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Social Media Marketing Armstrong Shank
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Social Media Marketing Armstrong Shank


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This is a presentation on social media marketing based around answering these key questions: …

This is a presentation on social media marketing based around answering these key questions:

1) How is social media different from traditional media?
2) What tactics make sense for businesses?
3) Where to start to build a strategy?

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social Media Marketing
  • 2. Big Questions !  How is Social Media different from Traditional Media? !  What tactics make sense for businesses? !  Where do I start? •  Strategy before tactics
  • 3. Social Media Defined !  Social Media is made up of online content created using a variety of publishing technologies. Social Media facilitates connections between people, both personally and professionally, allowing them to create, read and share content.
  • 4. Social Media & Business Objectives !  Doing more with less •  Efficiency •  Free or low cost !  Micro-targeting •  Build communities •  Relationships through conversation !  Go where the people are spending their time
  • 5. Growth of Social Media !  “The meteoric growth in social media is the single most significant story in the online media space today.” -  Nielsen, “Global Online Media Landscape” (April 2009) •  Exponential growth in -  Reach of social networking sites -  Use of blogs, microblogs
  • 6. Growth of Social Media !  67% of the global online population visits social networks and blogs. (Nielsen Online, March 2009)
  • 7. Growth of Social Media
  • 8. Growth of Social Media !  Share of adult Internet users who have a profile on a social networking site has more than quadrupled in the past four years.
  • 9. Social Media Investment
  • 10. How is Social Media Different? !  Consumer control of message and exposure !  Time vs. dollars !  Measurement
  • 11. Control !  Technology allows consumers to: •  Pull content to themselves: RSS •  Create and share content about brands, products and services: Blogs, Social Networking
  • 12. Control
  • 13. Control
  • 14. Control !  This requires new forms of transparent marketing that reach those who want to hear our messages and who will share and contribute to spreading messages.
  • 15. Time vs. Dollars !  64% of marketers spend 5+ hours per week on social marketing !  39% spend 10+ hours per week
  • 16. Measurement !  “The goal is to track qualitative and quantitative impressions because there is no industry standard for an ROI metric for social media.” -  Craig Howe, CEO of RocketXL
  • 17. Top Tactics for Business !  Twitter !  Blogs !  LinkedIn !  Facebook -  Stelzner (2009)
  • 18. LinkedIn !  A business oriented social network used for professional networking. •  Build networks for prospecting and sales initiatives •  Build authority in your industry •  Recruitment
  • 19. LinkedIn
  • 20. LinkedIn !  Build your expertise and authority through the Q& A functions
  • 21. LinkedIn !  Connect with groups to build a larger network !  Integrate other tools like blogs, status updates and Web sites
  • 22. Blogs !  A Web site in the form of an online journal, with posts displayed in reverse chronological order. •  Focus your topic •  Foster conversation and subscription (RSS) •  Search engine benefits
  • 23. Blogs
  • 24. Blogs
  • 25. Blogs
  • 26. Twitter !  Free microblogging platform where users post short updates (or tweets) of up to 140 characters. Tweets are displayed to followers on the user’s profile page. •  Monitor conversations about your brand •  Promotions or coupons •  Engage with people !  Twitter awareness doubled in 1st qtr. 2009, reaching 52% of online Americans (NDP Group)
  • 27. Twitter
  • 28. Twitter
  • 29. Twitter
  • 30. Twitter !  Transparency is vital - brand or person !  Follow people to get followed !  Provide content, not just advertising !  Use third party applications to monitor and manage •  Tweetdeck •  CoTweet •  Monitter
  • 31. Facebook !  A large, free social networking site that allows users to join networks organized by city, workplace, interest and more. Users interact by establishing profiles, building networks of friends and joining groups.
  • 32. Facebook !  89% of adults use online social networks to stay in touch with friends. -  Pew Internet and American Life Project (2008) !  This is a very personal medium. You must provide content that is relevant to your target market. Remember, one way we connect with people is through shared interests, which included brands, products and services.
  • 33. Facebook !  Fan pages •  Build a community of fans •  Raise awareness and engage •  Publicize events •  Solicit feedback
  • 34. Facebook
  • 35. Facebook
  • 36. Building a Strategy !  The P.O.S.T. Method •  People -  Know your audience and what SM they use •  Objectives -  Drive revenue, increase brand equity, reduce costs •  Strategy -  Tactical decisions that will lead to desired outcomes •  Technology -  Executing through the right tools -  Forrester Research and Breed & Meyer
  • 37. Questions? !  Connect with us: •  Armstrong|Shank Web site - •  IDEA|S Blog: - •  A|S Webstratics Group Web site: -