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PowerPoint C# .NET Portfolio

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  1. 1. .NET Portfolio John D. Beyler Portfolio jdbeyler@windstream.net 859-327-9047
  2. 2. PROJECT I .NET Framework
  3. 3. Framework Project Requirements  Build parts of the business tier for a retail company involving suppliers and products.  Create and test two assemblies. o The first assembly is a class library project called Foundation, containing various interfaces and base classes. o The second assembly is a class library project called AppTypes, containing various entity, collection, and exception classes used by existing business processes.
  4. 4. AppTypes Class Diagram
  5. 5. Event Handling for Modification Events, Register/Deregister
  6. 6. IComparible implementation for Product class Method to instantiate new instance of SortByCategoryID nested class Nested class to compare to Product objects
  7. 7. Foundations Class Diagram
  8. 8. Contact class implements IContactInfo (see Foundations class diagram)
  9. 9. Library Management System Project Phase I  Requirements:  Develop a Windows front-end with 4 functions  Add adult member  Add juvenile member  Check in an item  Check out an item  Projects Developed:  Windows Client  Form control  Validation  Business Layer Business Rule enforcement  Data Access Layer Communication 
  10. 10. Design Highlights Layered Architecture  Data transport between layers using Entities  User-friendly Interface.  Tabbed driven Navigation.  Validation of user input at the presentation and  business tiers  Error handling at database, data access, business and presentation tiers
  11. 11.  Home page with tabbed navigation
  12. 12.  Validation of required user input, presentation layer
  13. 13. Call into Business tier  Code sample add new member, Presentation layer
  14. 14. Library Management System Project Phase II
  15. 15.  Code sample add new member, DataAccess (ADO .NET) tier
  16. 16. A L TE R PROCE DURE [dbo].[A ddA dult] -- General Comment: -- The S tate parameter of all RA IS E RROR calls is the ordinal value -- of a particular E rrorCode enum for any given L ibraryE xception, -- for all calls to RA IS E RROR @member_no smallint = null output, -- Parameter to return the new memberNumber @firstname varchar(15) = null, @middleinitial char(1) = null, @lastname varchar(15) = null, @street varchar(15) = null, @city varchar(15) = null, @state char(2) = null, @zip char(10 = null, @phone_no char(13) = null AS -- check to make sure that all required inputs have valid values, if no raise S qlE rror and return IF ( L E N(@firstname) = 0 OR L E N(@lastname) = 0 OR L E N(@street) = 0 OR L E N(@city) = 0 OR L E N(@state) = 0 OR L E N(@zip) = 0) B E GIN RA IS E RROR ('Failed to add adult member, a required field is empty', 11, 8) RE TURN E ND -- B egin the transaction of adding a new adult member -- Rollback any failed modifications and raise the appropriate S qlE xception -- Otherwise, commit a successful transaction B E GIN TRA NS A CTION INS E RT member (lastname, firstname, middleinitial) V A L UE S (@lastname, @firstname, @middleinitial) IF (@@error <> 0) B E GIN RA IS E RROR ('Insert into member table failed', 11 ,8) ROL L B A CK TRA NS A CTION RE TURN E ND S E T @member_no = scope_identity(); INS E RT adult (member_no, street, city, state, zip, phone_no, expr_date) V A L UE S (@member_no, @street, @city, @state, @zip, @phone_no, Dateadd(Y Y , 1, Getdate())) IF (@@error <> 0) B E GIN RA IS E RROR ('Insert into adult table failed', 11 ,8) RE TURN E ND COM M IT TRA NS A CTION  Stored procedure AddAdult
  17. 17. Library Management System Project Phase III  Replace Windows front-end with Web front-end  Add Functionality Add Item either with a new ISBN or new copy of an existing ISBN  Automatic Conversion to Adult Membership for Juvenile 18 years and  over with notification to Librarian Membership renewal upon Librarian acknowledgement   Add Security Add a Librarian role  Add 2 users to the Librarian role  Prevent everyone except the Librarian role from accessing the library  functions
  18. 18. Automatic Conversion to Adult Membership for Juvenile 18 years and over with notification to Librarian
  19. 19. Checks out a book to a member  Can view member info & out standing items to the member  Highlights over due items info  Highlights expired card and offers renewal option 
  20. 20.  Total number of projects: 6  Total number of regular working hours dedicated to projects: 240 Total number of overtime hours dedicated to projects:  100+ Total lines of C# code written: 13,000+  Total lines of supporting code (XML, HTML, SQL):  1,500+ Note: Additional work was required outside the projects. 