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About Market America Jun2012


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Here is a description of the social shopping company, Market America, which is the parent company of If interested in learning more, contact me.

Here is a description of the social shopping company, Market America, which is the parent company of If interested in learning more, contact me.

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  • 2. Market America’s mission over 675 people globally is to provide a system for with international operations entrepreneurs to create in Australia, Canada, Hong an ongoing income, while Kong, Taiwan, the United providing consumers Kingdom, the United States worldwide with a better way and Mexico. to shop. Through revolutionary technology and the power of Through One-to-One people, we are creating the Marketing and Social economy of the future. Shopping, Market America combines the Internet with Founded in 1992, ma is the power of people. As a Product Brokerage and a result, we are changing Internet Marketing the way people shop and Company that specializes changing the economic in One-to-One Marketing & paradigm where anyone Social Shopping. can become independent by creating Headquartered in our own economy — Built Greensboro, NC, Market on Product. Powered by America Worldwide employs People®.MArKeT AMeriCA’S SHOPPiNG WeBSiTe – SHOP.COMSHOP.COM, is one of the largest online retailers for consumers worldwide, offering over 35 million exclusive productsand services (ma brands) along with thousands of the top internet retailers. Together with SHOP.COM, Market America’sproprietary business model combines the power and scope of the internet with the personalization of One-to-One Marketingand social shopping to provide consumer’s with what they want and need.MARKET AMERICA HAS 400 350 Worldwide Company Sales GrowthGENERATED OVER $4.3 BILLION 300 (Wholesale)IN ACCUMULATED RETAIL SALES. 250 Millions of Dollars 200 150INDIVIDUALS HAVE EARNED 100OVER $2.4 BILLION IN 50COMMISSIONS AND 0 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Independent Distributors and UnFranchise Owners have earned 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 ® 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 ProjectedRETAIL PROFITS.* the following since the company’s inception: *† : Total commissions earned: Total Distributor earnings*:(*as of December 31, 2011). $1,231,421,034 + $1,229,179,443 = $2,460,600,477QUICK FACTS Annualizing approximately 30,000 sq. ft. Technology research $600 million in retail sales per year & Development Center on the way to $1 billion annually 200,000 total sq. ft. Headquarters & Hundreds of exclusive Market America-branded products/ services Localized Business Centers in United States, Canada, Australia, Over 3 million registered Preferred Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico and Customers worldwide the United Kingdom 2
  • 3. A WEB PORTAL, AN OPPORTUNITY & THE POWER OF PEOPLEWith a dynamic community of entrepreneurs and loyalcustomers, Market America and SHOP.COM tracks franchise fee. Additionally, instead of paying the franchisor a royalty, maproducts to people and people to products. sales through their website and referral network.each entrepreneur is equipped with a SHOP.COM Customers get paid for shopping and UnFranchise® Ownerswebsite and is connected economically. Market Americaprovides a systemized and standardized business model, and from referrals–resulting in an ongoing income.just like a franchise. The company provides support, training,technology, products, visibility and a proven business’s called the “UnFranchise® business” because you have Our Mission The 2- to 3- Year Plan Market America’s mission is Market America’s UnFranchise to provide a system for Business is a proven plan for entrepreneurs to create an ongoing income, while providing consumers worldwide with a better way to shop. Market America Overview In Order to be Successful Founded in 1992, ma is Approximately every a Product Brokerage and 10-20 years, a new marketing internet Marketing system emerges as a better Company that specializes in way of distributing products One-to-One Marketing & to the end consumer. Social Shopping. 3
  • 4. MARKET AMERICA ACQUIRES SHOP.COM in December 2011, Market America acquired SHOP.COM — a pioneer in online comparison shopping — creating a powerful, new social shopping destination poised to challenge the internet’s leading e-commerce sites. The acquisition combines SHOP.COM’s strength in technology and merchandising with Market America’s business model combining a high-touch, personal shopping experience with the industry’s only unlimited President & CEO, JR Ridinger interveiwed on Bloomberg TV Cashback program. ACQUISITION BENEFITSSHOP.COM is recognized Faster search and betterfor the best comparison navigation for shopping. new customers from theirshopping technology. SeO and SeM efforts. Capture and retain millionsSHOP.COM has award- Features ma®-brandedwinning merchandising time purchases and assign products on thefunctionality and display. the new customers to ‘Shop SHOP.COM site as ait makes shopping Consultants’. channel to attractappealing and easy, new customers.which increasesconversions.earn Cashback for purchasing eligible Market America- Find exactly what you need from tens of millions ofbranded products and those from our Partner Stores products and services using our lightning fast searchwhere you see the Cashback logo. technology. Shop from home and save time, gas, and thePlus, get 1/2 percent cashback on eligible purchases you for doing what you already love to do — shop!made by people you referred to, Save and Earn Cashback at SHOP.COM Simply MA Cashback What Will You Buy – Cashback 4
  • 5. SHOP.COM FEATURES Program Social Shopping ShopBox ma® Network Music Conquer entertainment™ Exclusive ma Brands Get Paid to Shop Hundreds of Products & Services Unlimited Shopping Customer reviews OneCart™ Product Demos Hot Deals & Comparison Shopping ma News Digital Powerline Magazine & Shop All Departments Other Well-Known Publications Most Popular Categories Find What You Want Faster ma Auctions Shop, Bid & Save on Partner Stores Popular Products Thousands of retailers Millions of Products & Gift Ideas Services eGift electronic Gift Selector Gift Cards from Popular Stores Exclusive Media Content Videos & Business- Building Tools Travel Powered by Travelocity Travel & Vacation Deals egifts My List Save Your Favorite Products Custom Nutrition Services Convenient Automatic Nutri-Physical® Free reordering Nutritional Analysis Interactive Blogs My Fashion Cents® ma BlogSHOP.COM Hot Deals SHOP.COM Gives Holiday Piece of Mind SHOP.COM - “SHOP OFF” | Get Caught Up In The Social Shopping Revolution 5
  • 6. Market America Ranked #1 Most Improved Online Retail Site Market America was rated the number one Most improved of Top 100 Online retail Sites for 2010 -by Market America Ranked #70 on the ForeSee Online retail Satisfaction index. Internet Retailer’s Top 500 The publication notes, “ we emerge from the economic downturn, top retailers are once again Despite continued worldwide economic challenges, investing aggressively in the online customer Market America experienced another solid year of experience and recognizing the future value of sales growth for 2011. America’s mission all along, and, as Jr ridinger The Top 500 Guide says, “the proof is in the pudding.” We are Built on customer satisfaction, performance, marketing, Product and Powered by People® — and we are corporate information, website features and powerful indeed! functions, payment systems and vendors. BUILDING A GLOBAL COMMUNITY Country profile: United States Facebook users Population: 313,232,044 | internet users: 245,203,319 | Facebook users: 157,418,920 — rank 1 | economy: 1 internet users Population Country profile: Canada Population: 34,030,589 | internet users: 27,757,540 | Facebook users: 17,545,580 — rank 13 | economy: 10 Country profile: Mexico KEY Population: 113,423,047 | internet users: 70,000,000 | Facebook users: 33,088,000 — rank 5 | economy: 14 Millions310300290280270260250240230220210200190180170160150140130120110100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 05 United States Canada Mexico Market America Worldwide has operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom 6
  • 7. TECHNOLOGIES, APPLICATIONS & SOCIAL MEDIA Click to Find US Click to Follow US Visit our ChannelMarket America enables you to always be on the technology is the solution, and Market Americaforefront of the latest technology and capitalize on offers both!the growing social and economic impact of theinternet, social networking and online shopping. The While other companies are trying to build social net-advancements in technology are making communi- working into their shopping sites, Market America hascation and connectivity instantaneous, thus fueling taken the opposite approach, bringing shopping tothe UnFranchise® Facebook with an ap-businesses of our plication called “magrowing global Network”.community of entre-preneurs.Social media (e.g., On social networks,Facebook, Twitter, there is a wealth ofYouTube) provides information. People tella valuable tool you more about them-to reach people, selves than they wouldinstantly ever reveal on a shop-exposing them to ping site. There is soproducts, services much interactivity go-and our business ing back and forth be-system. tween people — their likes, their dislikes, their wants, their emotional experiences, how theyCreate a virtual are feeling at the mo-storefront with SHOP- ment, and what theyBOX within your experienced through-Facebook page out the day.that allows friends toshop and checkout without ever leaving Facebook ma Network bridges the gap between social mediato create sales (see video below). and online shopping with one simple, easy-to-use interface that lets you search, shop, save and shareAlthough social media is a valuable tool, it will not with over 900 million potential customers!take the place of personal interaction and relation-ships. The combination of people power and A Web Portal + The UnFranchise System + Management Performance Compensation Plan + Social Media + People Power = Ongoing Income! Social Media Revolution Shopbox 7
  • 8. SHOP MOBILEThe internet changed the way people shop, but theparadigm is shifting once again. The SHOP Mobileapplication allows users to browse and purchase from and its thousands of Partner Stores, plus it offers thesame Cashback program and comparison shopping — allfrom the palm of your hand. Mobile Site Barcode Increased Coupons Custom Deal Mobile Site Mobile Site Barcode Increased Barcode Coupons Increased Custom Deal Notifications Scanning Cashback Deals Scanning Cashback Deals Scanning Cashback Deals Notifications Mobile Barcode Scanner 8
  • 9. MARKET AMERICA & SHOP.COM IN THE MEDIAKim Kardashian inspired at the MA in the News: 2012 World Isotonix OPC-3® on USA TV Market America Convention Conference CNN NotiMujer - 2-9-12 Channel WETM18 SHOP.COM Presents: Evenings in Vogue Miami Mom Inspires College of Pycnogenol® Students to Follow Dreams 2012 World Conference — 2012 World Conference — 2012 World Conference — LaLa Anthony Gloria and Emilio Estefan Scottie Pippen 2012 World Conference — Scottie Pippen is Scoring for MAWC 2012 Celebrity Highlights Eva Longoria Market America 9
  • 10. BUILT ON PRODUCTAs a product brokerage company, Market America and With over hundreds of exclusive products and services, Shop Consultants can capitalize on numerous multibillion-dollarproducts and services. By moving with the marketplace, industries including health & nutrition, cosmetics, anti-aging,Market America does not rely solely on the sales of any weight management, home & garden, pet care, auto care,single product or service.Without the costly burdens of manufacturing, mass UnFranchise ® businesses do not rely on the sale of anymarketing and advertising, greater resources are placed single product or service, resulting in short-term and long-in product development and quality assurance, whichguarantees that everything we offer is backed by substantial America is in a position to capitalize on, rigorous testing and peer-reviewed research. Market America’s isotonix ® products offer the fastest The Isotonix delivery system isotonix products are formulated with the proper balance of supplements. isotonix, when used as directed, will provide fructose, d-glucose, citric acid, potassium bicarbonate and the precise quantity of nutrients your body needs so you other key ingredients to assure that they are isotonic and receive maximum results.* effective when properly prepared. What does isotonic mean? When you ingest non-isotonic nutritional supplements, your Broken down to its roots, “iso-” means the same and and a percentage of the nutritive value is still lost. Because “tonic” means pressure or tone. When describing solutions meant for consumption, isotonic means having the and coatings common to tablets are necessary. it greatly decreases the amount of time and work necessary to absorb food entering the small intestine from the stomach for a supplement. absorption. Concentration and absorption Concentration refers to the amount of nutrient dissolved membranes, like the walls of the small intestine, is generally referred to as having a particular osmolality. it can be said absorption. Since isotonix products experience little dilution in that when solutions on opposite sides of a membrane have the gastrointestinal tract, they arrive in higher concentrations the same osmolality, they are isotonic. Isotonix delivery system * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 10
  • 11. Market America is the worldwide exclusive provider of isotonic-capablePycnogenol® – Isotonix OPC-2®Pycnogenol® is a natural “OPCs (Oligomericplant extract from the Proanthocyanidins) arebark of the maritime among today’s mostpinetree, which grows powerful and promisingexclusively along thecoast of southwest are actually a family ofFrance in Les Landes de antioxidants that areGascogne. more powerful than vitamins C and e, (longPycnogenol extract has held as the gold-standardthree basic functions — it antioxidants). Horphagis a powerful research was founded inantioxidant, it selectively Berlin in 1925, and can bebinds to collagen and considered a pioneer ofelastin, and promotes the dietary supplementthe production of and health food industry.endothelial nitric oxide, Today, Pycnogenol iswhich it supports normal exclusively suppliedvasodilation of blood worldwide by Horphag.vessels.* CLINICAL STUDIES Click links below Isotonix OPC-3 Pine Bark & Pycnogenol Fox News Dr. Steven Lamm - New Pycnogenol 11
  • 12. New Beauty magazine loves MOTIVES® LIQUID POWDER MINERAL 1. CRÈME CONCEALER This formula conditions the skin without creasing to 4. LUMINOUS TRANSLUCENT POWDERS These Motives by Loren ridinger® is the FOUNDATION for its super-lightweight and antioxidant-rich formula that cover less-than-perfect problem areas and hide dark under-eye circles. Color powders — available in both loose and pressed — have lasts all day. pictured: Light. $16.50 ultra-soft, smooth texture that diffuses light to give women M OT I V E S | M OT I V E S CO S M E T I C S . CO M COOL NEUTRAL WARM of all skin types a natural, healthy glow. Paraben free. Color pictured: Medium. $21.00 NEUTRAL NEUTRAL WARM award-winning cosmetics line Light Dark Amber Light Amber LOOSE PRESSED 001MC 002MC 003MC 004MC Light Medium Light/Medium Dark 344MLFP 341MLFP 300MTP 301MTP 5. LIQUID CORRECTION CONCEALER Highlights, conceals and heals with vitamin E to reveal a more youthful appearance. Not pictured. $17.00 COOL NEUTRAL WARM 5. DUAL PERFECTION POWDER This powder can be used 6. dry as a classic powder foundation or on wet skin for more 4. coverage. Paraben free. Color pictured: Honey. $25.00 Fair Medium Light Dark COOL NEUTRAL WARM 001MLCC 003MLCC 002MLCC 004MLCC who has changed the face of the 2. LIQUID POWDER MINERAL FOUNDATION WITH SPF 15 This formula is an Neutral Rose Neutral Light Neutral Neutral Medium Honey all-in-one, self-setting foundation and powder with rich polymers, silicon and 338MWDP 334MWDP 335MWDP 333MWDP 336MWDP vitamins that protect the skin and condition for a youthful appearance. $24.95 NEUTRAL WARM 6. FULL COVERAGE PHOTO FINISH POWDER This amazing formula creates satiny, soft skin and a matte photo-finish look that lasts all day. Paraben free. Color pictured: Tan. $24.50 beauty industry. Simple to use and NEUTRAL WARM Linen Sandy Beige Fawn Espresso Cream Beige Tender Beige Vanilla Cream 01MF 06MF 13MF 14MF 02MF 03MF 04MF Neutral Light Neutral Neutral Medium Mocha Tan Almond Honey Bronze Cameo Beige 310MFP 315MFP 311MFP 313MFP 314MFP 05MF 12MF 15MF sexy to wear, Motives cosmetics 1. SHAPE & SCULPT DUO This luxurious formula contains a highlighter and matte contour powder that glides on 3. AGELESS RENEWAL FOUNDATION This exclusive formula contains anti-aging smoothly to highlight and contour the face. Paraben free. ingredients including coenzyme Q10 and hydrolyzed collagen to give you Not pictured. $22.00 younger-looking skin instantly while providing sheer coverage in a long-lasting NEUTRAL provides you with an amazing formula. $29.50 COOL NEUTRAL WARM 100MSD 2. 3. Light-Porcelain Light-Ivory Light-Blush Medium-Olive Medium-Tan Medium-Golden Deep-Honey 01MAF 02MAF 03MAF 05MAF 06MAF 04MAF 08MAF With the trendiest colors and industry-leading 1. PRESSED BLUSH Nourishes and conditions the skin without VITAMIN C LIP TREATMENT This formula smoothes, soothes clogging pores, creating a natural, healthy flush that blends and and helps prevent chapped lips. Not pictured. 500MLT, $17.50 layers beautifully. Paraben free. Color pictured: Eclipse. $14.00 3. VITAMIN E LIP TREATMENT Seal in moisture with style with M OT I V E S | M OT I V E S CO S M E T I C S . CO M COOL NEUTRAL WARM this ultra-enriched treatment containing natural emollients that help hydrate chapped lips. Paraben free. 41MVITE, $17.50 HYDRATING LIP BALM The unique formula contains vitamins A and C, hyaluronic acid with collagen, shea butter, tangerine ingredients to give your eyes, cheeks, Flirt Porcelain Doll Runway Lust Naughty So Peachy butter and natural tangerine oil to hydrate and soothe chapped 178MB 179MB 175MB 176MB 181MB 185MB lips. Paraben free. Not pictured. 0153, $17.50 4. LIP PUMICE Kiss away those dry, rough lips and get a soft, smooth, luscious pout with gentle exfoliation. Paraben free. 40MLIP, $14.95 Pretty in Pink Shooting Star Flushed Burnt Caramel Dancing Queen Devilish Diva 184MB 188MB 180MB 182MB 187MB 189MB lips, face and nails a beautiful look 6. Eclipse 190MB Baby Doll 186MB Sun Goddess 191MB 5. 40FY® LIP TREATMENT Plumps and hydrates lips by supporting collagen production to give you lips that look fuller and sexier. Use three times a day to increase the look of your lip volume over time. Paraben free. 499MLT, $20.00 and feel, Motives cosmetics — like PRESSED BRONZER This satiny, smooth-textured bronzer blends and layers for a flawless look every day. The non-irritating formula 5. conditions the skin and provides antioxidant protection. Paraben free. 6. ESSENTIAL LIP KIT Contains nine gorgeous hues that Not pictured. $22.00 complement every skin tone, age and season. Mix and match NEUTRAL WARM these shades to find your perfect color. The lip brush provides easy application. Paraben free. 80MLP, $35.00 Loren ridinger — is changing the NEUTRAL 2. California Girl Miami Glow 302MB 300MB 4. 1. face of cosmetics. “MOTIVES® PRESSED BRONZER creates a natural, healthy glow so skin looks renewed and flawless.” NOON TO NIGHT LIP KIT Get long-lasting color from noon to night. Go as bold or as natural as you like. Paraben free. Not pictured. 81MLP, $35.00 3. NEUTRAL 2. BLUSH BRONZER DUO This luxurious formula contains a highlighter and matte contour powder that glides on smoothly to highlight and contour the face. Paraben free. $22.50 NEUTRAL 301MB Even if your bags are overpacked, there’s always room for these essentials that will keep you looking fresh and beautiful, from day to night. To travel light, visit SHOP.COM before you pack. MOTIVES IN THE NEWS 12601 | Skintelligence® Travel Kit | $29.95 PRESH4 | Motives® Boxed Beauty | $29.95 31MBR | Motives® 7 Piece Essential Brush Set | $35.00 Receive on these products. SHOP.COM Presents: The 2011 evenings Destination Beauty captures the allure of your favorite getaways with colors inspired by the exotic tropical colors of Mykonos blues, cocktail pinks and Maui sunsets. in Vogue fashion show from Miami Beach Create a sultry smokey eye inspired by the golden hues of the Moroccan coastline by applying Moroccan Spice to the entire eyelid. Create definition and the classic smokey look and Motives Cosmetics by applying Luau in the crease and lower lashline. Complete the look with your favorite Motives mascara and exude the essence of the rich coastal terrain. Pair a smokey eye with a nude lip. Try Max Lips in Beach and Motives for La La Mineral Lip Shine in Amazing. Find your escape at ma ® built on product. powered by people. ® Lookin’ Good built on product. powered by people. ® built on product. powered by people. ® Want to create an irresistible look for an unforgettable night out? Look your best with tips from – just click on “Tips and Trends”! built on product. powered by people. ® built on product. built on product. ® powered by people. KISSABLE LIPS This Valentine’s Day, try these great shades by searching Vday Lips on 186MES | Motives Spring/Summer Eye Shadows – Moroccan Spice 248ML | Motives Max Lips – Beach 108MLMG | Motives for La La Mineral Lip Shine – Amazing 188MES | Motives Spring/Summer Eye Shadows – Luau Receive on these products. Motives® Pucker Up Lip Plumper in Red Velvet From left to right: Lucy, Maria, Felicia and Susan Real Women with Motives 04MP | Price: $16.00 | ® These women use Motives® by Loren Ridinger® to look their best, so they can feel their best. By Roxanne Raynor Motives by Loren Ridinger is not only Motives cosmetics offers men and delivering a fierce and trendy style changing the cosmetics industry, women the opportunity to be a part for the runway or photo shoots. it’s changing the way women feel of something incredible. Used by about themselves. No matter what models, celebrities and everyday Anyone who has worn Motives feels nationality, age or occupation, women, Motives makeup offers inspired and creative, empowered to Motives is staying true to its mission unmatched versatility – achieving a accomplish anything, reach any goal of making women feel empowered professional or classic look, perfect and do the impossible. and beautiful. for the office, while also successfully Motives® Mineral Lipstick in Classic 104ML | Price: $15.75 | Lucy Maria Felicia Susan Age: 22 Age: 41 Age: 38 Age: 26 Occupation: Assistant Occupation: Motives Occupation: Market Occupation: Stylist Manager at White House Creative Consultant America Compliance Black Market HOW DOES MOTIVES HOW DOES MOTIVES HOW DOES MOTIVES EMPOWER YOU: HOW DOES MOTIVES EMPOWER YOU: EMPOWER YOU: “Motives is a motivational EMPOWER YOU: “Motives empowers me “You never get a second brand that moves forward “Motives empowers me to by allowing me to chance to make a first with the individualized build a strong cosmetics help women look impression. I am confident and poised women of business by helping beautiful and confident.” knowing that I have put my today, empowering them women discover their ‘best face’ forward when by enhancing their Motives® Lip Crayon natural beauty and feel wearing Motives. Looking natural beauty.” in Retro Red confident in how my best is a big part of 30MLP | Price: $14.00 | they look.” being my best.”8 January 2012 | SHOP.COM find us: follow us: @motives Product Demo Before & After Model Search Live the Lifestyle with Motives by Loren Ridinger 12
  • 13. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Most weight management programs only target one Over 90,000 food entries, including 1,400+ glycemic aspect of weight loss, which index foods and restaurant is why most people don’t meals, to help track food achieve their goals or they intake regain the weight. TLS® Weight Loss Solution is Hundreds of recipes and quick a clinically proven weight meal options management system that takes a holistic approach Techniques and guidance to healthy living through (from hundreds of new low-glycemic eating, exercise videos) that can help construct a workout regimen. composition, supplementation, Articles and tips on diet, stress reduction and exercise. exercise and healthy living to Make your transition to a keep you on track healthier lifestyle today with TLS Weight Loss Solution. Alerts and reminders via email and text messaging to track Personalized program options progress and supplements to based on your weight loss help ensure your success on goals and commitments the program interactive meal and exerciseTLS MOBILE ® planning and tracking systems Weight Loss Solution Mobile App. Seamlessly link to your subscription to give you convenient on-the-go tools to help manage your health and weight loss goals at your Track meals, exercise, supplements, water, and sleep to optimize your weight loss efforts TLS® Mobile is a free app available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry phones. Search for “TLS Slim” in your App Health Guide The TLS Solution 13
  • 14. NOTE: Pentaxyl font: SF Grandezzarevolutionary anti-aging skincare enhanced with Matrixyl® complex andline designed to support your skin on Argireline to help reduce the appearancethe cellular level of wrinkles, skin discoloration and stretch marksUses clinically tested and proveningredients like renovage® and Lumiskin® Features an advanced formula thatto help you look as young as you feel maximum resultshydrate and support normal repair of the An all-in-one beauty wonder treatmentskin while promoting a rebirthing effect that supports beautiful skin to last a lifetimeA line of solution-oriented, personal care everything you need to turn your ordinaryproducts created for men and women shower routine into a luxurious spa experienceSuperior products that contain specializedingredients for instant hair and skin therapy each product is enhanced with vitamins, protein and natural botanical extractsContains argan oil — a rich source ofa powerful antioxidant well-known for From gentle shampoos to silky lotionscombating the aging process specially formulated to meet a diverse range of needsContains advanced ingredients to Contains 150 percent of aloe in fourpromote overall cardiovascular health*Co-Q10 revitalizes and energizes thebody’s cells and immune system* Council), ensuring aloe content and puritySytrinol® helps maintain normal Promotes normal digestion and supports acholesterol levels* healthy immune system*Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce therisk of coronary heart disease* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 14
  • 15. nutraMetrix is a customized wellness solution for healthprofessionals. it allows health professionals to offer theirpatients science-based nutraceuticals, effective weightmanagement programs and custom supplementationproducts to improve their overall health-simultaneouslycreating additional revenue for the practice.The innovative nutraMetrix business model can allow you More than atraditional wholesale-retail return, nutraMetrix has createdpower of health professional relationships.nutraMetrix offers a complete line of advancednutraceuticals, many of which are available in an isotonicform. nutraMetrix isotonix® products are unlike any othernutraceuticals on the market. Normally, when a vitamin ormineral supplement tablet is ingested, the body must workfor up to four hours digesting and absorbing the nutrients.During this lengthy breakdown process, a percentage of thenutritive value is lost. isotonix products are powders; therefore,lubricants common to tablet manufacturing are necessary. Asa result, the amount of time and work necessary to absorb asupplement is greatly decreased. to nutritional supplementation. Gene SNP™ DNA Analysis merges an individual’s diet, lifestyle and environment with their genetic information to provide highly customized supplement regimens. With a customized, comprehensive report for each patient, you will have the tools necessary to motivate your patients to stay in optimal health.Our trained nutraMetrix Consultants (NCs) are resourceful,devoted individuals who work closely with you and yourstaff. They provide resources for a smooth implementationof our products and programs in the convenience of yourequipped with the resources and knowledge to help trainAs a commitment to your professional education, nutraMetrixis the principal corporate sponsor of the nutraMetrixproviding accredited continuing health professionaleducation in nutrition and nutraceutical applications. Pleasevisit the nei website at 15
  • 16. Fast Start FAST START PROGRAM Program Start your business for only $399 FREE SHIPPING FREE SHIPPING CONTAINS CONTAINS MARKET AMERICA Web Portal · Master UnFranchise Business BV & 3 BDCs) SHOP.COM website · Master UnFranchise Business (300 (300 BV & 3 BDCs)Subscription Kit with selected MARKET AMERICA brands · Business-building materialsSubscription Kit with selected MARKET AMERICA brands · Business-building materialsQty Name Size Qty Name 1 Isotonix OPC-3 1 Isotonix Single Bottle (90 Servings) Single (90 Servings) 1 Independent Distributor Subscription Kit 1 Independent Distributor Subscription Kit 2 Isotonix Vitamin C 2 Isotonix Vitamin C Single Bottle (30 Servings) Single (30 Servings) 5 ma Catalog 5 ma 2 Isotonix Multivitamin without Iron 2 Isotonix Multivitamin without Iron Single Bottle (30 Servings) Single (30 Servings) 5 2011 Annual Report (FY 2010) 5 2011 Annual (FY 2010) 1 Isotonix Calcium Plus 1 Isotonix Calcium Plus Single Bottle (45 Servings) Single (45 Servings) 5 Getting Started Guide & Action Plan for Success 5 Getting Started Guide & Action Plan for Success 2 Isotonix Advanced B-Complex 2 Isotonix Advanced B-Complex Single Bottle (30 Servings) Single (30 Servings) 5 Small Flip Chart 5 Small Chart 1 Heart Health Essential Omega III Fish Oil 1 Heart Essential Omega III Fish Oil 1 UnFranchise Business Presentation DVD 1 UnFranchise Business Presentation DVD with Vitamin E with E Single Bottle (30 Servings) Single (30 Servings) 2 Ultimate Aloe (Strawberry Kiwi) 2 Ultimate (Strawberry Kiwi) Single Bottle (16 Servings) Single (16 Servings) 1 Fixx Argan Oil Shampoo 1 Fixx 1 Fixx Shampoo 1 Fixx Argan Oil Conditioner Conditioner 2 Royal Spa Imperial Blend Bath & Shower Gel 2 Royal Imperial Blend Bath & Shower Gel Single Bottle (237 mL) Single (237 mL) Single Bottle (237 mL) Single (237 mL) Single Bottle (473 mL) Single (473 mL) { FastStart Programs also available 16
  • 17. Elizabeth Weber POWERED BY PEOPLE By following the steps of our proven vehicle for success, Market America is responsible for International Field Chairman creating hundreds of millionaires since the company’s inception in 1992. Overall, individuals Earnings of $125,000 - $149,999 in four weeks † : Total commissions earned: Total Distributor earnings: + $1,229,179,443 = $2,460,600,477* Melrose, Mass. $1,231,421,034 *As of December 31, 2011. † Joanne Hsi Patrick Hsieh International Field President & Alice Chen Nina Hale Senior Executive Executive Field Vice President Earnings of Field Vice President Earnings of $100,000 - $124,999 Earnings of $45,000 - $62,999 in four weeks $63,000 - $79,999 in four weeks New York, N.Y. in four weeks Covina, Calif. Burnaby, B.C. Ben Ginder, Jr. Norm & Min Liu Mary Roth Field President Senior Executive Field Executive Field Vice President Earnings of Vice President $80,000 - $99,999 Earnings of Earnings of in four weeks $45,000 - $62,999 $63,000 - $79,999 in four weeks Red Lion, Pa. in four weeks Oakland Garden, N.Y. Marian & Frank & Tina Chen James Kuo Gingie Keefer Executive Field Vice President Field President Senior Executive Earnings of Field Vice President Earnings of $45,000 - $62,999 $80,000 - $99,999 Earnings of in four weeks in four weeks $63,000 - $79,999 Livingston, N.J. in four weeks Arcadia, Calif. Queenstown, Md. Victor & Tony & Julie Scholl Alice Chiou Pam Bowling Executive Field Vice President Senior Executive Executive Field Vice President Earnings of Field Vice President Earnings of $45,000 - $62,999 Earnings of $45,000 - $62,999 in four weeks $63,000 - $79,999 in four weeks Charlotte, N.C. in four weeks Lutz, Fla. Milpitas, Calif. Dolly Kuo Jim & Senior Executive Vikki Lee Lisa Winkler Executive Field Vice President Executive Field Vice President Field Vice President Earnings of Earnings of Earnings of $45,000 - $62,999 $45,000 - $62,999 $63,000 - $79,999 in four weeks in four weeks in four weeks Long Beach, Calif. Nashotah, Wis. Walnut, Calif. ® businessplan in building their Market America business. The success of any Market America independent Distributor will depend on the amount of hard work, talent and dedication he or she devotes to the building of his or her MarketAmerica business. 17
  • 18. † : Total commissions earned: Total Distributor earnings: $1,231,421,034 *As of December 31, 2011. † + $1,229,179,443 = $2,460,600,477* Roger & Kenneth & Jacki & Annie Wu Tara Beck Christopher Executive Field Vice President Field Vice President Blasko Earnings of Earnings of Field Vice President $45,000 - $62,999 $36,000 - $44,999 Earnings of in four weeks in four weeks $36,000 - $44,999 Covina, Calif. Cecil, Pa. in four weeks Chetek, Wis. Amber Yang & Andy & Mary Keith & Michael Lu Beth Docos Kim Doyle Executive Field Vice President Field Vice President Field Vice President Earnings of Earnings of Earnings of $45,000 - $62,999 $36,000 - $44,999 $36,000 - $44,999 in four weeks in four weeks in four weeks Bayside, N.Y. Oswego, N.Y. York, Pa. Emily Cheng Kwei Fang Liu Lisa & Yardley Field Vice President Field Vice President Lieberman-Wang Earnings of Earnings of Field Vice President $36,000 - $44,999 $36,000 - $44,999 Earnings of in four weeks in four weeks $36,000 - $44,999 Arcadia, Calif. Burnaby, B.C. in four weeks West Milford, N.J. Phil Guido Field Vice President Lou Manfredi Karri Wu Earnings of Field Vice President Field Vice President $36,000 - $44,999 Earnings of Earnings of in four weeks $36,000 - $44,999 $36,000 - $44,999 in four weeks in four weeks Dix Hills, N.Y. York, Pa. Vancouver, B.C. Arlene Lowy Wan Rong Yuan Ying Zhao Field Vice President Field Vice President Field Vice President Earnings of Earnings of Earnings of $36,000 - $44,999 $36,000 - $44,999 $36,000 - $44,999 in four weeks in four weeks in four weeks Pittsburgh, Pa. College Point, N.Y. Oak Hill, Va. ® businessplan in building their Market America business. The success of any Market America independent Distributor will depend on the amount of hard work, talent and dedication he or she devotes to the building of his or her MarketAmerica business. 18
  • 19. SUPPORT VIDEOSThe Social Shopping 2011 World Conference There is a Better Way Market America hosts two 95 percent of people spendCompany of the Future international annual conferences: up to 45 years of their livesGet inside the mind of an The international Convention making the other 5 percentinternet mogul as Jr tells (each August, in Greensboro, NC) successful. They work a planwhat it takes to be the socialshopping leaders. and the ma World Conference (each February, in Miami, FL). success — not their own!Market America: We refuse to JR & the Giant Hamster WheelLive the Dream Participate. During the in one of his most powerful closingMarket America is about worst recession since the Great presentations ever, Jr ridinger uses aempowering people to secure Depression, Market America giant hamster wheel to demonstrate has grown in all aspects of the how people get stuck in a rut, workingletting quality of life suffer. By business. Learn how to thrive their lives away for someone else’sbecoming an entrepreneur, amidst uncertain times by gain. Use this powerful video toindividuals can begin working becoming an entrepreneur motivate others to take control of theirfor their own success rather than and taking control of your ownsomeone else’s. America. 19