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Tsl list of assets 2012 03-20 v17
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Tsl list of assets 2012 03-20 v17






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    Tsl list of assets 2012 03-20 v17 Tsl list of assets 2012 03-20 v17 Presentation Transcript

    • Karin Arnold – Manager, Global Telecom Solutions LabTelecom Solutions LabOverview of Solutions / Assets available in the TSL
    • TSL solutions / assets cover the full life cycle of a Service Service Innovation & Creation Rapid Service Assembly, Collaboration with Web 2.0, Service Management Define, Design and Develop Value-Improve quality and increase Added Services customer satisfaction IBM Service Execution Common Deployment SPDE Environment for Value-Added Telecom Enablers Service Integration Service Exposure Integrate new services with Expose Telecom BSS/OSS systems Enablers to 3rd party domain, Re-use service enablers 2 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Live Integrated Solutions Prototypes available in the Telecom SolutionsLab Aligned on Telco Industry Solutions Area SMARTERSmarter Operations COMMUNICATIONS Smarter Services Rapid Service AssemblyService Assurance Analytics Cloud for Mobile apps enablement SMARTERCatalog driven Order Mgt w/ MDM4PIM COMMUNICAT Monetize Cloud (CSP² ) Security IONS Cloud & Ilog Wholesale App Community (WAC)ComverseONE Convergent Billing IMS Based ServicesSubs. Analysis & Churn Prediction – TDW Cloud GamingAdvanced Customer Predictive Analytics – M2M Mobile healthcare Next Best Offer Service Exposure to Social NetworksPredictive Churn Analysis Real-Time Campaign w/ Unica & Streams Smarter Networks Big Insights Web Log Analysis mBanking – mCommerce Intelligent Site Operations Telecom meets IPTV Self-Organizing Networks Network Analytics Accelerator Wireless Optimization Intelligent Data Services3 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Telecom Solutions Lab Solutions / Assets are aligned on SPDE 4.0Industry Framework Catalog driven Order Mgt w/ MDM4PIM SID Aligned data model in MDM4PIM &ILOGTDW - Subs. Analysis & Churn Prediction ComverseONE Convergent Billing Rapid Service Assembly Cloud for Mobile apps enablement Real-Time Campaign w/ Unica & Streams IMS Based Services Advanced Customer Predictive Analytics Cloud Gaming - Next Best Offer M2M Mobile healthcare Predictive Churn Analysis Service Exposure to Social Networks Big Insights Web Log Analysis Monetize Cloud (CSP² ) Wholesale App Community (WAC) mBanking – mCommerce Telecom meets IPTV Service Assurance Intelligent Site Operations Self-Organizing Networks IBM SPDE 4.1 Framework Network Analytics Accelerator Wireless Optimization Intelligent Data Services4 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Business Analytics & Optimization Real-Time Campaign w/ Unica & StreamsAdvanced Customer Predictive Analytics - Next Best Offer TSL Solutions / Assets mapped on SPDE Topology and Solution Areas Predictive Churn Analysis Big Insights Web Log Analysis TDW - Subs. Analysis & Churn Prediction Service Innovation & Cloud Rapid Service Assembly Cloud for Mobile apps enablement IMS Based Services Cloud Gaming M2M Mobile healthcare Smarter Networks OSS/BSS Transformation Service Exposure to Social Networks Intelligent Site Operations Catalog driven Order Mgt w/ MDM4PIM Monetize Cloud (CSP²) Wireless Optimization SID Aligned Data Model in MDM4PIM Wholesale App Community (WAC) Self Organizing Networks Service Assurance 5 mBanking – mCommerce Intelligent Data Services © 2011 IBM Corporation ComverseONE Convergent Billing Telecom meets IPTV Network Analytics
    • Summary of TSL Live Solutions Prototypes (1/6) Solution Description Owner Available Assets Solution Solution Area Asset Owner Customer Video Training Remote Presentation Package AccessRapid Service Assembly Smarter Services TSL Europe Y Y Y YCloud for Mobile Apps Enablement Services Smarter TSL Europe Y Y Y YMonetize Cloud (CSP² integrated withServices TSL Europe Smarter jamCraker) Y Y Y YWhosale Application Community (WAC) Smarter Services TSL Europe Y Y Y YmBanking - mCommerce Smarter Services TSL Europe Y Y Y Y6 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Summary of TSL Live Solutions Prototypes (2/6) Solution Description Owner Available Assets Solution Solution Area Asset Owner Customer Video Training Remote Presentation Package Access IMS Based Services Smarter Services TSL Europe Y Y Y Y (gaming+conf) Cloud Gaming Smarter Services Content Solution Y Y N N Next Generation VoD (La Gaude) Old Mobile Healthcare Smarter Services TSL Europe Y Y Y Y (on request) Social Networks – Communities (Buddycom, SNTellink) Smarter Services TSL Europe Y Y Y Y (on request) Telecom Meets IPTV (ICSE) Smarter Services TSL Europe Y Y7 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Summary of TSL Live Solutions Prototypes (3/6) Solution Description Owner Available Assets Solution Solution Area Asset Owner Customer Video Training Remote Presentation Package Access Service Assurance Smarter Operations TSL Europe Y N Y Y Catalog Driven Order Fulfillment with MDM4PIM and ILog Smarter Operations TSL Europe Y Y Y Y ComverseONE: Convergent Billing Solution Smarter Operations TSL Europe Y Y Y Y8 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Summary of TSL Live Solutions Prototypes (4/6) Solution Description Owner Available Assets Solution Solution Area Asset Owner Customer Video Training Remote Presentation Package AccessSubscriber Analysis & Retention – Telco Data Warehouse Smarter Operations TSL Europe Y N N YPredictive Churn Analysis Smarter Operations TSL Europe Y N N YCall Center Next Best Offer Smarter Operations TSL Europe Y Y Y YReal-Time Campaign with Unica & Streams Smarter Services TSL Europe Y Y N N9 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Summary of TSL Live Solutions Prototypes (5/6) Solution Description Owner Available Assets Solution Solution Area Asset Owner Customer Video Training Remote Presentation Package Access Big Insight Web Log AnalysisSmarter Services TSL Europe Y N N Y Network Analytics Accelerator marter Networks S TSL Europe Y Y N Y Wireless Optimization (Bytemobile) Networks Smarter TSL Europe Y Y N Y Wireless Optimization (Sunbay) Smarter Networks TSL Europe Y Y N (Y) Client required10 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Summary of TSL Live Solutions Prototypes (6/6) Solution Description Owner Available Assets Solution Solution Area Asset Owner Customer Video Training Remote Presentation Package AccessIntelligent Site Operations (ISO) Smarter Networks TSL North Y Y Y Y AmericaISO: Workforce and Energy Optimization Smarter Networks TSL North Y N Y Y AmericaSelf Organizing Networks (SON) Smarter Networks TSL Europe Y Y Y YIntelligent Data Services (IDS) Smarter Networks TSL Europe Y Y N Y11 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Rapid Service Assembly Internet Widgets Demo Description • Weather • Maps • Events Mashups are web applications that combine • • News Finance component services into innovative new applications. Telecom Widgets Mashups are a key element of the SPDE Service • Presence Innovation entry point. Lotus Mashups provides • Location • SMS a graphical, browser-based tool for the rapid • 3rd Party Call assembly of mashups. The TSL has worked with SWG to develop Solution Benefits telecom widgets for location, presence, click-to- Service Innovation – Rapid Service Creation with dial, and text messaging to augment the standard mashups widget palette. The demonstration shows how we can create a IBM Products new telecom service in less than 5 minutes Lotus Mashups, Infosphere MashupHub, TWSS, WAS Partner Products Audiocodes, RadiSys12 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Cloud for Mobile Apps Enablement Demo Description OBJECTIVES: To demonstrate how CSPs can leverage cloud technology to rapidly and cost- effectively support the full life cycle of capabilities required to develop and deliver new applications to customers. OVERVIEW: The demo shows CSPs how cloud can serve partners and customers. The development & test platform is open to partners/developers/suppliers and there is an App Solution Benefits Store/Portal for customers. 1) CSPs interested in driving network usage and The demo is comprised of: 1) The Development & new revenue by providing support to the Test Cloud platform, 2) The Application Distribution developer community for application Process consisting of a partner portal & App-Store, development, testing and publication. and 3) The Service Delivery Platform (SDP) Cloud. 2) CSPs wanting to attract new users and/or differentiate their offerings by hosting an App-Store/Portal for users of mobile devices both on and off their network.13 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • CSP² - Monetizing Cloud Demo Description The demo consists of two parts: Part One which is live as of March 2011 and shows how an end user can order a IaaS service using a Jamcracker store front. The following use cases are shown in the live demo: 4. An end user logs into the store front and selects a IaaS service. 5. User order the service Solution Benefits 6. We can show the progress of provisioning in TSAM Allows CSPs to become a cloud service provider and vSphere client 7. End user modifies main memory and/or hard disk size of the virtual server he ordered Part Two is available as video showing the IBM Products following use cases: ISDM (TSAM, TUAM, TSA, Tivoli Monitoring) 9. User requests new instance of a virtual server 10. Check progress of provisioning in TSAM TBSM 11. Modify virtual resources Partner Products 12. Monitor servers; Show a high CPU load alarm on the Jamcracker store front machines. Redhat RHEL 13. Track availability and performance of servers. Suse Enterprise Linux14 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Wholesale Application Community: App store & on boardingprocess Demo Description The Communication Service Providers united to create a counterpart to app stores from Apple and Google. The initiative is the Wholesale Application Community (WAC) and aim to provide one mobile application runtime specifications for all member Telcos. All developers develop into one warehouse where Solution Benefits a CSP may pick and choose the ones he want Allows CSPs to add mobile apps residing in the to have for his customers. WAC warehouse to his offer to the end In the first step, a marketing oriented person of customers. We emphasis that the applications the CSP browses the WAC database. (S)He are added to the overall offer of the Telco uses a portal in the operators domain compared to a stand-alone shop with all connected to the WAC warehouse and selects capabilities of a full-fledged eCommerce shop the apps to be on-boarded. IBM Products In a second step, an approver verifies the app Webpshere Portal Server has passed functional tests as well as compiles Websphere Process Server to the Telcos policies and rules. Websphere Commerce15 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • mBanking – mCommerce Demo Description Mobile Payment and Mobile Banking gets more and more attraction as a service provided by CSPs. With Sybase 365, the TSL is able to show mPayment and mBanking demo scenarios. In the TSL demo you can see how to • sign-on to the service, Solution Benefits • manage your accounts, Allows CSPs extend their portfolio in the already • pay goods and bills and trusted domain of managing payments and bills of their customers. Using different channels increases • send money from person to person revenue from their traditional products on top of using different channels like SMS, Web and revenues from the mCommerce/mBanking service Smartphone clients. IBM Products Webpshere Portal Server, Process Server pSeries server Partner Products Sybase 36516 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) based Services Demo Description  Multiplayer Gaming with Conferencing  The Multi-Player Gaming service allows several buddies to play connected games on line from their mobile devices or laptops and to speak to each other during the game on a voice conference.  Mobile & VoIP Conference Call The foundation service that is reused in various other Solution Benefits demos. Revenue generating NGN Services Innovation by Service Composition IBM Products WAS6.1, IMS Connector, WPS, XDMS, Presence Partner Products Nortel, RadiSys, Audiocodes, Terraplay17 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Cloud Gaming Demo Description  Challenges  Communication Service Providers (CSP) are facing decline in voice revenue and have to find new services for growing their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)  CSPs have as well the strategic imperative to identify services that will complement their broadband offering in such a way that consumer will not churn to other operators. This is even more important in mature markets where the market for new household to be equipped is limited  CSPs have started to introduce different forms of services leveraging digital content (like IP Television, Video On Demand or Music on demand) to achieve those strategic imperatives of increasing the ARPU and controlling churn.  Just like Video or Music, Game is another form of Digital Content that CSPs are starting to leverage as well. Cloud Gaming is a service by which games can be provided instantly, on-demand to consumers Solution Benefits • Solution Overview Provide a new revenue generating service to • A significant infrastructure (STG) opportunity that plays at CSPs by selling game on demand to broadband the strength of our IDataPlex product line – Capabilities to users. host multiple high-end powerful Graphical Processor Units (GPU) is definitely a differentiator for the IBM IDataPlex. • A real innovation topic that opens doors to Business discussions with Line of Businesses (Consumer Business Partner Products lines) Chief-Marketing-Officer (CMO) or other senior executives like Vice-President for Innovation G-Cluster18 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Next generation VoD – Powered by WebSphere CommerceDemo Description Challengeso Flexible video product and catalog managemento Enhanced service offering a unique personalized consumer experienceo Marketing rules -driven, enabled with profiling, recommendations, campaigns, community ratingso Content aggregation platform, multi-brand modelo Focus on improving VOD service profitability Solution Overview Solution Benefits Use cases : Improve VOD service profitability - Profiling & - via STB on TV screen, user browses personalized Marketing rules-driven VOD Portal, with unique commerce capabilitieso Powered by WebSphere Commerceo VOD : MediaBase (Kasenna) on Linux / x346o STB : Netgem IBM Products WebSphere Commerce Partner Products Kasenna, NetGem (STB)19 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Mobile Healthcare Demo Description The remote healthcare patient monitoring Proof of Concept demonstrates one of the vertical markets addressed by SPDE framework and is set to prove how healthcare authorities can save money while improving patient care. The solution Solution Benefits shows how enablers in a service provider Revenue Generating Services for Health Care industry, or network can be used in an enterprise application. similar verticals like Logistics, Retail, Insurance. Address complex coordination between various This solution also highlights the use of service enterprise applications and processes (work force, logistics etc) oriented architecture to build a service delivery platform allowing re-using service enablers and IBM Products foundation services in multiple composite WAS6.1, WPS, Presence, TWSS, XDMS, WVR, services addressing different markets and WVS different revenue opportunities for Partner Products Communication Service Providers. Radysis, Audiocodes20 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Service Exposure to Social Networks & Communities Demo Description Those demonstrations (SNtellink, Buddycom) demonstrates how a Communication Service Provider can benefit from the worldwide booming of the social networks and 3D Internet virtual worlds by providing additional communication services to those networks. The application interconnects social networking sites Solution Benefits (SNS), 3D virtual worlds and traditional Telco services Service Innovation – new revenue generating (SMS, Voice, …), to extend CSP’s offer and to deliver a services on top of social networks and virtual user-friendly experience to the final customer. communities The concept is to allow any user to communicate either directly by chatting to their friends logged in to another SNS, IM system or using Telco services if they are logged out: a “always reachable” capability centralized in one IBM Products interface! WAS, Presence, XDMS, WPS, TWSS, Domino This solution will give the Telco Companies a tremendous Server; Lotus Connection mean to penetrate the Social Networking Market, and generate additional revenue by selling SMS and Voice Partner Products services to social networking users RadiSys, AudioCodes, Nortel21 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Telecom meets IPTV (ICSE) Demo Description Solution Benefits Broaden the business model to include new In this Live demo, see how mobile users can partners with new services easily monitor and manage home media and Launch services more quickly integrate to social networks Monetizing transactions IBM Products WAS, ICSE (XDMS, WPS, TWSS, Presence)22 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Service Assurance Demo Description This demonstration shows an end-to-end process automation choreography via SOA based WPS integrating Netcool (Omnibus, TBSM, Precision, Impact…), Inventory, Remedy ARS (trouble ticketing) and human interactions highlighting: Problem resolution Change management Solution Benefits Trouble ticket correlation across OSS integration customer facing and network facing Business Process Agility organizations Resolution process automation IBM Products Tivoli Netcool Suite, WPS Partner Products Remedy, Brix, Cellex, Empirix23 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Catalog-Driven Order Fulfillment, with MDM4PIM & ILogDemo DescriptionThis live integrated solution prototype shows acatalog-driven order management solution, withhigh-level of flexibility.The use-cases are:• SID-Aligned catalog model in MDM4PIM• New Product Introduction• Catalog synchronization from MDM4PIM to allBSS systems, in particular the Active Catalog• Fulfillment of a customer order for the newlycreated product Solution Benefits• Management of dependencies between services, OSS/BSS Transformationdone by Business Rules (WODM) Business Process Agility Standards Based (eTOM, TAM, SID)We show in particular that the new ProductOffering is handled without redeployment of the IBM ProductsOrder Fulfillment process! MDM4PIM, IBM BPM 7.5, Telecom Pack 7.5, WODM 7.524 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Comverse One: Convergent billing solution Demo Description The demo of Comverse capabilities is part of the Comverse Center of Excellence (CCoE). ComverseOne is a convergent real-time billing solution. The lab operates an instance of Comverse One and performs customer demos. This demo takes you through the following use cases: Solution Benefits  Product Catalog – How easy a product can be Allows service providers to create true created with a graphical tool convergent products; Pre-/Postpaid is a payment  Customer Center – Acquire a customer; Show method and does not limit service design customer support anymore. Real-time capabilities allow to create  Real-time rating: Show ComverseOne in new products which immediate benefits to applying discounts in real-time customers during service usage.  Billing: Convergent billing run  Customer Self Service: How a customer checks IBM Products his account and buys additional services in a IBM Power 575, IBM Blades web browser Partner Products ComverseOne 3.2/3.525 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Subscriber Analysis and Churn Prediction – Telco Data Warehouse Demo Description This demonstration is based on an integrated environment based on Cognos BI, InfoSphere Information Server and the Telecom Data Warehouse. Based on a real life data set we can demonstrate the value of advanced analytical dashboards to do customer churn analysis. Using the business glossary and data lineage as an example we also demonstrate the value of an Solution Benefits integrated environment that links business and Improve Telco churn management by applying IT. advanced analytics A churn prediction dashboard demonstrates how to apply data mining on social network analysis outcomes, CDRs, etc. to predict churners. IBM Products Cognos BI, InfoSphere Information Server, Telco The major part of this demo has been harvested Data Warehouse from a PoT IBM ran for an Austrian mobile operator.26 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Predictive Churn Analysis Demo Description  Dashboards and data exploration showing patterns of churn and root cause analysis.  Forward looking churn predictors aggregated in management dashboards  Advanced predictive analytics including survey and text analysis of customer sentiment. Solution Benefits Sales & Marketing Dashboards Churn Management through advanced predictive analytics IBM Products Cognos 10, SPSS Modeler & Text Analytics27 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Call Center Next Best Offer Demo Description  Provides real-time ‘Next Best Offer’ capabilities to Call Center agent, through on-the-fly churn prediction and recommendation engine  Analyze customer behaviors, calling patterns, social networks and all customer data (structured or not) available from CSP to identify and predict valued customers at risk of future cancellation, reduction or non-use of service. Solution Benefits Real-time Recommendation engine for the Call Center Reduce Churn & Increase Customer Satisfaction IBM Products MDM Server, SPSS, ILog BRMS, TABI28 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Real-Time Campaign with Unica & StreamsDemo DescriptionThis set of BAO demonstrations show how tocombine powerful Unica Enterprise MarketingManagement suite with Streams Real-timeAnalytic Platform to improve the end-to-endmarketing managementThree use-cases are shown:• Outbound campaign, enhanced with Real-timeMonitoring and advanced predictive analytics• True real-time, event-based, campaign Solution Benefits• Interactive Marketing with real-time Enhances real time responsiveness to customerpersonalization behaviour patterns Provides smarter campaign capabilities IBM Products Unica Campaign, Unica Interact, Cognos Real- time Monitoring, InfoSphere Streams, SPSS29 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Big Insight – Web Log AnalysisDemo Description Solution Benefits The Sample Outdoors Company has many visitors Web site analysisa year to their website and only a subset resulted in Big Data processingpurchases. They would like to know what is Customer Insighthappening to the other visits? The demo shows how InfoSphere Big Insightperform web log analysis to get valuable customerinsight and analytics IBM Products InfoSphere Big Insights, System T (Text Typical insight that can be extracted: Analysis)  Number of pages visited  Exit pages30 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Network Analytics AcceleratorDemo Description Solution Benefits IBM network analytics framework enables a • Access to data sitting in the silosnetwork data warehouse for intelligent operations for • Models that correlate the data across the silosa smarter network • Enable end to end detailed/historical analytics Single view of Network, Customers, Services, that map Customer to Network to ServicesHandsets and Profitability • Speed, Simplicity, Scalability, Smart Demo Use-cases: Subscriber Analysis, HandsetAnalysis, Web traffic usage analysis IBM Products Netezza Partner Products Ventraq - Network Analytics Accelerator31 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Intelligent Site Operations (ISO) Demo Description The intelligent site operations solution for telecommunications from IBM helps you instrument the management of your mobile network passive infrastructure and integrate it with active network management. Our goal: to improve your operations and services, reduce operating and energy costs, increase revenue streams and help you better manage your Solution Benefits energy footprint. ● Manage the life cycle and maintenance of all asset types on a This demo takes you through the following use single platform. ● Introduce cost-saving efficiencies through better data integration. cases: ● Use labor more effectively  Temp Rising - Door Open ● Lower your environmental impact. Sensor detects rising temperature, solution determines ● Comply more easily with regulations. technician scheduled on site, advises technician to close door  Power Failure - Prioritized Refueling Commercial power failure, solution prioritizes order of sites to IBM Products be refueled by remaining battery life time  Fuel theft detection  Tivoli, Cognos, Maximo, ILOG Solution detects high fuel consumption together with removal of Partner Products tank cap –> alert authorities of fuel theft  Kentrox32 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • ISO: Workforce and Energy Optimization Demo Description Workforce Optimization use case • Cell Techs review all Service Requests, Work Orders, and Preventative maintenance records, and can filter/prioritize their workload related to the cell sites they’re responsible for. • Enabling features including integration w/ Google Maps widget for increased mobility and efficiencies. • Integrated Vendor management allows cell techs to systematically assign and route work orders, provide vendor access to get and complete jobs, while the cell Solution Benefits tech manages their progress • Enhanced visibility of workforce operations /efficiency ● •Alignment w/ top level issues and health of network •Alerts-based Business Rules Energy and Environmental Optimization •The creation of energy management and control significantly • Environmental Tracking Dashboards that provide Energy changes the ability to achieve corporate green goals, reduce energy Optimization related KPIs to help assess very broad as well as spend, and improve longer term designs by using business analytics specific environmental performance. • Real-time Exception/Fault reporting, and real-time Non-Exception environmental data analysis. • Ability to Change Environmental settings automatically based upon specific conditions being met. IBM Products  Cognos, Maximo Partner Products  Kentrox33 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Self Organizing Networks Demo Description Implementation of the SON Energy Saving Use case. Based on performance counters from 2G and 3G cells the SON algorithm proposes cells that could be switched to energy saving mode and other that should compensate for those. A business process automates the orchestration of the business rules and the SON calculations. Solution Benefits Business rules take into account blacklisted cells, The SON Architecture is modular, flexible and extendable to serve multiple SON use cases as a vendor neutral and calendar events, cell priorities and planned multi-domain solution (avoiding ‘vendor lock’). maintenance or outage. The IBM SON solution is designed as Telco operational high- scalable and mature SON framework and identifies, tests, integrates and certifies SON 3rd party Algorithm The solution is based on the outcomes of a PoC into an IBM SON partner ecosystem ran 2011 in a live network of a German operator. IBM Products  InfoSpere Streams, ILOG, WPS/TPAE, Cognos Partner Products  Actix34 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Intelligent Data Services Demo Description We have implemented three use cases to demonstrate the capabilities of IDS. 5) Offer QoE upgrade to high value subscribers while streaming. Focus on policy definition and enorcement. While a user streams a video from an OTT site we detect his current rateplan and make a offer to upgrade to get better use expereince. Solution Benefits IBM’s Intelligent Data Services provide a 6) Analytics as a service Based on the data we get from policy control and Differentiated User Experience and enable an optimization componetns we show a set of dashboards operator to “Monetize Content and Insights” to an operator could sell to selected OTTs as a service. the Subscriber and the Content Provider 3) Operator controlled toolbar This feature of the FlashNetworks Harmony IBM Products component enables operators to inject a toolbar in any • Netezza, Cognos site the user browses to. This toolbar is context aware Partner Products and recommends additional actions to the user. • Bytemobile, Openet, FlashNetworks35 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Wireless Optimization (Bytemobile) Demo Description This demo focuses on the video optimization capabilities of Bytemobile Streaming live videos we show the impacts of • lossless optimization • lossy optimization • dynamic bandwidth shaping • policy controlled optimization Solution Benefits Integrated with industry-standard hardware, these on user experience and bandwidth management applications provide a full complement of functionality for network capacity management – caching, compression, content filtering, video and web optimization, policy enforcement, connection/traffic management and traffic analytics •● IBM Products • n/a Partner Products • Bytemobile (unison)36 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Wireless Optimization (Sunbay) Demo Description In a first version of the demo we focus on the client-mode of Sunbays Netsnapper In the demo of the Netsnapper solution we focus on the features around connection and session management as well as compression of the user traffic between mobile device and the core network Solution Benefits Integrated with industry-standard hardware, these applications provide a full complement of functionality for network capacity management – caching, compression, content filtering, video and web optimization, policy enforcement, connection/traffic management and traffic analytics •● IBM Products • WAS, DB2 Partner Products • Sunbay (Netsnapper)37 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Deprecated or combined with others38 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • BAO: Customer Experience Management with SPSS Demo Description  This asset shows real-time customer churn score and propensity models, by integrating Tivoli Netcool Customer Experience Management (TNCEM), which provides end-to-end visibility of a customer’s actual experience, with SPSS, which provides advanced predictive analytics  The output of the propensity models are made available to business users through CognosNow!, with real time dashboards, graphs and reports. Solution Benefits  The monitored network SLAs are integrated End-to-end visibility of customers’ actual with SPSS to create new and enhanced customer churn and call centre propensity delivered experience. models. Reduce churn and increase satisfaction Increased accuracy of predictive models IBM Products Tivoli Netcool Customer Experience Management (TNCEM), SPSS39 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • BAO: Customer Retention Analysis by Social Network Analysis Demo Description Retention Strategy Report This demonstration shows the integration of the solution components to create a retention Profitability Churn Retention strategy report. Analysis Report Analysis Report Strategies This report takes into account the profitability of accounts as well as retention strategies that are Social Other Data Other Data Network based on profitability and the risk of churn. The Sources Analysis Sources risk of churn is derived from a set of rules that are applied to various data sources and finally tag accounts with their probability to churn. Solution Benefits The results of social network analysis are used to Improve Telco churn management by adding to identify valuable customers. social network perspective without replacing existing infrastructure The following solution components are integrated and shown during this demo: Snazzy, Tag Editor and Tagger, Churn Rule IBM Products Editor, Cognos BI reports on Churn Analysis, Cognos BI, IIS, Snazzy research asset, Profitability Analysis, Retention Strategies. Tagger a GBS asset40 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • BAO: Liquid Analytics - CashDash Picture 12 Demo Description Liquid Analytics provides a real-time ecosystem for cash inflow analysis for prepaid service providers. We demonstrate how analytics can be applied to real-time data streams from for example a voucher management system or a prepaid billing system. The demo walks you though a set of dashboards that are used to analyze actual service usage Solution Benefits and recharge revenues. Enhances real time responsiveness to customer The live data feeds are based on the Comverse behaviour patterns One interfaces. Provides Key Product Usage Insight IBM Products CognosNow41 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • BAO: Real-Time Personalized Campaign Demo Description This new BAO demonstration shows how a campaign management solution can be infused with "Points of Agility". In particular, it shows integration with Real-time Analytics (Cognos Now!) to monitor live service usage, integration with a rule-based personalization engine, and an intelligent channel selection engine (rule and presence-based). The goal is to increase sell by drastically increasing the "velocity" and Solution Benefits personalization of a campaign program, going Enhances real time responsiveness to customer from weeks/months to hours/minutes. behaviour patterns Provides smarter campaign capabilities This demo integrates several assets like "Liquid Analytics", "Smarter Campaign" or "SNTellink". IBM Products CognosNow, ILog, SPSS, InfoSphere Streams, Campaign Mgt Accelerator42 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • BAO: TSL, using BSC ISAS facilities, has build an end-to-end Information& Analytics showcase with IBM hardware and softwareDemo DescriptionProvides a consistent and realisticarchitecture to demonstrate to our clientsShow live end-to-end industrybusiness solutions in the domain ofInformation Management and BusinessAnalyticsShow and prove major IBM softwarebusiness value (InfoSphere streams,Customer Insight, ISAS, COGNOS, SPSS Solution Benefits…) Real-time Recommendation engine for the CallBuild a Proof-of-Concept capability to Centerintegrate data from clients and show the Reduce Churn & Increase Customer Satisfactionuse-cases customized with client’s databased on pre-defined data models andreports available in InfoSphere IBM ProductsWarehouse Model Packs ISAS, MDM, MDM4PIM, Cognos, SPSS, TDW, IIS, Streams43 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Catalog Driven Order Management Demo Description 1. Order Entry Select Negotiate Implementation of an order fulfillment process Product Verify Service .2 Test Service 2.2.5 Feasibility End-To-End The dynamic SOA demonstration highlights how Order ID, OrderID, Customer ID, Product ID, Customer ID, Customer ID, Configuration Param to introduce dynamicity and flexibility in an order Product ID Product ID <Buddy List> fulfilment scenario through a Service Oriented Order Management .1 OrderID, Customer ID, Product ID, Ordered, Customer Configuration Issue Order Architecture (SOA) approach. Param<Buddy List> ID, Product ID, Service Configuration .2 Provisioning & Complete This demonstration shows the use of WBSF and Customer Order Notification WTCP for building a product catalog order fulfillment business process doing product decomposition in services and resources that are provisioned dynamically. Solution Benefits OSS/BSS Transformation Integration between OSS/BSS components like Business Process Agility product catalogue, billing, CRM, and IMS network components like HSS, XDMS, Media Server, is done using WebSphere Business Service Fabric and the associated Telco Pack IBM Products and is fully compliant with the NGOSS telecom WBSF + WTCP, WBM, standard (eTOM, TAM, SID,).44 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • SID-Aligned Telco Data Model in MDM4PIM Demo Description This demonstration shows a SID-aligned Telecom Data Model loaded into MDM4PIM, to be used as the master product catalog. Several catalogs have been created to implement the SID-based Catalog structure, from the commercial Product Offering, down to the technical resources. This data model provides high flexibility to model entities and various types Solution Benefits of relationship and rules between those entities. Use of Master product catalog in OSS/BSS transformation – SID compliance IBM Products MDM4PIM45 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    • Quad-Play Order Fulfillment with SterlingOSS/BSS Transformation Jumpstart with RDEDemo DescriptionDemo Use-case:The Communication Service Providers oftenacquires a mobile operator or consolidates theirWireline and Wireless business to offer a QuadPlay bundle: DSL, VoIP, IPTV and PremiumWireless. The new service is added to their orderhandling master business process with BusinessServices based on TM Forum specificationsRDE-A is an offering designed to jumpstartOSS/BSS transformation engagements leveraging Solution BenefitsIBM Middleware, RDE-A integration assets and Reduce risk and improve time-to-market for OSS/best practices, and OSS/BSS Subject Matter BSS transformation projects.Experts.The OSS/BSS Transformation demonstration is IBM Productsleveraged to demonstrate RDE-A capabilities by Sterling Order Management, IBM BPM, Telecomshowcasing the integration of OSS/BSS Packapplications with IBM BPM & Telecom Pack46 © 2011 IBM Corporation