How Do Markets Move?


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Markets are moving and unless you know why and how they will move away from you.

You can lead, follow or simply get run over. Which will it be?

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How Do Markets Move?

  1. 1. How Do Markets Move?
  2. 2. What Is The Market? Money or People? Which Influences The Market Most?
  3. 3. Markets Supply & Create Demand Capital & Knowledge Fuels Production of Goods & Services Market Awareness Fuels Demand Consumption Fuels Capital People & Businesses Are The Consumers
  4. 4. Market Awareness & Demand Are Driven By Conversations One to One to 1 Million at the Click of a Mouse Consumption Is Influenced By Conversations
  5. 5. What Makes A Market Move? Markets move when new information enters a market. Media surrounds us 24/7 both online and off-line. Media moves markets because it influences behavior, thinking, conversations and actions.
  6. 6. Market Segmentation D creates innovation a market wants and needs. This segment is likely 5% or less of the entire marketplace. C takes the information and applies it to solving problems or new solutions. . This segment is likely 15% or less of the entire marketplace. B migrates to the use of information from those creating use for it . This segment is likely 20% or less of the entire marketplace. A is aware of the information but they either fail or decide not to act on it. This segment is likely 60% or more of the entire marketplace.
  7. 7. Where Does The Market Get Its Information? The Market Has Moved On-Line
  8. 8. Conversations Have Moved On-line Where Do People Go To Find Information? What Do They Do When They Find It? Who Provides Them With The Information They Seek? What Is The Value Of Information?
  9. 9. Where Do People Find “Directions”?
  10. 10. Conversations Are Transforming Markets
  11. 11. What Forces Are Driving The Market? Conversations are Relational. Advertising & Marketing Methods Are Not. People Trust People and Not Institutions. The Web Is Fueling Changes In How Markets Operate
  12. 12. The Power Of Social Distribution How Can Business Reach The Market? If Reached How Can You Pull The Market To You? Creating Conversational Content That Is In Context To Your Market
  13. 13. A Conversation Involves Listening Then Engaging
  14. 14. What Is A Good Conversation? An Exchange Which Helps People Find What They Want and Need
  15. 15. The Market Has Changed! Mass Media Is No Longer The “Link” to Your Market. The web & media are inherently social. If business must have a presence online, then business must have a social element. To not have that is to fore go both logic & opportunity.
  16. 16. Is Your Organization Ready? You Can Lead, Follow Or Simply Get Run Over! What Will It Be?
  17. 17. It Is A New Economy And It Is Up To You To Create It! Thank You [email_address] [email_address]