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Games Based Learning
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Games Based Learning



How to Use Video Games in the Classroom

How to Use Video Games in the Classroom



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Games Based Learning Games Based Learning Presentation Transcript

  • Photo by WVSJen DeyenbergNorthern Gateway Public Schoolsamesasedearning
  • WhatIf?
  • What if there were a tool that guided youthrough challenges and quests at your ownpace?Photo by Ross LaRocco
  • What if the tool scaffolded learningthrough hints and clues available toyou just when you needed them?Photo by TomMaillioux
  • What if the tool assessedhow you were doing anddidn’t let you progressuntil you have sufficienttools, skills, andpreparation to go on?Photo by @_levelcomplete
  • What if the tool provided a safe environment foryou to fail in, but encouraged and motivated youto keep trying?
  • What if the tool was full of richnarrative driven content?http://layton.wikia.com
  • What if the tool had characters thatdrew you in and inspired you tocreate, wonder, and play?
  • What if you wererewardedautomatically forprogress andsuccess?blogs.dailymail.com
  • What if the tool could simulate things thatweren’t possible?http://dome.fi
  • What if there were puzzles and challenges thatplayed to the most critical thinking and problemsolving skills?
  • What if there was rich, descriptive text, withmore words than most novels, which you wereeager to read to keep progressing?
  • What if there was beautiful art, richtexture, colour, and pattern to inspire your owncreations?http://lumoreanarts.deviantart.com
  • What if youabsolutelyloved thetool, andplayed withit everychance withyou got?
  • What if the tool were available in manyplatforms, portable, accessible, affordable, already in many homes, and had more choices ofcontent than you could ever imagine?http://www.gamehavenclassic.com/
  • What if you could develop your own challengesand share them with others around the world?
  • What if you could create newlevels, characters, worlds, and write all aboutyour experiences, create stories about thesenew worlds, and write how to guides to helpothers?
  • What if you could share your creations in onlinecommunities and even play with other peoplefrom around the world, connecting with others?
  • What if we brought it into theclassroom? I wonder…• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnEN2Sm4IIQ
  • Games Based Learning vs.GamificationImages fromhttp://www.dashe.comand yoshiart.com
  • Researchhttp://prezi.com/fabxd10aqxxl/games-based-learning/http://www.livebinders.com/play/play/132980
  • Professor Layton
  • Nintendogs
  • Scribblenauts
  • Nintendo DS
  • Endless Ocean• http://youtu.be/84Di2EIiisM• http://www.trailsoptional.com/2011/12/endless-oceana-polar-expedition/
  • Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics
  • Wii Bowling
  • Favourite Wii Games
  • http://www.nfb.ca/interactive/
  • Online Gameshttp://www.mangahigh.comhttp://labyrinth.thinkport.org/http://villainyinc.thinkport.org/
  • Inanimate Alice
  • Games for Changehttp://www.gamesforchange.org/
  • Kinectimals
  • Kinect Resources• Kinect Adventures in the classroom guide –http://www.slideshare.net/Microsofteduk/kinect-adventures-in-the-classroom• Kinect Games in the Classroomhttp://www.microsoft.com/education/en-us/products/Pages/kinect.aspx#3
  • Favourite TabletBased Games
  • Little Big PlanetImage From:http://uk.playstation.com/
  • SimCity• SimCity in the Classroom Video:http://www.trailsoptional.com/2010/05/simcity-teaching-local-government-and-civics/
  • Minecraft teacher:http://minecraftteacher.tumblr.com/Minecraft EDU:http://minecraftedu.com
  • Eden
  • http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/kodu/Koduhttp://scratch.mit.edu/Scratchhttp://goo.gl/7jjpEDaisyhttp://unity3d.com/UnityMove the Turtlehttp://goo.gl/PVhGOApp Development:http://www.trailsoptional.com/2012/04/so-you-want-to-create-an-app/Hopscotchhttp://goo.gl/CFuABKodablehttp://goo.gl/Sdvt9
  • http://udk.com/http://www.alice.org/http://www.greenfoot.org/AliceGreenfoothttp://www.scirra.com/construct2Construct 2http://gamesalad.com/http://appinventor.mit.edu/http://gamestarmechanic.com/
  • Video Game Teaching Guides• http://brainmeld.wordpress.com/video-game-teaching-guides/