service building of additional BIcomponents Open database for ad-hoc reporting, querying & use ofyour own preferred BI solution Browser, iPad, Android
  12. 12. Concessionaire Analyzer+Capabilities Analyse Revenue not just Sales Assess performance before, during & after a promotion Assess impact of digital advertising campaigns Compare sales/pax etc across concessionaires in same retailcategory for benchmarking Monitor conversion rates from people counting/flow Walk by  Walk in  Buy Monitor trends – work with concessionaire to gain improvements Compare performance by retail category, zone in terminal etc. Allow concessionaires to benchmark their performance withothers in same retail category Improve intelligence for negotiations with airlines & retailers
  13. 13. Concessionaire Analyzer+
  14. 14. Concessionaire Analyzer+
  15. 15. Concessionaire Analyzer+
  16. 16. Concessionaire Analyzer+
  17. 17. Concessionaire Analyzer+
  18. 18. Concessionaire Analyzer+Revenue Calculation & Billing Maintains commercial contracts revenue share % by product category, by destination (e.g.EU/non-EU), by sales threshold minimum guarantees rents additional charges e.g. maintenance fees, internet charges etc. Undertakes daily revenue calculations Generates concessionaire billing
  19. 19. Concessionaire Analyzer+Airport POSOptional POS with standard POS functionality plusairport specific features: Fully functional POS solution Tagging of sales to flights Destination-dependant pricing/tax/excise Support for airline voucher payments/reporting Staff sales monitoring Integrated with Concessionaire Analyzer+ Real-time data collection
  20. 20. Concessionaire Analyzer+Deployment On-premises or hosted Opportunity for managed service Flexible licensing model
  21. 21. Concessionaire Analyzer+Main Benefits Enables better understanding of retail sales patterns &profile of passengers, routes, airlines, pop-up shops etc. Greater analysis through greater detail Freshness of data – typically collected daily Assess impact of promotions, digital advertising etc. Benchmark, monitor & optimise performance ofconcessions, product categories, routes, zones, terminals More accurately predict future trends & planning Improve negotiations with airlines & concessionaires Improve control & auditing Improve flexibility of contracts & automate billing Maximize retail sales, revenue & performance
  22. 22. Concessionaire Analyzer+www.concessionaireanalyzer.comShireburn Software LtdTel +356 2131