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B2B Seller Media Kit B2B Seller Media Kit Document Transcript

  • IntegrateB2B Seller Media Kit
  • IntegratesB2B Marketplace Platform Effective Analysis Creative Assets & Data-Driven Targeting Selections Optimization Marketing MethodsOutgoing Data Marketers l Integrations rna Lead Nurturing xteships E n Real-Time Campaign Lead Scoring io lat Tracking & Development & CRMs Re Reporting Deployment CMMP Integrate Fraud Risk Publisher Transparency Prevention Mgmt. Consolidation & Compliance Technology & Vetting Publishers Data Providers Data Warehouses Int Acquisition Databases Op erna Research era l tio nsIncoming Data Market Research Third-Party Data Gathering Competitor Analysis Audience Discovery Integrate is an advertising technology and services provider that offers a Centralized Media-Management Platform (CMMP). We empower media sellers to select, negotiate and track quality offers across a regulated ecosystem, unifying performance, digital and traditional media. Our solutions provide operational efficiency and facilitate profitable relationships. Integrate meets the needs of publishers in more than 50 B2B verticals. Publishers gain access to the industry’s most comprehensive media-management platform, as well as a constantly growing pool of vetted B2B advertisers. The platform allows media sellers to hand-select, negotiate, fulfill and track payment for campaigns via one centralized system. With comprehensive messaging and reporting, automated invoicing and seamless earnings accounting, Integrate streamlines the entire media-selling process, enabling publishers to grow their businesses and increase their bottom lines.2 Integrate, B2B Seller Media Kit
  • Platform Features & BenefitsConsolidation & Convenience — A single dashboard displays: • Real-time campaign fulfillment and earnings statistics • Community broadcasts • Current campaigns requesting fulfillment • Pending messages and notificationsThis consolidated display makes it easy for your team to quickly capitalize on lucrativeopportunities.Accurate, real-time reporting enables B2B publishers to create custom filters to sort and access up-to-date stats by campaign, Seller, subID, creative and location. 3 Integrate, B2B Seller Media Kit
  • Direct Campaigns — Integrate’s focus on cross-channel media consolidation hasprofitable advantages. • Buyers are able to easily expand their marketing efforts into new verticals, marketing methods and campaign types, giving Sellers the opportunity to fulfill fresh, direct of- fers unavailable from other sources. • In an effort to take advantage of new, untapped fulfillment sources, Buyers continually send requests to Sellers to run new campaigns. • Sellers can use the Browse Campaigns feature to discover opportunities meeting publisher-specified criteria. Consequently, Integrate becomes an extension of your sales force, eliminating the need to prospect.Filter campaigns by vertical (B2B or B2C), campaign type, marketing methods, payable action, restrictions orgeographic location.4 Integrate, B2B Seller Media Kit
  • Seller Profiles & Statistics— Develop a comprehensive profile to highlight abilities,experience and recommendations. Buyers view profiles while browsing for potentialSellers to fulfill their campaigns. Further, Integrates technology uses Seller profile datato suggest well-suited campaigns and increase Seller visability to particular Buyers. • Company descriptions • Years in business • Third-party trade references • Integrate Buyer recommendations • Performance statistics and return rates • Marketing methods used and verticals of expertiseAccount Settings • Easily adjust any profile information, including contact info, payment preference public Seller profile without having to contact account representative • Set delivery frequency for campaign status notifications • Click Buyer referral URLs to discover additional campaigns at decreased transactions fees • Gain a 5% profit share by referring publishers to Integrate using Seller referral link5 Integrate, B2B Seller Media Kit
  • Buyer Profiles & Statistics — Make informed decisions regarding collaboration,removing the risk of running unprofitable offers. Public profiles include: • Company descriptions • Verticals and accepted marketing methods • Third-party trade references • Integrate Seller recommendations • Payment records and return rates • Current campaigns Request to run campaigns through Buyer profiles.6 Integrate, B2B Seller Media Kit
  • Media Library — Easily receive andtrack Buyers assets across myriadcampaigns. Integrates Media Librarymitigates creative transmission problems,enabling Buyer creative team membersto log in to instantly upload and shareowned media. Providing a singlerepository from which Sellers can easilyaccess all campaign assets, the libraryincreases efficiency while eliminatingcreative mismanagement.Direct Messaging — Integrate encourages and facilitates direct Buyer-Sellercommunication. The CMMP provides Sellers with a tool to easily: • Negotiate payments, allocation adjustments and start dates • Ensure the clarity of campaign requirements and restrictions • Discuss the campaign progress and optimization steps needed to maximize results7 Integrate, B2B Seller Media Kit
  • Real-Time Reporting — The Integrate dashboard reports campaign results in real time. View all clicks, calls and conversions as they occur to ensure proper tracking and payment for all valid leads and conversions.Generate and view campaign reports through your Integrate dashboard, customizing settings to break downdesignated date range results by campaign type, interval and chosen lead metrics. Download campaign reports, requesting to receive all available lead metrics in a CSV document . 8 Integrate, B2B Seller Media Kit
  • Accounting — Integrates dashboard and accounting process provides all the toolsand visibility necessary to monitor earnings and payments: • Monthly statements show total earnings, received and outstanding payments • Campaign performance reports delineate conversion counts, earnings and payment status • Comprehensive balance history comprises earnings, disbursements and consequent balances • "Unpaid Buyers" tab provides a list of Buyers who are past due on paymentReliable Consolidated Payments — Every Integrate Buyer undergoes a strictapproval process that includes a thorough background check and verification of tradeand credit references. Integrate consolidates Buyer payments, increasing accountingprocess efficiency for its Sellers.9 Integrate, B2B Seller Media Kit
  • Returns — Buyers have the ability to return conversions, but Sellers can dispute anyreturn they find invalid. Integrate prevents Buyer-side fraud by requiring Buyers tosubmit evidence that would disqualify a payable conversion. • Review, dispute and/or accept Buyer-returned leads • Filter returns by month, campaign, buyer and required response • Rely on Integrate as a neutral third party to help resolve return disputesMediation — If a Buyer and Seller are unable to resolve a dispute, Integrate willstep in and provide unbiased mediation. Mediation is useful for issues in which Buyer-reported information is inconsistent with the data received and tracked by Integrate orSellers (invalid returns, inaccurate tracking, miscommunication, allocation, flight dates,etc.).Selling Process — When a Buyer creates and publishes a campaign in Integrate’smarketplace: • Integrate matches the campaign to qualified Sellers for fulfillment • Buyers select the sources with which they choose to work • Integrate notifies Sellers of campaigns pending approval • Sellers view campaign details, such as delivery settings and campaign requirements, and accept, decline or negotiate criteria, such as payout and allocation • Counter offers are sent to Buyers to accept, decline or negotiate • Buyer and Sellers review and agree to campaign assets and/or creative • Upon final Buyer-Seller agreement, Sellers receive delivery instructions and begin fulfillment10 Integrate, B2B Seller Media Kit