Sherlock Holmes - The New Plays


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Stage Director in the San Francisco Bay Area John DeGaetano re-creates the iconic characters. The presentation introduces the titles of the nine mystery adventures in three book editions of Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Plays. Book One: The Prisoner's Mystery, A Case of Revenge, The Darkness Upon Us. Book Two: Interview at Cambridge Estate, The Blackstone Rhyme, The Dilemma. Book Three: The Case of the Charming Three, The Failed Attempt and The Light in the Woods. Based in part from the career writings of Holmes' long time friend Dr. Watson, each play script is approximately 10 minutes in length, four to six characters, simple set requirements and suitable for all audiences. For book purchase, licensing for the stage or more information please visit our website.

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Available on Amazon from John DeGaetano Productions

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Sherlock Holmes - The New Plays

  1. 1. Imaginethe Mystery...
  2. 2. All Play Scripts available on Amazon fromJohn DeGaetano Productions
  3. 3. New Titles of theSherlock Holmes10 MINUTE PLAYS
  4. 4. John DeGaetano Productions
  5. 5. Book One
  6. 6. Book One SHERLOCK HOLMES and The Prisoners Mystery - The Story - Its up to Holmes and Dr. Watson to solve an unusual case of a man accused of a crime he did not commit and attempts to clear his name. John DeGaetano Productions
  7. 7. Book One Sherlock Holmes and A CASE of REVENGE - The Story - Holmes himself is puzzled why a woman seeks revenge for a famous mans death... We cant tell you any more than that in this emotional 10-Minute thriller. John DeGaetano Productions
  8. 8. Book Two Sherlock Holmes and The Darkness Upon Us - The Story - A man searching for the organizer of a much larger crime turns up dead at the Voodoo Sea Hag Pub as Holmes and Dr. Watson are called in to uncover the mystery. John DeGaetano Productions
  9. 9. Book Two
  10. 10. Book Two Sherlock Holmes and Interview at Cambridge Estate - The Story - The determination intensifies as Holmes wagers with Watson he can solve the case before lunch, but then gets derailed by a common trait between suspects. John DeGaetano Productions
  11. 11. Book Two Sherlock Holmes and the BLACKSTONE RHYME - The Story - A daring individual makes off with a fortune, it’s now up to Holmes and Watson to solve a case that has remained unsolved for twenty-five years. John DeGaetano Productions
  12. 12. Book Two Sherlock Holmes and THE DILEMMA - The Story - Holmes and Watson attempt to solve a case of an absurd scheme that might explain why one of the richest men in the city does not have a penny to his name. John DeGaetano Productions
  13. 13. Book Three
  14. 14. Book Three Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Charming Three - The Story - Confusion mounts when all is not what it may seem as Holmes and Watson are called into Scotland Yard to help solve an unusual missing persons case. John DeGaetano Productions
  15. 15. Book Three Sherlock Holmes and THE FAILED ATTEMPT - The Story - A serial killer is on the loose, after years of investigative bedlam the city residents remain on edge. It’s now up to Holmes and Watson to confront a person of interest. John DeGaetano Productions
  16. 16. Book Three Sherlock Holmes and The Light in the Woods - The Story - Holmes and Watson along with Inspector Lestrade attempt to resolve the disappearance of a young girl and the absurd systematic plan of revenge that might explain why. John DeGaetano Productions
  17. 17. Each Play is just 10 Minutes in Length Four to Six Characters Simple Set Requirements and Suitable for All Audiences John DeGaetano Productions
  18. 18. Are the plays really just 10 Minutes in Length? If you read the dialogue straight from the script they are… However, if you factor in thestaging, character interaction and the emotion that goes along with it some can range in length from 12 to 15 minutes. John DeGaetano Productions
  19. 19. Mystery, Suspense and Intrigue ITS ALL HERE!John DeGaetano Productions
  20. 20. Available on Amazon
  21. 21. John DeGaetano Productions Licensing available for stage productions Visit our Website: johndegaetanoproductions.comAmazon Author Page: