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WordCamp NL: Optimizing WordPress


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • I work for OrangeValley, a company that develops WordPress websites but mostly helps it’s customers make more money.
  • I blog on
  • The good thing about presenting on WordCamp NL is that I don’t have to tell you about windmills and wooden shoes.
  • So usually, I’d copy paste some slides...
  • Be an obnoxious fat bastard and present it
  • Go and do what I do best (that’s Dave Naylor on the left btw)
  • There’s an issue though.
  • Actually there’s 2...
  • 1: It’s too early for beer
  • Actually, I expect some of you will be yawning during this very presentation...
  • So we need more coffee...
  • Problem 2 is more serious. It’s this article.
  • Who has read it? (Most people in the room turned out to have read it)
  • Starting with SEO is like starting half way
  • It starts with analytics
  • And speed & usability is more important too...
  • And then, and ONLY then, comes SEO
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • I’ll try to answer all of them, usually the answer is 42.
  • Analytics
  • Internal search: what are people searching for? Are they finding that? Can / should they expect that on your site?
  • What 404 pages are people encountering? Fix them!!
  • How much are people reading? How can we increase the time people spend on your site?
  • Make your site load faster!!
  • Turned my blog from an Opel into a Ferrari (speed wise)
  • Crunch your theme’s images, and auto crunch uploaded images.
  • Make them read more!

    Check your analytics: which pages are viewed most? Which pages and posts do you have related to that? Link them!!
  • Through all these cool plugins we often forget how to use the superbly useful internal stuff in WordPress: Categories, Tags and custom taxonomies. Do your categories still match the blog you have today?
  • We want to have them come back, so we make them subscribe! I prefer email, because of it’s high response.
  • Engage them.
  • <-- measure, measure!
  • In everything I just said...
  • + here’s a small checklist (on the next slide)
  • Transcript

    • 1. WordPress Optimization Getting Visitors and Keeping Them Joost de Valk, OrangeValley - WordCamp NL 2009
    • 2. Open Source Theology IBMS SEO WebKit Geek Marketeer CSS WordPress Speaker Blogger Online marketeer Joost de Valk, OrangeValley - WordCamp NL 2009
    • 3. Joost de Valk, OrangeValley - WordCamp NL 2009
    • 4. Joost de Valk, OrangeValley - WordCamp NL 2009
    • 5. It starts with analytics Joost de Valk, OrangeValley - WordCamp NL 2009
    • 6. And speed & usability is more important too...
    • 7. And then comes SEO
    • 8. Please do ask your questions!
    • 9. 42 I’ll try to answer all of them Joost de Valk, OrangeValley - WordCamp NL 2009
    • 10. Analytics
    • 11. A good “search” to start with
    • 12. Tracking and fixing 404’s
    • 13. Your site is a book!
    • 14. Step #1: improve your load times
    • 15. W3 Total Cache
    • 16. • (WP) Smush It • Puny PNG Crunch those images...
    • 17. Step #2: make them read more!
    • 18. Offer (Efficient) Related Posts
    • 19. Internal Linking & Series of Posts
    • 20. Tags, Categories & Custom Taxonomies
    • 21. Step #3: make them come back
    • 22. Step #4: engage them!
    • 23. Ask for feedback & comments
    • 24. How do you measure results?
    • 25. (Google) Analytics: - number of pageviews per visit - new unique commenter - comments - submitted feedback forms Email + FeedBurner subscriptions Twitter followers etc. etc. etc.
    • 26. Where’s the SEO?
    • 27. 1. Fixing 404’s: good for SEO 2. Improving load times: good for SEO 3. Offerring related posts & increasing internal linking: good for SEO 4. Improving categorization: good for SEO 5. Improving discussion: good for SEO Good for SEO
    • 28. 1. Pretty Perma links (/%postname%/) 2. Post Title - Blog Title 3. Using a properly coded theme 4. Read the article: 4 more things to do
    • 29. Press This on WebmasterRadio Every Tuesday: 2 PM Pacific 5 PM Eastern 10 PM GMT Interviews with bloggers, developers and marketeers, like: Mark Jaquith (WP Lead Developer) Vitaly Friedman (SmashingMagazine) Aaron Wall (SEOBook) Search for “Press This” in iTunes and subscribe or go to!
    • 30. Feedback? Questions? Need help? Email: Mobiel: 06 24 555 808 Twitter: @yoast 42